Barbados Civil Aviation Launches Website – We Think It Is Fabulous!


Barbados Civil Aviation Director & Staff Deserve Kudos

The new Barbados Civil Aviation Department website (link here) gets it all correct now – combining function, pleasing form and interesting features that will keep visitors and clients coming back. And, according to Anthony Archer, Director of the Civil Aviation Department, the website will continue to add functionality that is important to aviation professionals.

Here’s part of what Mr. Archer has to say in his welcome message…

This website is intended to provide an overview of the role, functions and responsibilities of the Barbados Civil Aviation Department, to provide necessary information and to facilitate the online completion and download of forms.

Similarly to our department, we intend that this website would evolve overtime to become a medium through which we can offer our products and services to the Public and aviation industry in an expeditious, efficient and cost effective manner. Filing of Flight Plans online and the provision of web-based training are no longer futuristic concepts but are now viable options for service delivery that are being considered.

We hope Mr. Archer and his crew will be provided with the resources to follow through on future development. In our opinion, the ability to file flight plans online – even at altitude – will be critical to civil aviation as air traffic in the region grows. (Barbados Free Press has some very developed thoughts about the eventual impact of the new VLJ’s (Very Light Jets) upon the Barbados aviation scene. We’ll be putting together an article when we have some time.)


We Love The Image Gallery – “More Please!”

The website features an Image Gallery section displaying photos from the past and present in “vintage” and “modern” presentation modes. Can’t explain it… you just have see it to understand what a compelling way it is of displaying photos. (Note to the BCAD webmaster – We had a trouble trying to move to the “next” group of photos and aren’t sure whether this was a glitch with our browser or the website.)

The photos that we could see are a story of the connection between the past and the present. This regard for the past and how we arrived where we are today is a wonderful theme that runs throughout the website – not just in the photos section.

The websites of so many organizations are sterile, technical tools of the moment – with no soul and no sense of continuation or history. This is not the case with the Barbados Civil Aviation Department’s website, which should be seen as model of how to do it right.

Hats off to the team that put this together, and the leadership that drove it.


BFP Readers Asked…

After reading a few BFP posts that mentioned airplanes and aviation, a few of our readers emailed and asked, “Is one of you a pilot?”

The very short answer, without going into details, is… “Yes. One of us has ‘a little bit’ of stick and throttle time.” (And he knows how to grunt too, although he’s never had to use the loud handles.)

Aviation Tag Added

Regular Barbados Free Press readers will notice that we’ve added an “aviation” tag to our list. You know we love airplanes, so we might as well admit it and include it in the search functions. We’ll also be occasionally posting some special photos from an old collection that one of us has. Nothing like the sound of a sleeve-valve-engined Sea Fury flat out on the deck, eh?

Cheers… off to bed now.


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6 responses to “Barbados Civil Aviation Launches Website – We Think It Is Fabulous!

  1. God Bless David

    Interesting site…but curious the way a positive feature on BFP attracts few comments from readers…

  2. Lady Anon

    Just spent some time reviewing the site. Excellent! I really like the vintage vs modern photos.

    Kudos to the Aviation Dept. Not only for the good work they are doing, but the good work despite the equipment they have to work with.

    Well done!

  3. J

    Excellent point GBD. This is what we have become dwell on the negative, stories which are sensational, stories which do not have all the facts, stories which can be used to discredit the Govt or oppostition, or to tear down some one’s character.

  4. West Side Davie

    What does “knows how to grunt” have to do with flying?

  5. BFP

    WSD asked ‘What does “knows how to grunt” have to do with flying?’

    It is all about delaying the effects of pulling “g’s”, which tells you a little bit about the type of flying that our friend likes to do.

  6. Richard

    My xmas wish is that the people in the constituency Rudy Grant is running for remember those horrible incidents of tourists dying at our airport because of lack of ambulances. He is junior minister of civil aviation including airport and is always mouthing off. Most of what he says is hollow and shallow and I remember him giving some stupid reason why ambulances not at airport. Now after third death he is back again with another stupid explanation.Stewps.