BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

Barbados & Barbados Clinic Prominently Featured In BBC Story

International publicity for Cricket World Cup in Barbados may have to take second place for the next while as BBC News breaks a story of murdered newborns, fetal parts and a Barbados offshore clinic.

Healthy new-born babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells, evidence obtained by the BBC suggests.

Disturbing video footage of post-mortem examinations on dismembered tiny bodies raises serious questions about what happened to them…

… excerpt from BBC News Ukraine Babies In Stem Cell Probe

Also see Daily Mail – The Babies Who Are Murdered To Order

BBC Radio Special Slams Barbados Clinic – And Barbados

A just-released BBC Radio documentary The Stem Cell Swindle can be listened to on the internet (link here). Barbados Free Press made some brief notes of the 37 minute programme – and while we need to recheck some of the quotes for exact accuracy, here are a few of the points we noted. Have a listen yourself for the full story in context…

– The Barbados Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM) at Villa Nova, Barbados is referred to by BBC as “… the island’s new cash cow of medical tourism”.

– The Barbados Institute For Regenerative Medicine uses stem cells from body parts to treat various diseases – but primarily uses them as an “anti-aging” treatment advertised to result in “Enhanced Sexual Function”, “Increased feelings of energy” and “Improved Appetite”.

– IRM obtains stem cells through an associated Russian company “The Institute of Cryobiology” that has been connected with legal and illegal trade in body parts. The parts are processed through a UK company.

– “evidence that healthy babies are taken from their mothers to have their organs and stem cells harvested…covered up at highest level”

BBC interviews Ukrainian mothers whose live, healthy babies were stolen at the hospital and murdered.

– “quite a lot of young mothers lost their children…” … women are given injections to induce birth for the purpose of harvesting the brains and body organs of the live babies.

– There was a campaign to silence a specific couple who were offered a house, money for silence. Their older child was kidnapped to ensure their cooperation.

Swiss Members of Parliament met with Ukrainian mothers. Swiss MP “”Culture of trafficking children snatched at birth… I believe these mothers… …Police, doctors, hospital staff involved…”

BBC has “…horrific video of post-mortem examinations… carcasses of full term babies with brains and organs missing”, “… brain taken for use in stem cell treatments”, “viable babies…” “…limbs dismembered to harvest bone marrow…”

– There is a “Culture of abortions in Ukraine linked to stem cell trade.” Some women have had upwards of 40 abortions. (other articles link this to organized crime, smuggling of body parts – links to be provided in a future BFP article as noted below.)

– BBC interviews a Ukrainian doctor who was part of this “fetal mafia” who has fled his country in fear of his life.

“the older the baby, the more value the cells” Late term baby or baby born alive is valued at US$17,000. “…clinics deliberately abort to traffic in stem cells”

– “Live babies have their organs removed…”

– BBC… “We’ve discovered that the fetal stem cells destined for Barbados start out in the Ukraine and travel though the UK for testing… The website of the IRM clearly states that it receives it’s stem cells from the “Institute of Cryobiology”

The cells from the babies’ body parts “are being used primarily for beauty treatments”

– BBC sent an undercover couple to the Barbados Institute Of Regenerative Medicine and then sent a reporter to do an interview with IRM Doctor Chame Ramesh (spelling probably incorrect). Ramesh says that IRM Barbados clinic has treated over 2000 patients. (ed. note… Do the math: 2000 patients at anywhere up to US$25,000 per treatment.)

– BBC interview Interview Dr. Clive Landis (spelling is a guess) Head of Chronic Disease Center University of West Indies. Dr. Landis very skeptical as are other senior UK doctors interviewed … “No evidence of medical benefits from stem cell treatment… beyond contempt”, “Cowboy fringe of medicine”

Those are our quick notes of the BBC Radio documentary The Stem Cell Swindle. Listen to the program yourself here.

Barbados Government Allows Clinic To Make It’s Own Rules

In the world of offshore medical clinics, money and hope are king while government oversight and ethical questions are secondary. That is why clinics like the Institute of Regenerative Medicine locate themselves “offshore” in smaller jurisdictions like Barbados, where they can operate freely – making up their own rules in a country that lacks laws and enforcement about, for instance, the importation of body parts (liquified or not) or the disposal of “medical waste” (discarded body parts – liquified or not).

