Out Of 540,641 WordPress.Com Blogs – BFP Hits #27

Hi Folks,

We hope you don’t mind it when we mention a new record. We just hit #27 on the WordPress.com Top Blogs List out of 540,641 blogs. Frankly, we just can’t believe the interest in our blog – and we wonder what would happen if we tried to go at it full time with a revenue-based model.

For a lot of reasons, Barbados Free Press will probably remain a part-time hobby, but it just shows how hungry Barbados is for a news outlet that will ask some questions and not be a cowering government lapdog.

Again, our sincere thanks to our readers around the world.

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3 responses to “Out Of 540,641 WordPress.Com Blogs – BFP Hits #27

  1. John

    That’s great!!

    Congrats to all.

  2. Mile and a Quarter

    Congrats BFP. You are a Godsend. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hants

    BFP… I wonder how many of these hits are “Bajan”?
    I think the BLP should start paying attention to this blog.
    Freedom of the “press” rules.
    Well done and thanks for giving the people of Barbados a “voice”.