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Barbados Clinic Baby Murder Scandal

Just to be perfectly clear…

owen-arthur-barbados-clinic-baby-murders.jpg doctor-jerome-walcott-barbados-clinic-baby-murders-2.jpg

The Government of Barbados has some serious explaining to do about how it climbed into bed with an organization that is now accused of murdering newborn infants for their body organs.

Story Links

The Nation Newspaper Tackles Barbados Clinic – Baby Murder Story

BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North

photos: Prime Minister Owen Arthur – who approved the establishment of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine on Barbados. Dr. Jerome Walcott – Barbados Minister Of Health, who (presumably) knows something about this mess.


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The Nation Newspaper Tackles Barbados Clinic – Baby Murder Story

The Nation News Picks Up On Barbados Free Press Story

As we reported in our story yesterday BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic, the Government of Barbados has some serious explaining to do about how it climbed into bed with an organization that is now accused of murdering newborn infants for their body organs.

Now the Barbados Nation Newspaper has picked up on our story (yes… we saw you visit our website and read our story, guys!) – and we hope they continue to hammer away to discover how it is that the reputation of Barbados has been thrown into such a worldwide mess.

But will The Nation News follow up on our next story in this series? … Fetal Parts Industry In Barbados: What happens to aborted Bajan babies.

We will see!

Will The Owen Arthur Government Survive This Scandal?

As we asked in our original story…

Mr. Prime Minister… What have you done with our country, in the pursuit of filthy money?

From The Nation News Article “Common Sense & Evidence” …

“The news media in Barbados have alerted us to an extraordinary, horrific BBC documentary aired on Tuesday last week (December 12) on BBC 4 and again on BBC World on December 13, on the operation called “Vita Nova”, the Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM), at our fabulous tropical paradise, Villa Nova in St John. This “rejuvenating clinic” provides, at great cost, intravenous injections of stem cells, which are claimed to help people with “arthritis, blood disorders, cancer, chronic pain, diabetes, digestive diseases, etc, etc, etc”.”

… Professor Henry Fraser is Dean of the School of Clinical Medicine and Research.

Which Barbados Media Outlet Broke This Story?

Gosh… I wonder what “news media” alerted The Nation News to this story – because to our knowledge, the Barbados Free Press broke this story a full day ahead of any other Barbados media.

Are we wrong, folks? Let us know, please.

Story Links

The Nation News: Common Sense & Evidence: Snake-oil and Other Charms

Barbados Free Press: BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

Barbados Free Press: Abortions Provider George Griffith Is Barbados Labour Party Candidate For St. Philip North


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Barbados Civil Aviation Launches Website – We Think It Is Fabulous!


Barbados Civil Aviation Director & Staff Deserve Kudos

The new Barbados Civil Aviation Department website (link here) gets it all correct now – combining function, pleasing form and interesting features that will keep visitors and clients coming back. And, according to Anthony Archer, Director of the Civil Aviation Department, the website will continue to add functionality that is important to aviation professionals.

Here’s part of what Mr. Archer has to say in his welcome message…

This website is intended to provide an overview of the role, functions and responsibilities of the Barbados Civil Aviation Department, to provide necessary information and to facilitate the online completion and download of forms.

Similarly to our department, we intend that this website would evolve overtime to become a medium through which we can offer our products and services to the Public and aviation industry in an expeditious, efficient and cost effective manner. Filing of Flight Plans online and the provision of web-based training are no longer futuristic concepts but are now viable options for service delivery that are being considered.

We hope Mr. Archer and his crew will be provided with the resources to follow through on future development. In our opinion, the ability to file flight plans online – even at altitude – will be critical to civil aviation as air traffic in the region grows. (Barbados Free Press has some very developed thoughts about the eventual impact of the new VLJ’s (Very Light Jets) upon the Barbados aviation scene. We’ll be putting together an article when we have some time.)


We Love The Image Gallery – “More Please!”

The website features an Image Gallery section displaying photos from the past and present in “vintage” and “modern” presentation modes. Can’t explain it… you just have see it to understand what a compelling way it is of displaying photos. (Note to the BCAD webmaster – We had a trouble trying to move to the “next” group of photos and aren’t sure whether this was a glitch with our browser or the website.)

The photos that we could see are a story of the connection between the past and the present. This regard for the past and how we arrived where we are today is a wonderful theme that runs throughout the website – not just in the photos section.

The websites of so many organizations are sterile, technical tools of the moment – with no soul and no sense of continuation or history. This is not the case with the Barbados Civil Aviation Department’s website, which should be seen as model of how to do it right.

Hats off to the team that put this together, and the leadership that drove it.


BFP Readers Asked…

After reading a few BFP posts that mentioned airplanes and aviation, a few of our readers emailed and asked, “Is one of you a pilot?”

The very short answer, without going into details, is… “Yes. One of us has ‘a little bit’ of stick and throttle time.” (And he knows how to grunt too, although he’s never had to use the loud handles.)

Aviation Tag Added

Regular Barbados Free Press readers will notice that we’ve added an “aviation” tag to our list. You know we love airplanes, so we might as well admit it and include it in the search functions. We’ll also be occasionally posting some special photos from an old collection that one of us has. Nothing like the sound of a sleeve-valve-engined Sea Fury flat out on the deck, eh?