The Government Of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur has allowed Barbados to become a world destination for trafficking in body parts – an industry that is known to involve organized crime, paying poor Ukrainian women to become pregnant and then aborting… and where there is now evidence of kidnapping and murder of newly born live, healthy babies.


Mr. Prime Minister… What have you done with our country, in the pursuit of filthy money?

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Fetal Parts Industry In Barbados: What happens to aborted Bajan babies.

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41 responses to “BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

  1. reality check

    follow the money!!!

    Who owns the businss? Who gave the approvals?

    This is perfectly in keeping with a country with no leaders and no moral compass.

  2. Broke In Bridgetown

    Dear Jesus…. come soon.

  3. missinghome

    Doesn’t Barbados have rules about “the importation of body parts or the disposal of “medical waste” (discarded body parts).” ?????

    How can that be? That cannot be true.

    No way.

  4. Jason

    Who is the Member of Parliament for where this place is? Villa nova

  5. akabozzik

    Government should fall over this thing.

    Mr. Prime Minister: Resign!

  6. Adrian Loveridge

    Not just the BBC but also carried in todays Daily Mail (however many million circulation).

    Simply GOOGLE NEWS ‘Barbados Daily Mail.’

    Just in case someone has forget that the United Kingdom is our largest tourism market.

    Is this really the sort of publicity we are craving for?
    Building a reputation for using aborted babies, some so small they have to be liquified, to inject into people who want their wrinkles ‘ironed’ out.

    EVERYONE should loudly repeat Reality Checks questions!

    Who owns the business?

    Who gave the approvals?

  7. I have just finished listening to the 37 min transcript which you have accurately paraphrased. Quite appalling!

    It appears that all that reaches Barbados, presumably by courier, presumably refrigerated or frozen, are vials filled with liquid carrying the stem cells. (No body parts) They must be cleared through Customs under some category, but what?

    When the Min of Health or whoever regulates such rip-off “clinics” is confronted with this news they will have some story about assuming it was above-board, and plead ignorance. Quite likely someone or more are turning a blind eye towards something for which someone is paid good hush-money. But very unlikely to be verified.

    Immediate steps will be taken to close down the clinic because of the damage done to our island’s image, but it will be too late. Our pristine reputation as a well-run little democracy is tarnished. Barbados was probably picked in the first place because people assume anything operating here is properly supervised and legit.

    The owners of VillaNova will say they leased it in good faith, and everybody else associated with the clinic will prove their hands are clean. etc., etc. Utmost vigilance is required by the authorities on any offshore “business” coming here to take advantage of our reputation. Dreadful shame.

  8. Hants

    The BLP government has to start explaining.

    Dr.William Duguid use your influence to get a minister or an operative to respond to these allegations by the BBC. Time for damage control.
    Put Barbados first.

    I cannot believe that any Barbadian would knowingly participate in such a horrible scheme.
    Live babies murdered?… Sickening.

    This is the kind of thing that could hurt the Tourist industry big time.

  9. West Side Davie

    Who gets the money?

    Who owns this death factory?

    Who approved the permit?


  10. Barbados visitor 5 times


    “Beauty Treatment from dead babies”

    Even I want to be more prettier than I am. I don’t think I could do this by inject myself with dead babies tissues. It’s too horrible.

    Barbados must have a “black heart” to allow this.

    Why would you allow this in your beautiful country?

    I love to spend my vacations in Barbados in Christ Church and have plan to come back again next year. Now I have to find some place else to be. Can’t take it. Too disgusting

  11. Jerome Hinds

    SHAMEFUL! The pimp Owen Arthur and lady Jerome are deep in this filth…..

  12. Out of interest I went back into your post of Oct 24, 2006-“Abortions Provider George Griffith…” and was amazed to find a reference to an article which appeared in The Independent on 16 Oct 2005- yes 2005, giving full information about the Villanova Institute of Regenerative Medicine, naming Barnett Suskind as the chief executive officer. (BFP also indicated on Oct 24 2006 it would have news for us about dealing in “body parts” ; it seems they did not get around to it until now, but they knew it would be a fiery issue)

    It is remarkable that this revelation passed unnoticed. People were so hot defending the right to abortion they completely overlooked the same news that is now rocking us!

