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How Much Money Did Barbados Labour Party Receive From Stem Cell Clinic?

Updated: January 23, 2012

This is a story about murder, international organ trafficking and children disappearing from Eastern European orphanages. There is a Barbados connection.

We’re featuring the story again because the ETN Travel News and other agencies are reporting today that children are still disappearing and being murdered for international organ trafficking. (ETN: Canada is putting a stop to Cannibalism Tourism. Canadian Star: Transplant tourism a form of cannibalism)

The Barbados connection happened under then Prime Minister Owen Arthur when his government hooked up with the Institute For Regenerative Medicine and Arthur announced that our country would be the “stem cell center of the world”. When the BBC broke the story in 2006, Barbados Free Press said…

“The Government Of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur has allowed Barbados to become a world destination for trafficking in body parts – an industry that is known to involve organized crime, paying poor Ukrainian women to become pregnant and then aborting… and where there is now evidence of kidnapping and murder of newly born live, healthy babies.”

… from the BFP story: BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

The Institute For Regenerative Medicine left Barbados after the story broke, and Owen Arthur and his government were just happy to let the whole thing drop. The story is still relevant though because our current Freundel Stuart government and Health Minister Inniss are heavily involved in partnering with private health interests and clinics in Barbados.

So far, Barbados has no laws, rules or policies concerning the obtaining and supply of any body parts for use in our country. Without those standards, Barbados is at risk of again being seen as a destination for body parts taken from murdered children.

How about it, Minister of Health Inniss? Did we learn anything from our little partnership with the Institute For Regenerative Medicine… or are we going to let it happen again?

BFP’s Original Story first published December 18, 2006…

BLP Should Declare & Return Any Campaign Donations From Institute For Regenerative Medicine – To Avoid The Appearance Of Conflict Of Interest

The Institute For Regenerative Medicine may, or may not, have given campaign donations to the ruling Barbados Labour Party. Without the necessary campaign finance laws in place, Barbados citizens have no idea one way or the other. Bajan citizens need to know that there are no conflicts of interest that might impact a government investigation of the serious allegations of kidnapping and murder being raised by Swiss Members of Parliament and others.

Because of the serious nature of the alleged crimes – murder – the Prime Minister should clear the air so that citizens can have faith in the investigation that most certainly needs to be done.

So how about it, Mr. Prime Minister… did the BLP or any of its candidates receive any funding from IRM or anyone connected with IRM? What are the details and when will the monies be returned?

Barbados Government, Police, Ministry Of Health Should Be Launching An Investigation

Now that the IRM clinic is embroiled in what appear to be credible accusations that its stem cell supply chain involves kidnapping and murdering healthy newborn infants in Ukraine, various arms of the Barbados government should be ramping up for an investigation.

This investigation should include senior officials from the Ministry of Health and law enforcement – and involvement with overseas law enforcement agencies and governments is a given. Continue reading


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