Bajan Garfield Harris Retires After 45 Years Driving London Buses


Garfield Harris left Barbados in 1961 as one of many Bajans who were recruited to ease Britain’s labour shortage after World War II. He was just 20 years old when he started driving London buses.

After 45 years of steady work, he will be dividing his time between his homes in Tottenham, England and in Barbados. Welcome back, Mr. Harris!

Article: Islington Gazette: 45 Years On The Buses For Garfield


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3 responses to “Bajan Garfield Harris Retires After 45 Years Driving London Buses

  1. Hey, Bimbro- lookee here! Quite a coincidence this comes out the day after we having a nice chat about Barbadians working in London on “One more reason Caricom won’t work…”

    When buses still had conductors in London, people could not tell the driver was a Barbadian too, and on the Underground.

    It’s nice that Garfield Harris can enjoy half his retirement on the Rock, as many fellow Barbadians are doing. Short as space is, we can always find room for him and others returning to their homeland. As BFP says- “Welcome back.”

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