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Marcus Goes On A Rant About Barbados News Media

Marcus responds to a comment by BFP reader GBD…

“… Whatever the success of this blog though, it is due to the absolute failure of the Barbados news media to fulfill its duty in a free and democratic country. That failure over the past decade created us and continues to feed our growth and influence. Bajans are hungry for someone to hold the elites accountable, and while we have our flaws – right now we are just about the only game in town.

We look forward to the day when the CBC, The Nation News, Barbados Advocate or some other professional media stops acting like a government lapdog and starts to defend our society from elected and appointed thieves in all parties and those who seek to limit our freedoms.

When that happens, we will gladly shut down… ”

… read the rest of Marcus’ rant link here.

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New York Times Helps Out Muslim Terrorists – Again

New York Times Receives Secret Report & Blabs About NY PATH Tunnel Vulnerabilities

“A draft summary of the most recent analysis was given to The New York Times by a government official who was troubled by what the official felt was a lack of action in response to the analysis, which the official said the Port Authority got about three weeks ago. The official said the latest analysis indicates that it would take only six minutes for one of the PATH tubes to flood if a significant but not necessarily very large bomb were detonated…

…. The worst case included in the analysis suggests that a bomb that could be easily carried aboard a train could punch a 50-square-foot hole in one side of a tube, possibly breaching both sides of the tunnel. Under that situation, 1.2 million gallons of water a minute could pour into the tunnel, flooding parts of the system in a matter of hours.

That is a much more dire view than an earlier draft of the analysis — completed last May — contemplated…”

… from a New York Times article – PATH Tunnels Seen As Fragile In Bomb Attack

Al-Qaeda and Muslim terrorists everywhere say “Thanks for information, New York Times!”


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Merry Christmas Folks!

Time get in the mood if you’re not there already, and while this theme isn’t really an “island” Christmas, it will have to do!

AND AS A SPECIAL TREAT, Christ Church West MP Dr. Duguid has volunteered to help us all get that Christmas Spirit..


Merry Christmas to you too, Doc!

(Click on the photo to visit Doc’s website)


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BFP Article “Greenland Fiasco Dooms Barbados” Hits #80 On WordPress TOP POSTS List – Out Of Millions Of Posts Online!


The Barbados Free Press article Greenland Fiasco Dooms Barbados was December 21st’s 80th most viewed post on the entire WordPress.com blog system. Considering there were 545,489 WordPress blogs and millions of posts online on December 21, 2006, that’s not too shabby!

Thousands of readers obviously agree that this article by Professor Hans G. Machel has something important to say, so you might want to have a look for the first time, or read it again…

Greenland Fiasco Dooms Barbados

WordPress.com Top Posts List for December 21, 2006


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Letter From New Zealand Family – Might Have To Cancel Barbados Wedding Trip Because Of Cricket World Cup Visa Chaos

Visitors Have To Give Up Passports For Four Week Visa Process – Assuming People Can Do Without Their Passports For A Month!

Good Luck To Everyone & We Hope The Passports Are Returned On Time…

Visa Rule Changes Announced Yesterday – Not Enough Time For The Witcombe Family

Dear Sir

To whom is may concern

I wish to complain about the special visa and have some issues that may cause difficulties for me and my family.

We are booked to travel from the US to Barbados in March 2007 to attend a friends wedding. We leave the region for New Zealand before the world cup starts on 24 March 2007, yet from the Caricom website it appears we will have to obtain three visas at $300US.

The Caricom site also says that we need to allow 4 weeks for you to process the passports. I am not sure if you are aware but January and February are summer months in New Zealand and Australia and a significant number of people will be travelling internationally and using their passports. As Barbados does not have diplomatic representation in my country and have not established an office in Australia, this process will cause significant problems for many NZ and Australian citizens.

My family and I are going to Australia for a holiday on 17 February 2007 and will need our passports. On 26 February 2007 we fly to the US to go to Disneyland. Again we will need our passports. Therefore according to Caricom rules, which were only announced yesterday, I will need to get visas from Caricom between 23 December 2006 and 17 February 2007, right in the middle of the Christmas holiday season when many businesses and agencies are closed or on limited hours.

My family (wife and child) and myself were planning on travelling on our NZ passports. I have a UK passport, so can use that. But my wife and child are both born in NZ and only have NZ passports.

Furthermore I take issue with the list of countries Caricom have identified as needing visas and those that do not. As you may be aware NZ and Australia are on the visa waiver programme into the US. This system is only open to a few countries which have highly developed and respected border security controls. This alone should give Caricom great comfort that NZers and Australians can be trusted in terms of any national security risks to your region. However, Caricom have placed a visa requirement on us. NZ has had only one terrorist incident in its entire 166 year history.

On the other hand you are allowing freedom of travel for South African citizens, who I do not think are on the US waiver programme, and UK and Irish citizens, who are more likely to participate in national security risk behaviours than NZ citizens.

Please ask your government to reconsider its policy. It can only lead to disharmony between Commonwealth member states. Also on the evidence there appears little reason to discriminate against New Zealand, while allowing exemptions for other nations. I quite understand why you may have concerns about Pakistani nationals etc given problems in their region, but New Zealand. We are one of the most peaceful and respected nations on earth.

We spent our honeymoon in Jamacia in 2004 and would expect a better welcome back to the region.

We may have to cancel our trip to Barbados if we can’t get visas without surrendering our passports for 4 weeks.

Yours sincerely

Alan Witcombe

New Zealand

We hear you, Mr. Witcombe, and from our heart we apologize for the mess. The vast majority of Bajans learned about this visa requirement when you did.

Family of 3 = US$300 for visas, plus photo charges, plus courier charges to Canada, Barbados or the UK and back. Say US$450 for a family of three, plus give up your passports for a month. (Or maybe 5 -6 weeks? Hey… we know the passport office!)

Neither did we realize that CARICOM wants visitors’ passports for four weeks to issue visas, so we went to the Caricom Website FAQ’s – and sure enough – prospective visitors to Barbados during Cricket World Cup must surrender their passports for a month…

14. What is the processing time for the CARICOM Special Visa?

Answer: The maximum time for processing of the CARICOM Special Visa is three (3) weeks on receipt of a complete application. Every effort will be made to expedite the processing of applications within the shortest possible time, within this timeframe, once a complete application is received. It is nevertheless advisable that travellers, whenever possible, apply at least four weeks in advance of their departure date.


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