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Greenland Fiasco Dooms Barbados

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Thousands of readers obviously agree that this article by Professor Hans G. Machel has something important to say…

Original BFP Article…

Millions Of Dollars Wasted To Create A Short-Fused Environmental Timebomb

On Dec 13 2006 work apparently started on the so-called ‘retro-fit’ of the Greenland garbage dump, St. Andrew, which will cost a minimum of 25 million dollars – added to the estimated 30+ million dollars already spent on this ill-fated site. This is a stupendous waste of taxpayer money. The retro-fit is happening even though Greenland is located in the Scotland District National Park, and despite the fact that the site has been unequivocally demonstrated to be totally unsuitable for massive garbage disposal.


Greenland Site Is Unstable

A garbage dump at Greenland will be an environmental, ecological, and economic disaster for a number of reasons, chiefly because the ground in the entire region is highly unstable, because of ground water and toxic waste leakage, and because of torrential rainfalls. I have demonstrated this in several public presentations and news paper articles over the last 5 years, and in an informal environmental impact assessment dated January 18, 2006, which the Barbadian press and the Government of Barbados have received.

Everything that had to be said on a technical level has been said. Yet, Government ignores the overwhelming evidence and goes ahead anyway, against all warnings, against all common sense, and against overwhelming public opposition.

In The Years To Come, Ricardo Marshall’s Legacy Will Be A Toxic Waste Disaster

Now that the retro-fit is underway, one conclusion is inevitable: Ricardo Marshall and his cronies, that small group of people who is orchestrating the Greenland fiasco, are either stupid or callous, or both. This is because anyone who does not understand the reasons for the unsuitability of Greenland as a landfill is stupid, and anyone who denies these reasons is callous. These people just do not give a hoot about the environment, nor do they care about the welfare of Barbadians. All they care about is themselves. Barbadians will have to pay a very high price for this, and for generations to come.

Hans G. Machel
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alberta

BFP photo by Shona – Shifting Ground At Greenland Breaks Up Entrance Road


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Bajan Garfield Harris Retires After 45 Years Driving London Buses


Garfield Harris left Barbados in 1961 as one of many Bajans who were recruited to ease Britain’s labour shortage after World War II. He was just 20 years old when he started driving London buses.

After 45 years of steady work, he will be dividing his time between his homes in Tottenham, England and in Barbados. Welcome back, Mr. Harris!

Article: Islington Gazette: 45 Years On The Buses For Garfield


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British Stewardess Banned From Carrying Bible

First it was a British Airways employee who was castigated for wearing HORRORS! – a small Christian cross on a necklace. (See previous BFP article British Airways Suspends Christian Employee For Wearing Cross – But OK’s Muslims, Sikhs For Religious Headcovering & Jewellery)

Now, a British Midland International Airways stewardess is being banned from carrying a bible on BMI flights to Saudi Arabia. The airline has offered her a demotion to short-haul routes, but is unwilling to juggle their long haul flight crew assignments to allow her to carry her bible with her whenever she works.

Two Years In Saudi Jail For Having A Bible – Death If A Muslim Is Caught

Saudi Arabia prohibits bibles in that country and as many Christian foreign workers have discovered – the Saudis mean business when they say that Christian bibles are prohibited. Christian foreign workers who are caught with a bible, or praying, are imprisoned and sometimes tortured. Sentences of two years for possession of a bible are common. Muslims who convert to Christianity in Saudi Arabia are executed.

Many say that there’s really not much to be done by BMI if they want to continue to fly to Saudi Arabia: the company and it’s employees will have to obey the laws of Saudi Arabia – no matter how uncivilized and barbaric the Saudi laws are.

Or Is There Something That Can Be Done?

In the context of remembering how Britain and other countries isolated South Africa and applied pressure to end apartheid, perhaps the real issue should be – Should BMI continue to say “Yes Massa” to Saudi demands which violate religious freedoms stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

From The Telegraph…

A second airline is embroiled in a religious row after a stewardess decided to take bmi to an employment tribunal because it refused to allow her to carry a Bible on flights to Saudi Arabia.

The stewardess, who has not been named, claims that she has been subject to discrimination because of her faith.

She is understood to have deep religious convictions and carries a Bible with her at all times.

But bmi, which is the only British scheduled carrier to fly to the country after British Airways pulled out of the route, insisted that it was only following Foreign Office advice.

… continue reading this article at The Telegraph (link here).


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Major Revelation By Guyana’s Consul: Guyanese Not Stupid

But Bajans who thought that we could import Guyanese and pay them less than Bajans are stupid.

In The Nation News article Not At All!, Guyana’s Honorary Consul in Barbados, Norman Faria, addresses the issue of professional immigration “parasites” who prey upon migrant workers.

Everyone on the island knows that the whole situation regarding migrant workers is totally out of control, but no one has any answers – and neither do we.


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End Of An Era – The Nation’s Harold Hoyte Retires & Foreign Interests Take Over Barbados’ Largest Newspaper

After 31 years, Harold Hoyte is retiring from The Nation News – Barbados’ largest circulation newspaper. Whether you agree with Mr. Hoyte’s management of the paper or not, it is a certainty that The Nation Newspaper has been a major influence in Barbados life, culture and politics for three decades.

The occasion of Mr. Hoyte’s retirement seems an ideal time to mention that the largest circulation newspaper in the country is still a major influence in Barbados – but it is no longer owned and controlled by Barbados citizens.

Does it matter?


Story Links

From The Nation News:

Harold Hoyte Says Farewell
Gittens: Let’s Move Forward Together As One


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Magnet Man’s Movie Debut – Standing Ovation


We’re in trouble with the girls – because somebody sent us this story almost two weeks ago and we failed to publish it. Just busy days and it slipped to the bottom of the pile. Sorry about that.

Now the Nation News has done up a very informative piece on Magnet Man’s new movie From Barbados With Love. You can read it here.

Down Girls!


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