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Jovan Reid Makes A Point – We Agree And Offer An Olive Branch

Jovan Reid at The Bajan Dream Project looks at forty years of Bajan independence and wonders about the future in What Will The Government Of Barbados Sell Next?“.

The last time we met Jovan online, BFP was a bit cranky and rattled his chain more than we should have done in polite company. We don’t see eye to eye with Jovan on a number of issues, but as Auntie Moses told us, “jus cas you doan agree you should never no mind an listen anyways”.

Yes Auntie.

Besides, we now have it from a friend of a friend that Jovan isn’t all talk. He works hard and does a lot of good for people who need a hand up.

So Jovan – welcome to our sidebar links, and good luck in your work.


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University Of The West Indies Installs Video Advertising System, Allows Commercials Directed At Students – Good Idea or Bad?

Can’t Even Pee In Peace…

When Shona and I were visiting relatives in New York City this past summer, we took everyone out for an Italian veal dinner at a little out of the way place that has been a family favourite for a decade. Gino’s Kitchen is by no means “upscale” but the food is sooooo good that they could charge double if they would just paint the place.

But nothing really changes at Gino’s and that suits us just fine. The tablecloths might be faded, but they don’t get replaced until they are worn through.

So you can imagine my confusion when I headed for the loo and found a video screen above each urinal – broadcasting commercials for beer, chewing gum and Chevrolet automobiles. As I stood there doing my business, I found myself getting angry. You can’t even get away from it in the washroom. BUY! BUY! BUY!

Later in the week I was filling up the rental car and I was assaulted by a video at the gas pump. Even the receipt from the cashier had advertising on it. BUY! BUY! BUY!

Can’t even hear yourself think sometimes. Billboards, more commercials than music on the radio, television ads that seem to be 50% of all programming. BUY! BUY! BUY!

Captive Students A Great Audience For Television Commercials

And now the University of the West Indies is installing a video-advertising system at their Cave Hill campus. Oh… they don’t call it a “video advertising system”, it’s a “communication system” that will be used “to allow direct and speedy communication with all constituents of the campus, but mainly the students” according to the Barbados Advocate.

According to the newspaper article, the communication system – including a large 10 x 21 foot scoreboard – is being “donated” by ACR Technology Inc..

“Donated” – as in “out of the goodness of their heart.” Wow… that’s great!

Just one little thing – tucked away so deeply in the article that most folks will probably miss it…

“The board … will also be used by companies to advertise, and …. this can be used during down time on the campus to also generate additional revenue.”

As we always say, folks… Ain’t nothin’ be free!

But I guess the people in charge have looked at it and decided that the benefits outweigh the commercial intrusion into the academic environment and culture.

From The Barbados Advocate…

COME next year, just in time for Cricket World Cup, the 3W’s Oval at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus will have a new state-of-the-art video and score board on its grounds.
This ten feet high by 21 feet wide board, says University of the West Indies officials is a part of a $600 000 communication system which will feature smaller electronic boards which will be positioned across the campus to allow direct and speedy communication with all constituents of the campus, but mainly the students. The donation is being made by ACR Technology Inc.

Speaking at a press conference and signing ceremony between the University and ACR Technology, Deputy Principal of the Cave Hill Campus, Professor Leo Moseley said that the agreement has been several months in the works, as they had to go through quite complicated negotiations to ensure that neither the University nor ACR Technologies Inc. would be embarking on anything that would lead to surprises down the line…

… read the entire article at the Barbados Advocate (link here).


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Australians Angry Over Cricket Visa Cost – First Time Aussies Have Needed Visa For Barbados


From The Australian…

Cricket Fans Angry At Cup Visa

AUSTRALIAN cricket fans heading to next year’s World Cup are angry over the last-minute introduction of a visa needed to enter the Caribbean island nations of Antigua, Jamaica and Barbados.

Australians heading to the World Cup in March will have to pay $128 each for a visa, netting a bonanza for West Indian coffers, News Limited newspapers report today.

Fans have called it a cash grab and complain that travellers with British, South African, US and Canadian passports are exempt.

It is the first time Australians have needed such a visa…

Even the Sydney-based Trinidad and Tobago consul general Mike Agostini had resigned in anger over the move, the papers said.

… original article (link here)

Yup – it does look like a cash grab to us, and we’d better hope that we grab lots because the economic hangover from Cricket World Cup is going to be with us for years after the last fan heads back to Australia.


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Daily Mail – Barbados “Stem-Cell Capital Of The Developed World”

The article was published back in August and comes up in a search for “tourist Barbados clinic”.

Hey – too bad the article is called…

“A Barbaric Kind Of Beauty”

Barbaric – Barbados… catchy tourist slogan, eh?

Methinks that Barbados got way more publicity and a different sort of publicity than it had in mind when it allowed The Institute For Regenerative Medicine to set up.


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One More Reason Why CARICOM Will Not Work On A Cultural Level

Murder Rates – Jamaica vs. Barbados

Jamaica: 63.4 murders per 100,000 population.
Barbados: 7.47 murders per 100,000 population.

Today, BFP reader TJ2 dicovered a March 13, 2006 BFP post The Problem With CARICOM – Barbados Culture Is Not Jamaican Culture and left a comment describing CARICOM as “A marriage made in hell if there ever was one!”

I don’t know if CARICOM will be a “marriage made in hell”, but TJ2’s comments remind us that we Bajans have our own culture, and that our culture is strikingly different from many others. We often think of “culture” as merely singing, dancing and literature – but these are just brushstrokes in a large painting made on a canvas of values.

Values are the canvas that holds the painting together. Ours values are ours – and they are worth protecting because they provide a better way of life than, for instance, Jamaican values.


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Out Of 540,641 WordPress.Com Blogs – BFP Hits #27

Hi Folks,

We hope you don’t mind it when we mention a new record. We just hit #27 on the WordPress.com Top Blogs List out of 540,641 blogs. Frankly, we just can’t believe the interest in our blog – and we wonder what would happen if we tried to go at it full time with a revenue-based model.

For a lot of reasons, Barbados Free Press will probably remain a part-time hobby, but it just shows how hungry Barbados is for a news outlet that will ask some questions and not be a cowering government lapdog.

Again, our sincere thanks to our readers around the world.

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