Marcus Goes On A Rant About Barbados News Media

Marcus responds to a comment by BFP reader GBD…

“… Whatever the success of this blog though, it is due to the absolute failure of the Barbados news media to fulfill its duty in a free and democratic country. That failure over the past decade created us and continues to feed our growth and influence. Bajans are hungry for someone to hold the elites accountable, and while we have our flaws – right now we are just about the only game in town.

We look forward to the day when the CBC, The Nation News, Barbados Advocate or some other professional media stops acting like a government lapdog and starts to defend our society from elected and appointed thieves in all parties and those who seek to limit our freedoms.

When that happens, we will gladly shut down… ”

… read the rest of Marcus’ rant link here.

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8 responses to “Marcus Goes On A Rant About Barbados News Media

  1. God Bless David

    So why attack the NYT, BFP? Aren’t they fighting the same good fight as BFP, and giving us news that others may not think (for various reasons) fit to print? Is it a matter of degree, or a degree of hypocrisy?

    Just curious…

  2. Merry Christmas, Marcus, Cliverton et Al
    And congratulations of a fine Christmassy layout in red and green. Very seasonal.

    You are entirely right about the failure of news media to do its job. The newspapers do not print many letters to the editor which are politically embarrassing, and the Nation and Advocate must be in collusion on this because letters sent to both are printed by neither.

    They have a policy of not printing Letters to the Editor unless your name and address is given- no witty soubriquets. In our small society people don’t want to risk someone who disagrees with them coming to the house and spraypainting a rude message on their car.

    I even received a telephone call from the Advocate regarding a letter to which I had put my name. They were checking up that I existed at the address given! This is something I would have expected in the days of Joseph Stalin.

    Let us pray for freedom of expression untainted by fear in the New Year.

  3. West Side Davie

    GBD you must be an idiot or a troll, and I for one am now putting you on ignore.

  4. Bajanboy

    It is true that the newspapers do not have a history of investigative journalism, but the libel laws here prevent them from publishing speculation. A freedom of information act would perhaps give them the necessary foudation of facts on which they could produce more substantianal pieces of journalism.

    I think BFP is groundbreaking and I think its role in Barbados life and politics will become that much more substantial in 1997.

    To the BFP team and all contributors, I wish you peace and happiness this Christmas and into 2007.

  5. God Bless David

    West Side Davie thinks I’m either an idiot or a troll…not surprisingly, I disagree. I was just trying to understand how BFP defends unfettered free speech on the one hand and yet finds fault with the NYT for freely disclosing information about the risks that New Yorkers face…where is the line to be drawn? Or maybe any information is dangerous in the hands of idiots, trolls and Muslim extremists?

    …and furthermore (I didn’t really want to go down this road, but what the hell), why would the mainly Jewish editorial and publishing staff of the NYT want to help Muslim terrorists anyway???

    That’s it…

  6. West Side Davie

    I don’t know why the New York Times would want to help muslim terrorists either.

    But they do.

  7. reality check

    the real question for 2007 BFP is now that the Nation has changed hands to the Trinis, will the new owners favour the GOB which pays for its propaganda or will it favour Thompy?

  8. John


    Suspect it will favour its own interests, whoever happens to be the top politico. Who pays the piper calls the tune!