    If there is any comfort in this, it is that , despite the wide readership of The Independent, Barbados did not suffer since Oct 2005 a massive decline in tourism from the U.K. as a result. It also must not have come to the attention of Government as one cannot believe they would not have taken at least investigative steps. The High Commission in London probably slipped up in not alerting Govt. to possible bad press. That is one of their main jobs.

    There is no doubt there will be repurcussions this time, and BLP is going to be held to the fire. But take it easy on Family Planning Association. Their priority is to do everything they can to prevent the need for abortion by way of education and contraceptive assistance. George Griffith must be good guy to take on that demanding post.

  13. BFP

    Newcomer said… “George Griffith must be good guy to take on that demanding post.”

    Mr. Griffith is a “good guy”…? Really? We don’t know Mr. Griffith personally, but I’m sure he has lots of friends who support and admire him and his work.

    We don’t.

    Perhaps anyone who knows Mr. Griffith can alert him to the articles on the BFP – including another article that will again mention him directly, to be posted in a few days.

    … Because I’m SURE that Mr. Griffith will want to respond directly to the contents of our next article in this series. Please let him know that he is welcome to use the Barbados Free Press to publish his side of things, and we will post his response unedited if he will email it to us at


  14. P.S. I have just Googled “Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Barbados” and besides “Villanova” find them at “Hampstead”, Two Mile Hill. That site is more informative.

    From it I learned that on October 17, 2005 Phillip Spooner of The Nation covered The Independent article fully, giving most of the details we are now chewing over, except the dreadful cicumstances under which the Ukranians obtain the stem cells.

    So I owe the Barbados High Commission in London an apology. It was fully reported here and nobody appears to have paid the slightest notice. There are four doctors with long names listed as working for the IRG, Barbados of which only Dr. Shashidhar Ramesh is resident in Barbados. Presumably he is registered to practice by our Medical Board- unless as part of an off-shore package you don’t need a licence if you pump only visitors full of stem cells?

    If it were not for the BBC report that the stem cells are obtained by murdering new born babies, obviously against the wishes of helpless mothers, we would not be so hot about this. Our officials could not be expected go to the Ukraine to ensure the stem cells were ethically obtained. And our authorities may have to tread carefully about proof if they revoke the institute’s licence, assuming they have one.

  15. Island girl

    Owen Arthur you should resign now.

    Most powerful writing in this BFP article is this:

    “The Government Of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur has allowed Barbados to become a world destination for trafficking in body parts – an industry that is known to involve organized crime, paying poor Ukrainian women to become pregnant and then aborting… and where there is now evidence of kidnapping and murder of newly born live, healthy babies.”


    Resign Owen! Resign NOW!

  16. Marcus @BFP- You made it quite clear in October you are against abortion and the Family Planning Association and must have been dismayed at the response you got. The great majority of bloggers disagreed vehemently with you!

    While you are certainly entitled to your own views, I am perturbed that this valuable blogsite should be used (abused?) as a propaganda weapon to grind the axe for you. BFP serves too valuable a service to our community. I admire your work, but in this respect feel you are off base.

  17. BFP

    newcomer said

    “I am perturbed that this valuable blogsite should be used (abused?) as a propaganda weapon to grind the axe for you.”

    Newcomer… your definition of “propaganda” is obviously anything that conflicts with your support of abortion.

    Fine… you have your views and we have ours. Don’t like our views? tough… Just go to and start your own blog for free just like we did.

    But how the &*%$ can you say an article about the murder of babies is “propaganda” ?

    So… if we published an article in support of abortion, then we wouldn’t be publishing “propaganda” eh?

    Give your head a shake!


  18. BFP

    Wait for tomorrow’s article newcomer. You aint’ be seen nothin yet!


  19. West Side Davie

    Newcomer said that Marcus should have been dismayed by the reaction to his article about abortion.

    Don’t worry about the comments section Marcus. Most of the rabid pro-abortion people are very vocal while the majority of people are silent. The majority of people don’t like abortion much, but don’t want to see it declared illegal either.

    If somebody down ma street is working at an abortion clinic, I’m not going to throw stones at them, but I won’t be inviting them to dinner either.

