British Stewardess Banned From Carrying Bible

First it was a British Airways employee who was castigated for wearing HORRORS! – a small Christian cross on a necklace. (See previous BFP article British Airways Suspends Christian Employee For Wearing Cross – But OK’s Muslims, Sikhs For Religious Headcovering & Jewellery)

Now, a British Midland International Airways stewardess is being banned from carrying a bible on BMI flights to Saudi Arabia. The airline has offered her a demotion to short-haul routes, but is unwilling to juggle their long haul flight crew assignments to allow her to carry her bible with her whenever she works.

Two Years In Saudi Jail For Having A Bible – Death If A Muslim Is Caught

Saudi Arabia prohibits bibles in that country and as many Christian foreign workers have discovered – the Saudis mean business when they say that Christian bibles are prohibited. Christian foreign workers who are caught with a bible, or praying, are imprisoned and sometimes tortured. Sentences of two years for possession of a bible are common. Muslims who convert to Christianity in Saudi Arabia are executed.

Many say that there’s really not much to be done by BMI if they want to continue to fly to Saudi Arabia: the company and it’s employees will have to obey the laws of Saudi Arabia – no matter how uncivilized and barbaric the Saudi laws are.

Or Is There Something That Can Be Done?

In the context of remembering how Britain and other countries isolated South Africa and applied pressure to end apartheid, perhaps the real issue should be – Should BMI continue to say “Yes Massa” to Saudi demands which violate religious freedoms stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

From The Telegraph…

A second airline is embroiled in a religious row after a stewardess decided to take bmi to an employment tribunal because it refused to allow her to carry a Bible on flights to Saudi Arabia.

The stewardess, who has not been named, claims that she has been subject to discrimination because of her faith.

She is understood to have deep religious convictions and carries a Bible with her at all times.

But bmi, which is the only British scheduled carrier to fly to the country after British Airways pulled out of the route, insisted that it was only following Foreign Office advice.

… continue reading this article at The Telegraph (link here).


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8 responses to “British Stewardess Banned From Carrying Bible

  1. Jupiter


    Do some of the deractors who criticise you and people like me who share your belief think we are still so anti – muslim?

    Every country a muslim goes to he demands first that he be able to throw down his pray mat and pray to allah,and then of course he demands that he be allowed to build a mosque.

    Don’t expect the same to be done for christians in muslim countries,and guess what leaders of this free world who are supposed to be christian say nothing and do nothing about it.

  2. God Bless David

    I don’t see a problem, frankly. If they have a ban on bibles coming into their country, so what? We have a ban on things that we find injurious to our society being freely imported. Why can we all just respect each others’ soveriegn rights?

  3. Ban the Koran!

    So let’s put a ban on the Koran into England, or the Magna Carta into Korea (maybe that’s already done).

    Where does it stop?

  4. BFP

    God Bless David…

    “Why can(‘t) we all just respect each others’ sovereign rights?”

    Perhaps you felt the same way about South Africa and their “sovereign right” to limit where a black man could live or work – or what colour of woman he could marry?

  5. Religion is the biggest/smartest conspiracy ever to be made.

  6. God Bless David

    BFP – Thanks for correcting my syntax in my previous post.
    I have to say though, it’s a real stretch comparing a ban on Bibles in a Muslim nation with apartheid in SA. One issue is cultural in my view, the other is related to the violation of fundamental human rights. Is the ability to carry, read or worship from a Bible across the world a right? I would argue not. You can still practice the Christian religion without a Bible, surely. But as a black person in apartheid SA, you had little scope to fulfil your basic human desires – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness… and that’s the loss of a fundamental right.

  7. BFP

    Hi God Bless David

    You are NOT ALLOWED to practice the Christian religion in Saudi Arabia

    Praying to Jesus is a two year sentence – unless you are or were a Muslim. Then the sentence is death.

  8. God Bless David

    Come on BFP…Do the Saudis have thought police? Can they hear you pray to the Christian God? I’m sure that there are many Christians in Saudi who commune with their God just fine…sans the wine, of course!