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BREAKING – BBC Has Video: Healthy Ukrainian Newborns Murdered For Body Parts – Destination Barbados Clinic

Barbados & Barbados Clinic Prominently Featured In BBC Story

International publicity for Cricket World Cup in Barbados may have to take second place for the next while as BBC News breaks a story of murdered newborns, fetal parts and a Barbados offshore clinic.

Healthy new-born babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells, evidence obtained by the BBC suggests.

Disturbing video footage of post-mortem examinations on dismembered tiny bodies raises serious questions about what happened to them…

… excerpt from BBC News Ukraine Babies In Stem Cell Probe

Also see Daily Mail – The Babies Who Are Murdered To Order

BBC Radio Special Slams Barbados Clinic – And Barbados

A just-released BBC Radio documentary The Stem Cell Swindle can be listened to on the internet (link here). Barbados Free Press made some brief notes of the 37 minute programme – and while we need to recheck some of the quotes for exact accuracy, here are a few of the points we noted. Have a listen yourself for the full story in context…

– The Barbados Institute of Regenerative Medicine (IRM) at Villa Nova, Barbados is referred to by BBC as “… the island’s new cash cow of medical tourism”.

– The Barbados Institute For Regenerative Medicine uses stem cells from body parts to treat various diseases – but primarily uses them as an “anti-aging” treatment advertised to result in “Enhanced Sexual Function”, “Increased feelings of energy” and “Improved Appetite”.

– IRM obtains stem cells through an associated Russian company “The Institute of Cryobiology” that has been connected with legal and illegal trade in body parts. The parts are processed through a UK company.

– “evidence that healthy babies are taken from their mothers to have their organs and stem cells harvested…covered up at highest level”

BBC interviews Ukrainian mothers whose live, healthy babies were stolen at the hospital and murdered.

– “quite a lot of young mothers lost their children…” … women are given injections to induce birth for the purpose of harvesting the brains and body organs of the live babies.

– There was a campaign to silence a specific couple who were offered a house, money for silence. Their older child was kidnapped to ensure their cooperation.

Swiss Members of Parliament met with Ukrainian mothers. Swiss MP “”Culture of trafficking children snatched at birth… I believe these mothers… …Police, doctors, hospital staff involved…”

BBC has “…horrific video of post-mortem examinations… carcasses of full term babies with brains and organs missing”, “… brain taken for use in stem cell treatments”, “viable babies…” “…limbs dismembered to harvest bone marrow…”

– There is a “Culture of abortions in Ukraine linked to stem cell trade.” Some women have had upwards of 40 abortions. (other articles link this to organized crime, smuggling of body parts – links to be provided in a future BFP article as noted below.)

– BBC interviews a Ukrainian doctor who was part of this “fetal mafia” who has fled his country in fear of his life.

“the older the baby, the more value the cells” Late term baby or baby born alive is valued at US$17,000. “…clinics deliberately abort to traffic in stem cells”

– “Live babies have their organs removed…”

– BBC… “We’ve discovered that the fetal stem cells destined for Barbados start out in the Ukraine and travel though the UK for testing… The website of the IRM clearly states that it receives it’s stem cells from the “Institute of Cryobiology”

The cells from the babies’ body parts “are being used primarily for beauty treatments”

– BBC sent an undercover couple to the Barbados Institute Of Regenerative Medicine and then sent a reporter to do an interview with IRM Doctor Chame Ramesh (spelling probably incorrect). Ramesh says that IRM Barbados clinic has treated over 2000 patients. (ed. note… Do the math: 2000 patients at anywhere up to US$25,000 per treatment.)

– BBC interview Interview Dr. Clive Landis (spelling is a guess) Head of Chronic Disease Center University of West Indies. Dr. Landis very skeptical as are other senior UK doctors interviewed … “No evidence of medical benefits from stem cell treatment… beyond contempt”, “Cowboy fringe of medicine”

Those are our quick notes of the BBC Radio documentary The Stem Cell Swindle. Listen to the program yourself here.

Barbados Government Allows Clinic To Make It’s Own Rules

In the world of offshore medical clinics, money and hope are king while government oversight and ethical questions are secondary. That is why clinics like the Institute of Regenerative Medicine locate themselves “offshore” in smaller jurisdictions like Barbados, where they can operate freely – making up their own rules in a country that lacks laws and enforcement about, for instance, the importation of body parts (liquified or not) or the disposal of “medical waste” (discarded body parts – liquified or not).

The Government Of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur has allowed Barbados to become a world destination for trafficking in body parts – an industry that is known to involve organized crime, paying poor Ukrainian women to become pregnant and then aborting… and where there is now evidence of kidnapping and murder of newly born live, healthy babies.


Mr. Prime Minister… What have you done with our country, in the pursuit of filthy money?

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