    And I shur as hell won’t be voting them into public office!

  20. rumours

    Fertility tourism

    ‘Barbados trip may help me become a mother at last’

  21. rumours

    Sun, fun and abortion- St. Vincent and Barbados-

  22. BFP

    Newcomer said…

    “Our officials could not be expected go to the Ukraine to ensure the stem cells were ethically obtained. And our authorities may have to tread carefully about proof if they revoke the institute’s licence, assuming they have one.”


    Why the $%^! couldn’t Barbados officials be expected to go the the Ukraine to ensure the stem cells were ethically obtained?

    Why not?

    Normal citizens would expect that the question would have been asked and that the government would have demanded proof – including costs for Barbados officials to inspect the process.

    Give your head another shake, newcomer!

    And in regards to Barbados having to “tread carefully” about revoking the clinic’s license… I guess it depends upon HOW MUCH MONEY THE CLINIC PAID TO WHOM!

    Yes, if the clinic paid any FACILITATION FEES to anyone, then yes, those members of government would want to be rather careful, wouldn’t they?

    So except for fearing exposure of bribe monies paid, nobody should have the slightest problem with yanking the clinic’s license – with even the slightest possiblity THAT MURDER IS BEING COMMITTED.

    ********* COMMENT RE-EDITED BY MARCUS ***********

    Cliverton, please do not call BFP readers “idiot” or any other names. Relax, have a beer, listen to your favourite ABBA CD (Ha! Your secret is out. 🙂 )


  23. Rumplestilskin

    The article certainly makes some astounding and disgusting allegations.

    However, the correct action now would be for the Government to have the Attorney General investigate these claims. It would be in his jurisdiction, as IF the claims are indeed true the clinic owners would be participants in murder (re the murder of babies after birth -I am not getting into the abortion issue here).

    Thus, to be calling for the resignation of PM etc is both premature and ridiculous.

    Certainly, as all responsibility comes back to the head of the Government, the PM is ultimately responsible for all of its actions.

    However, one man is not an island and he relies on his Ministers, civial servants and the relevant legislation and processes to identify and assess initiatives and problem areas.

    Thus, his own action would be reliant on discussions and assessment of activity with the Minister of Health whose own responsibilities would in turn be the assessment of actions taken by himself or civil servants to grant the clinic its license in Barbados .

    Such assessment would be of the following things:

    – the business case and program description as presented to the Government initially

    – the processes (due diligence) used to ascertain the validity and legality of the case presented and then grant the license

    – the challenges as noted in the article together with an assessment of the facts

    – an assessment of where the initial due diligence fell short

    – whether any censorship of parties involved is necessary, whether the clinic owners, those who granted the license etc.

    This is a clear example of where Barbados must be careful in developing business relationships internationally. Care needs to be taken due to the potential for bad publicity at the least or legal and international censure at the worst.

    I would hope that the due diligence was initially done, that the fault (if proved) lies in that of the clinic owners not presenting the ‘full view’ (whould be dishonest) and that the fault does not lie with our local processes.

    In such case our actions could clearly absolve our participation, based on the new information coming to light.

    However, if there was indeed a lack of proper processes in granting any initial license and follow-up, then even more serious actions would need to be taken to accomodate any publicity backlash.

    Unfortunately, regardless of the above, we shall be judged by some even before the facts can be proved, just by association and the willing ness to believe whatever is printed.

    But that is life in the new ‘globalised environment’.

    If you want to play, you have to be able to ride storms. And if you give it a few years, where do you think the heavy genetic medicine will be taking place?

    The North. Thats my opinion anyway.

  24. BFP

    Thanks for your very considered comments Rumplestilskin.

    We agree that the Government of Barbados should take immediate and very public action about this.

    The problem, as everyone knows, is the way that business is traditionally done in Barbados. No doubt, someone made a “facilitation fee”, and that can make things difficult. It is tough to yank their license without trouble if someone made a little bit “on the left.”

    As my mama always told me – be careful who you choose as friends because you will be judged by your association with them.

    She also told me that “all money has a smell”…

    Some money is clean and good. Some money stinks and nothing can wash away the smell once you touch it.

    This clinic money stunk to high heaven from the very start.

