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New Line Cinema – Discovery Channel To Feature Barbados Fertility Clinic

From Caribbean Press Releases.com…

Deerfield Beach, FL — 21 Dec., 2006 –(PR.COM)– New Line Media is pleased to announce the selection of Barbados Fertility Centre for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse on America. The center will be featured in a segment on “The Importance of Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic” as part of the Family Medicine Series. The segment is currently airing nationally on the Discovery Channel and regionally on CNN Headline News, in many of the top markets nationwide.

Affecting approximately one in every six couples worldwide, infertility can be emotionally draining and very stressful. Focusing on reducing stress through its Health, Mind & Body Program, the Barbados Fertility Centre is recognized for its high success rates, reaching 56.3% from January through June 2005.

Located on the serene and beautiful island of Barbados, the center specializes in all aspects of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) management. Founded in 2002, by Dr. Juliet Skinner, the Barbados Fertility Centre became the first full time In-Vitro Fertility unit in the Caribbean. Medical Director, Dr. Skinner, and her team of dedicated medical professionals, which includes doctors, nurses, and embryologists, are committed to providing world-class service.

… continue reading this article (link here).


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British Tourist Dies As Taxi Rushes Her From Airport Terminal – No Ambulance, No Medical Assistance At Barbados Grantley Adams Airport

This Is A Leadership Problem and Nothing Else

That’s three recent deaths at the airport that highlight the fact that Grantley Adams Airport does not have medical personnel available either on site, or situated close enough to render emergency assistance at a facility that sees thousands upon thousands of tourist movements every day.

Earlier this year, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and International Transport, Senator Rudy Grant, promised that a medical facility was being set up as part of the airport expansion project.

Ya. Sure. In a pig’s eye. We don’t believe anything these people say anymore.

Just what we need on the eve of Cricket World Cup.

Read The Nation News and weep for Barbados: HELPLESS!


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Aussie Visa Furor Grows – Tour Operators Threatening To Cancel Cricket World Cup Trips

Think about the business of being a travel agent or tour operator in Australia and working with airlines and Barbados hotels and other tourist venues on the island to put together packages for Aussies who want to attend Cricket World Cup. Maybe two years of work, planning, calls, preparing marketing materials and finally booking clients and taking deposits.

Customer: “Do I need a visa to go to Barbados?”

Travel Agent: “No, Barbados doesn’t require Australian citizens to have visas.”

Then Just Weeks Before Cricket World Cup – Australians Learn They Will Need An Expensive Barbados Visa

If the number of visits we’ve been receiving from Australia is any indication – Aussie cricket fans are livid. Whoever is responsible for this mess should fall on their sword, but that’s not the Bajan government way.

From The Nation News Aussies Angry Over US$100 Visa Cost

Previous BFP Story Australians Angry Over Cricket Visa Cost – First Time Aussies Have Needed Visa For Barbados 


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How Much Revenue Does Barbados Family Planning Association Generate From The Sale Of Aborted Fetuses?

“Aside from any moral issues, it is only natural under the economic realities of being an abortion provider, that the Barbados Family Planning Association would take steps to maximize revenue by capitalizing upon the value of aborted fetuses.” … from this BFP article

Abortion Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Worldwide Industry

Besides being an incredibly divisive social and moral issue, abortion is above all, a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. Abortion businesses share the concerns of all businesses – such as competition, marketing, fiscal responsibility to shareholders and stakeholders, and minimizing expenses while maximizing profits.

Even Government Sponsored Abortion Is Still Big Business With Revenues, Expenses, Budget & Cashflow Concerns

Government-supported abortion clinics may not have to worry about competition, but all the other big business factors still apply – including accountability to stakeholders and covering the costs of running a business: such as salaries, purchase or lease of space, fixtures & equipment, maintainence, insurance, electricity & water, security and consumables – both medical and admin related. Annual overhead of a large abortion operation can run into millions of dollars before one penny is made.

That abortion is big business can be very simply shown just by opening the telephone book in any North American city and seeing the dozens of advertisements – or going online to “www.yellowpages.com” and searching for “abortion services” or “women’s clinics”. A full page phonebook ad in just one suburb of New York City costs upwards of US$10,000 per month. In the USA, that translates into mega-millions of abortion advertising dollars earned annually by the phone companies. (If 100 city phonebooks sold 5 full pages each month @ $5000 per page, that would equal US$30 million per year – but there’s a lot more than 100 cities in the United States! And that’s only phonebook adverts.)


Targeted Clients – The Lonely, The Frightened, The Betrayed

Some family planning / abortion clinics are able to afford full page ads – some have only smaller ads, but all advertise to their target market: pregnant women who are considering an abortion. The lonely, frightened, betrayed, confused and distressed are prime clients – so abortion advertising is designed to appeal to their needs.

Directing Advertising To Targeted Clients

Yellow Pages and web-based advertisements tell potential clients that they will be looked after by caring staff and doctors, that the businesses are concerned for the well-being of their clients. Even the names of the businesses (the “brand names”) are designed to appeal to the target market… “Mary’s Place”, “Women’s Shelter Clinic”, “Early Options”, “Park Med”. Advertising images feature flowers or smiling, confident young women who are either the caring clinic staff or customers talking about how caring the abortion clinic staffers are. The message is “I did it, and I’m fine physically, mentally and emotionally. You can do it too. These people care about you and they can help.”

The adverts also inform that “financing is available” along with payment via Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Abortion Industry Economics Transformed – Aborted Fetuses Are Now A Valuable Commodity

In the last decade, the abortion industry has seen the rise of incredible new profits in the sale of aborted fetuses for scientific and medical purposes, as well as for use in the manufacture of costmetics.

Aborted fetuses that were once a liability with a cost to dispose of them, have been transformed by Stem Cell clinics and cosmetics manufacturers into an abundant source of revenue generation. This has significantly increased the profits potential throughout the abortion industry.

How Much Revenue From Selling Aborted Bajan Fetuses? To Whom Are They Sold?

Aside from any moral issues, it is only natural under the economic realities of being an abortion provider, that the Barbados Family Planning Association would take steps to maximize revenue by capitalizing upon the value of aborted fetuses.

As well, now that the press has declared Barbados to be the “Stem Cell Capital Of The Developed World”, it is no secret that we have created a ready market for the sale of aborted Bajan fetuses right here on the island. That’s what I call “Smart Business Planning” !

So… we Bajan citizens want to know…

– How much money does the Barbados Family Planning Association generate from the sale of aborted Bajan fetuses?

– To whom are the aborted Bajan fetuses sold?

Three Men Know The Answers To These Questions…

owen-arthur-barbados-clinic-baby-murders.jpg doctor-jerome-walcott-barbados-clinic-baby-murders-2.jpg george-griffith-barbados-abortion.jpg

So we ask Prime Minister Owen Arthur, Health Minister Dr. Jerome Walcott and Barbados Family Planning Association Executive Director and BLP Candidate for St. Philip North George Griffith

How much revenue does the Barbados Family Planning Association generate from the sale of aborted Bajan fetuses – and to whom are they sold?


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