British Tourist Dies As Taxi Rushes Her From Airport Terminal – No Ambulance, No Medical Assistance At Barbados Grantley Adams Airport

This Is A Leadership Problem and Nothing Else

That’s three recent deaths at the airport that highlight the fact that Grantley Adams Airport does not have medical personnel available either on site, or situated close enough to render emergency assistance at a facility that sees thousands upon thousands of tourist movements every day.

Earlier this year, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Rudy Grant, promised that a medical facility was being set up as part of the airport expansion project.

Ya. Sure. In a pig’s eye. We don’t believe anything these people say anymore.

Just what we need on the eve of Cricket World Cup.

Read The Nation News and weep for Barbados: HELPLESS!


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12 responses to “British Tourist Dies As Taxi Rushes Her From Airport Terminal – No Ambulance, No Medical Assistance At Barbados Grantley Adams Airport

  1. Rumplestilskin

    Unfortunately each of these three people suffered from serious ailments i.e. asthma and cardio.

    Nevertheless, any public facility must cater to all persons, not just supposed ‘healthy’ ones.

    The lack of a facility at the airport to deal with these cases is a symptom of segmented developmental planning rather holistic planning at the implementation of any building/ expansion.

    A facility should have been included in the expansion design. But, we had overseas experts build it no? So much for foreign ‘experts’.

    At the very least the facility should have an asthma bay, a defibrillator and a nurse capable of setting patients up for an IV, re dehydration etc.
    Even if a doctor is reached by phone or on site, the equipment needs to be available to assist without the urgent trek to the QEH.

    As to the need, the massive amount of passengers through the airport daily alone should warrant this.

    I do not accept that an ambulance cannot be stationed nearby as well. This could serve not only the airport but the St.Philip area.

    As for dimishing the ambulance service? What cost is one unit? Say Bds$90,000 duty free, including the on board equipment; salaries for (three eight hour shifts x 2 persons) six trained paramedics, including NIS etc, budget for 6 x $4,000 per month (I guess) x 12 months Bds$ 288,000 per annum.

    Too much to pay for another unit capable of savings numerous lives?

    But we have other priorities, dont we?

    By the way, I was at the airport recently and two other things came to my attention:

    – the toilets in the general area were not working. Passengers would have to wait until going into the departure area to use toilets. Those assisting or seeing passengers off would have to…..hold it I guess.

    – The restaurant outside seems to have been eliminated. Why? It was a facility that many used to enjoy a few moments before travel or seeing their friends & family off. If the existing concessionaire could not pay the rent then an anlternative should have been sought. I do hear however that a large fast food operation will be set up there. At least that will be something.

    Such should be implemented asap.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    should read above:

    >The lack of a facility at the airport to deal with these cases is a symptom of segmented developmental planning rather THAN holistic planning at the implementation of any building/ expansion

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    Couldn’t some of the windfall 140% increase in the GAIC Inc.,’passenger service fee’ (departure tax) pay for a medical facility?

    Even if you just calculate 550,000 long stay passengers paying the extra $35, thats still a wopping $19.25 million per annual or just 1.5% of the figure would provide Rumplestilskin’s well suggested facility.

    Come to think about it, while Minister Thompson (who I have a lot of respect for) is telling us to enconomise, why doesn’t Government convert one of those BMW 7 series they have into a ambulance!

  4. yatinkiteasy

    There should be a fully operational medical facility in Oistens to serve a communtity of at least 20000, living within a 5 square mile radius.This would also provide emergency service to the Airport( 5 minute drive) wether the patient is transported by ambulance or taxi. A ride through traffic to the OEH (half an hour at least) is not the answer to an emergency situation.Its all about priorities. On a normal day, QEH Emergency is a joke…people with broken limbs can wait 8 , 10 hours before they are even seen. One can only imagine what would happen if we have an accident during WCC that involves many people.
    Yes it is sad that the lady died because of a lack of medical services in our “developed” country .Unfortunately, she was not the first, and she won`t be the last.

  5. Lady Anon

    For umpteen years, we have had one hospital…QEH. Every private hospital which has opened since then is located in the St. Michael/St James area.

    What happens to the remaining 9 parishes? Not to mention the north of the island? or the east?

    For years pple in the north and the east of the island have been crying out for adequate health facilities. More barbadians have died en route to QEH than those who have died at GAIA.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not negating the value of the lives of these three persons who died at GAIA, but the furore only comes when it is non-national.

    For goodness sake…keep as much noise for nationals as well who face the lack to a full medical facility in the north and the east.

  6. Bajanboy

    The GIA airport is going to add a full featured medical facility. There was a tender notice for it in the paper a few weeks ago.

  7. RRRicky

    “The GIA airport is going to add a full featured medical facility. There was a tender notice for it in the paper a few weeks ago.”

    Gonna, Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

    When and if it is finished, you can bet it will be 600% over budget and the contractors will all have relationships with somebody or someone else!

  8. Jerome Hinds

    Pathetic ! Only description I can append to the 3rd such fiasco at GAIA – where medical personnel is absent/non-existent to look after the sick. After spending millions on GAIA upgrade can this government be serious about people’s welfare when a critical component like a medical facility there or close by is omitted. And the BLP boasting about preparing to make Barbados a 1st class place to visit. Really?????

    I guess this information won’t be shared with persons wishing to visit this country for CWC!!!!!

  9. God Bless David

    Lady Anon makes a good point. Far more should we consider the benefits of developing alternative medical centres in rural areas than agonise unduly over a facility at the Airport.

  10. Rumplestilskin

    Further to the above, the Airport expansion has not resulted in improved service overall (in passenger processing times).

    I was there recently and I observed the following:

    – the arrivals screen is still not functional. Oh, it has a picture, but thats about it. No flight info. So its not functional.

    – I was told by an arriving passenger that when the crew of a plane came into the arrivals, they were all over the place looking to be cleared, no one, including the arrivals hall staff, seemed to have a clue as to where they were to be cleared.

    – There is a 24 hour Chefette fast food outlet being installed. At least thats something. This is an improvement, as the previous retaurant was not 24 hour. Also it advertises prices the same as the rest of the island. Excellent, at least there will be one functional and properly run operation in that location.

  11. little black boy

    can any one tell me how much money cruise ships pay for our water . not per gallon but per load . the result will be outrageous. is it still $36.00 us dollars per load? john public needs to know

  12. little black boy

    will villas replace hotels , and workers being replace too with what?