Jovan Reid Makes A Point – We Agree And Offer An Olive Branch

Jovan Reid at The Bajan Dream Project looks at forty years of Bajan independence and wonders about the future in What Will The Government Of Barbados Sell Next?“.

The last time we met Jovan online, BFP was a bit cranky and rattled his chain more than we should have done in polite company. We don’t see eye to eye with Jovan on a number of issues, but as Auntie Moses told us, “jus cas you doan agree you should never no mind an listen anyways”.

Yes Auntie.

Besides, we now have it from a friend of a friend that Jovan isn’t all talk. He works hard and does a lot of good for people who need a hand up.

So Jovan – welcome to our sidebar links, and good luck in your work.


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3 responses to “Jovan Reid Makes A Point – We Agree And Offer An Olive Branch

  1. (written late 2005) It’s now four decades since Barbados broke away from the British style of constitutional monarchy and one day coming soon hopefully, we’ll have a referendum to establish what we already know – it’s about time to change into a republic and officially sever ties with Lizzie 2 and all that…

    However, we can’t be dumb like David Commissiong and the Clement Payne Movement and forget we had such a past – you need to know where you came from, in order to know where you’re going. So, rather than do away with Trafalgar Square and the Nelson statue (Who’s gonna pay for that? Not me! You? Why? What did you do to deserve that?), we need to keep our relics as a reminder of what not to do or how to proceed…

    Otherwise, we’ll end up in deluding ourselves we have conquered Colonialism and instead have created a new such strain under a different name – look at the Jews in Hitler’s Holocaust after World War II when they were forming a new Israel at the expense of Palestine as the USA and UK ignored the growing repercussions, while another example of oppressed becoming oppressor is in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

    Already, some employers are trying to return to such days when a restaurant supposedly owned by black Bajans adopts an attitude more likely found in white Bajans before the 1937 uprising – and they try to legitimise their policy of not wanting staff to be Unionised, it was only when the entire public including the Employers’ Confederation condemned the move did they then back-track from that ridiculous idea…

    Even so, there are other people even now who, if they had their way, would construe that defending yourself from a reprimanding memo is to be seen as insubordination! A real collection of Bajan characters, indeed!

    Who has the right idea? Well, no one person has all of the right answers…

    But one area that can be examined is when you take a look at the Sanitation Service Authority – for years, they needed a Public Relations Officer to handle some of the heat they find themselves in and now they’ve finally taken steps to redress that! They have offered the successful applicant both travel and cell-phone allowances as well as the right for them to decide their own hours and to earn a degree of creative autonomy within reason!

    Now take those privileges and present them to a body who has never known such largesse before, do you not think they will do all in their power to not only earn such rights, but to maintain and improve on those gifts?

    Do away with parking spots for key players, let everyone learn what it’s like to get a sweet spot one day and get a crappy spot the next – that way the leaders will get an idea what staff go through to function on a daily capacity!

    Alexander, Napoleon, Henry V and ‘Tchaka Zulu were some of the best military strategists around and got their men to willingly co-operate when they stood in the trenches alongside their grunts and did the same drudgery their men had to do and then they learned how to improve their lot to get better work!

    How can people like Bush and Blair effectively lead an invasion, whether right or wrong, and they have not had military duty? That’s like if a general manager of a corporation here dictated policy from the ivory-tower-like confines of his or her office and refuses to recall what it was like being staff, more’s the pity!

    A company like that will see a high turnover in workers sooner rather than later, CO Williams may have had one strike – but it was the first in 40 years, yet most of his staff are dedicated and consistently earn awards for being long-standing employees going above and beyond the call of duty.

    However, for now, CO Williams and the SSA are the exceptions, and the so-called “phantom” corporation previously described exists more often than we really dare to admit! If we are to successfully reach a centenary or more of Independence and true Republicanism, we must seek out and totally eradicate all pockets of Neo-Colonialism wherever they may be!

    Only then are we true craftsmen of our fate!

  2. Am I dreaming?

    When you said “Government of Barbados” I thought you were speaking metaphorically. But is true- It is “bti” -Barbados Tourism Investment Inc who is advertising 100 villas for sale.

    How did they come to own this land? As an entity of Government why are they not bound by the same declared policy by which BADMC cannot sell lands vested in it, only lease them (to the likes of Caribbean Splash if we don’t watch out).

    Has there been some radical change of policy announced while I was slumbering in Sleepy Hollow?

    Wait. I am now fully awake. On closer inspection I see “Residences will be available in a rental pool.” So maybe they will be condos with BTI still owning the land.

    Best bit yet! “25.62 acres will be devoted to a wellness centre and an ANTI-AGING FACILITY”, perhaps like “Vita Nova” at Villa Nova of stem cell fame.

    OK, the joke’s on me. I have now seen how long I overslept and the date is April 1st. “April Fool?”

    (Apologies to Rip van Winkle)

  3. Ian Bourne- Seasons Greetings!

    I see you were a keen “republican” when you wrote the above article in late 2005.

    May I recommend that you include in your Christmas reading the thread “Barbados as a Republic? Not Until…” of Dec 1st, which it appears must have escaped you. You will see that many of us bloggers are scared stiff of buying “cat in bag” (otherwise known as a piggy in a poke) until the Powers-That-Be tell us in detail what the proposed new constitution will contain, including in particular accountability, transparency, and the protection of our liberties.

    Once a referendum has confirmed the people’s will, we can see if a Republic is the right move and Mia Mottley can take her Presidential uniform out of mothball.