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  26. Jupiter

    Isn’t this villa Nova site of this clinic,the same site of the famed villa nova country house/hotel where Tony Blair dined every time he visited Barbados?

    We know the prime minister is not going to resign for this,he doesnot ‘do resigning’, neither does he explain anything,so give up on that.

    Anyway,why should he?No one is marching up and down the street,no one is flogging this in the main street newspapers,as a matter of fact if you look in today’s Sunday Sun you will see pages and pages of lovely pictures of adverts,and at Vob you will be ensured of hearing hour upon hour of advertising from malls,stores,supermarkets streaming at you day in day out.

    Who in media land cares about the real issues,certainly not those referred to above when there is money to be made in just running ads.So people unless you decide to picket,march or do something more vocal than posts objection Ali Baba and his thieves will continue to ignore you.

  27. Jupiter


    Have you read Dr Henry Fraser’s article in today’s Nation?He is also expressing concern that B’dos good reputation will not be tarnished by the presence of this clinic here and the body part issue.

  28. akabozzik

    BFP connected with Dr. Fraser’s article here is the place:

    Nation Newspaper Tackles Barbados Clinic – Baby Murder Story

  29. Citizen First

    The report “The stem cell swindle” clearly stated that the stem cells harvested in the Ukraine came to Barbados via testing in the United Kingdom. Following the logic of the Barbados Free Press, Tony Blair should resign immeadiately! The BFP is to be commended for alerting us to the possible unethical if not illegal activity of the such clinics as the IRM at Villa Nova. However, the vitriolic hyperbole thrown at PM Arthur ,the Barbados Government and Mr George Griffith is unjustified and to be deplored. Innuendo is a powerful but often deceitful technique. It was quite surprising that in the report “The stem cell swindle”, the concluding remark was made that proving that live babies were taken to provide stem cells was not possible!

  30. Cliverton @ BFP

    You know perfectly well I never said your article about babies being murdered was propaganda. It is the posting about George Griffith being an “abortion provider” and your stand against the Family Planning Association that I regard as propaganda.

    “Propaganda” is defined as: “Information or ideas methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, group, nation etc.”

    You are against abortion and used your blogsite to methodically promote your views in this respect. While you are certainly entitled to your views, I do not feel Barbados Free Press is the right vehicle for this. I have otherwise found you objective.

    You know you have our full support for exposing the shocking revelation that the IRM clinic obtains its stem cells from a Ukranian hospital which murders newborn babies for the purpose. Of course THAT is not propaganda! That is horrifying but vital news.

  31. akabozzik

    “objective” to newcomer is when BFP supports abortion.

    When BFP says something against abortion, then they are “not being objective”.

    Newcomer say “While you are certainly entitled to your views, I do not feel Barbados Free Press is the right vehicle for this.”

    Newcomer do not feel the BFP is the “right vehicle for this” because BFP is too powerful a voice.

  32. Brian Clowes, Ph.D.

    If you want the full transcript of the BBC program “The Stem Cell Swindle,” e-mail me at I have interviewed the Ukrainian doctors myself, and their testimony is absolutely astounding. The killing of newborns is just the beginning of the circus of horrors in Eastern Europe.

  33. DONQ

    Question, Villa Nova was sold to a huge insurance honcho in July last year (if memory serves me right).

    Where did they pick up their nasty pieces and go to? Is the clinic still in operation? Are these acts still being conducted, and are they still (gulp!!)murdered babies’ body parts entering this Island?

    I see nuff ganja busts, dancehall busts, hell…tourist busts when enjoying a spliff in the sun. You going to tell me no one can’t get to the bottom of who, what, where, when and how this is allowed to happen.

    This is one of THE most perturbing things I think I have ever heard of, and worse than that, is that SOMEONE is receiving blanket funds to shut up and keep it coming.

    Shame on all concerned, don’t forget tho, whilst we slumber, the Good Lord only wears his pajamas, he does not sleep. YUCK… this makes me sick… hell to all concerned… you have condemned yourselves.

    Again though, WHERE is this clinic currently located, and can something not be done… What about the Hague convention on human trafficking, we are not a signatory / member, but surely a report can be made…. maybe I’ll do it myself!

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  39. 2.0

    This post is wprth everyone’s attention. Hoow cann I fiond oout more?

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