Cheers… off to bed now.


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Is Barbados Tourism Fudging The Figures By Double Counting Passengers?

barbados-deplaning.jpg barbados-cruiseship-boarding.jpg

Certain Airplane & Cruiseship Passengers Counted Twice?

I read with interest the three articles covering tourism into the 10th December 2006 edition of the Barbados Advocate, regarding visitor arrival numbers and home porting, but I think the Minister of Tourism should be questioned on some of the following points.

Of the 10 ten month period quoted, exactly how many people joined home porting ships?

Are these home porting passengers counted both as air arrivals (from the landing card) prior to occupying hotel accommodation and then again included in the ship manifest numbers?

With inflation stated at 7.2% in 2006 and a figure equal or possibly higher in 2007, does the increased long stay visitor arrival average daily spend take this factor into account?

The 6% CESS tax has effectively trickled down and increased prices on virtually everything the long stay visitor purchases, so therefore it was inevitable that average spend would be higher.

The Minister again quotes that ‘Barbados, this winter will homeport more ships than any cruise port in the world – a total of 18 cruise ships’.

In fact according to travel reference website (www.iexplore.com), ‘San Juan is the largest home-based cruise port in the world hosting 28 vessels with more being added each year’.

And finally, if in fact Barbados will have 18 home-porting cruise ships this winter and each ship has an average capacity of just 500 persons which berths into Bridgetown once a week.

Over the 115 days (or 17 weeks) of the winter season (15th December to 14th April), that’s a means a total 153,000 home-porting cruise ship passengers arriving by air and joining a ship may be counted twice.

This obviously makes a dramatic difference to the long stay visitor arrival numbers being quoted.

Unless these questions are satisfactorily answered readers can not objectively analyse the figures quoted by the Minister to judge if there has been any real growth.

Adrian Loveridge
15 December 2006


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16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Violence Ends

Our friend Titilayo at Gallimaufry blog has concluded her series of articles for the 16 Days of activism against gender violence.

A worthy read.

Here is the index page for the series (link here). 


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Combating Kleptocracy

Yes, I know this is a US State Department initiative and we could go on and on about the blind leading the blind and the pot calling the kettle names and such…

But it is still a worthwhile read and a good resource…

eJournal – Combating Kleptocracy 

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David Vs. Goliath – Cariaccess Sues Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd., NTRC


Dear News Editor,

Seasons Greetings and all the best to you and yours for the season. (Merry Christmas to you, too, Mr. Gunn! ed.)

Please find a statement re. a major development in our regional telecoms deregulation process. This simple statement belies the years of long hours and hard work that has gone into this important exercise. We look forward to the developments arising out of this first step.

David and Goliath go to court…


Anthony A.R Gunn
Managing Director


Eastern Caribbean

Public Statement!

Cariaccess Communications has filed a lawsuit against Cable & Wireless and the Telecom Regulators…

Cariaccess Communications (St. Vincent) Ltd. would like to announce that we have filed a lawsuit against Cable & Wireless (West Indies) Ltd. (C&W) and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), asking for interconnection and claiming damages and losses amounting to over EC$116 million and counting (US$43 million).

Almost 5 years after receiving its first Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) telecom license, Cariaccess remains unable to interconnect to the (PSTN) public-switched telephone, Internet and other networks, anywhere in the OECS.

Cariaccess looks forward to a speedy resolution to this ongoing problem and to being able to soon offer a comprehensive suite of high-quality, cost-effective telecom services to our fellow Caribbean consumer.



Cariaccess Communications
Email: info@cariaccess.com
Tel – 1 767 448 4443
Fax – 1 767 448 4449


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About The Chaos At The CBC…

Barbados Free Press reader “M” writes us…

Esteemed Folks- You do not seem to have considered the abrupt departure of Dr.Allison Leacock and three other senior staff/board members as important enough to merit an article enquiring what is really going on. Unless I have been careless is reviewing your fine posts?.


This surprises me as she was a Golden Girl when appointed and one would not have been surprised to see her enter the political arena. While it is true that her glamor has fled with the onset of middle-age spread, there must be more to it than that. I suspect the financial state of CBC’s affairs must have something to do with it, as it is absurd that CBC should not still be the “cash cow” for Government it used to be. Was the cow being milked too blatantly?

Thanks for the email, M!

You’re correct, we haven’t paid enough attention to the whole CBC mess, but as we said in our last post… real life is getting in the way of our blogging. If you or anyone else has some thoughts on the CBC, how about you discuss them in the comments section of this post – and then we will have the benefits of many hands doing the research.

What Really Happened At The CBC?

Let’s have some of your thoughts in the comments section, folks. Thanks!


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BFP Editors Can’t Keep Up With Emails & Suggestions – But Please Keep Sending Them!

Hi Folks

Our sincere apologies to the dozens and dozens of people who send us article suggestions and emails every day. We’re trying the best we can to keep up with them, but this week we are failing badly and can hardly even clear out the spam filters every few hours.

As you know, this blog is just a part time effort by a few people who all have real day jobs (or night jobs!) and Christmas is coming.


So everybody put a little pressure on George – who is an excellent fellow, but is (understandably) a little nervous about becoming a part of the Barbados media underground.



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