Greenland Dump – A Disaster In The Making: C.O. Williams Bulldozers Start Work

By Richard Goddard

December 14, 2006

Work started on Wednesday, 13th December, 2006 on the retro-fit of the government garbage dump at Greenland, St Andrew, in the Scotland District National Park. C.O. Williams equipment, including a bulldozer, crawler/dragline, 3 large yellow dump trucks were on site, with the bulldozer and dragline clearing bush. A 40′ container with C.O. Williams’ colours with a yellow chemical toilet, matching Williams’ yellow, was close by. On the east side of the north-east pond, about 100 sq.ft. of coral stone mix forms a type of ramp in the waters of the pond. All 3 ponds are filled with spring/storm water.

Secrecy Surrounds Award Of Construction Contract

To date the Solid Waste Dept. and the Ministry of Health have not announced who was awarded the contract, but C.O. Wiliams’ bid $25 million, and I suspect that we could add another 50% for over-runs, as the main engineer changes their mind during construction. I had put in a bid, but was not advised to attend the opening of the bids, which is the custom. Ricardo Marshall, I.C. Project is asked to explain this shortcoming. R.J. Burnside Engineers of Toronto, Canada carried out the evaluation of the site, designed the retrofit and is supervising the work.

Canadian Engineers Miscalculations Caused Bridge Collapse

This able team is led by Bill Yokam. Stanley Engineers of Edmonton, Canada made the original plans and supervised the construction in 1995, which cost Barbados taxpayers $20 million and another $11 million to re-build roads and the bridge damaged when 40 ton loads were driven over a bridge designed for 8 tons of cane. Luckily no busload of tourists ended up in the Greenland River at the Maynards Bridge, which was badly damaged and collapsed. The resulting Court action if decided in the U.S. Courts of Law, would have crippled Barbados financially, as millions of dollars of damage would have been awarded against the Barbados government, i.e. the Barbadian taxpayer.

Stanley Engineers of Edmonton, now operating as Stantec of Edmonton, did the original design and supervised the construction.

How Much Will The Greenland Dump Cost? … How Many Fish In The Sea?

The only guarantee is that the garbage dump at Greenland will fail, and will cost the Barbados taxpayers over $100 million. The roads leading to and from Greenland are already cracking and breaking up, and historically the landslides have closed roads in the Scotland District for weeks, months and even years. Since 1984 in a study requested by the Barbados government and paid for by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), recommended incineration, which is waste to energy, to generate electricity. In 1982, Barbados produced 350 tons of solid waste daily. In 2006 the solid waste has risen to 1,000 tons daily, rising by 5% annually.

Incineration & Waste-To-Energy Is The Answer, But Government Won’t Even Look At The New Technology

The Inter American Development Bank, which is funding the solid and liquid waste projects in Barbados and when they fail will be responsible or liable. They will no doubt claim diplomatic immunity. On the latter liquid waste, they have not insisted on tertiary treatment, and are only removing the solids. Graeme Hall swamp was contaminated about 2 – 3 years ago when raw sewage was pumped into the swamp and it drained into the sea at Worthing. The Barbados Sanitation Department recommended incineration in 1987, but this has never been implemented by either the BLP or DLP, and they must both take the blame.

No garbage dump at Greenland, no windfarm to generate electricity at Lamberts, St Lucy, which threatens the health and well-being of the residents at Josey Hill.

Incineration/waste to energy is the way to dispose of 1000 tons of solid waste daily in Barbados.


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17 responses to “Greenland Dump – A Disaster In The Making: C.O. Williams Bulldozers Start Work

  1. Bajanboy

    Government should explain their actions. Keeping people in the dark only fuels speculation.

  2. Broke In Bridgetown

    This government will explain nothing. They act like kings of old declaring the law by grand fiat and changing the rules when it suits them.

    Election? BRING IT ON.

  3. Hants

    We have heard Mr.Goddards side of the story. he put in a bid and did not get the contract.

    If what he is saying is not true, William Duguid can ask the appropriate BLP minister or operative
    to tell us the truth about this.

    I would like to suggest Mr.Goddard did not lobby properly for this contract.
    He should have teamed up with a 3 or 4 Canadian companies, hire an experienced lobbyist, created a dazzling presentation so the PM and 4 ministers would attend.
    Then he could have added 50 % on the bid for “other expenses” and he might have won.

  4. missinghome

    COW had it from the start no problem.

    Some things just are.

  5. Lady Anon

    I feel a certain level of apathy coming on as a result of unresolved frustration.

    We talk and talk and complain and complain to what end? Our representatives do nothing, our trade unions do nothing, lets face it our fellow citizens do nothing.

    So what is the point?

  6. missinghome

    When we start making public some of the scams that the government is into, it makes international investors very wary. Whether that will change the govenrment’s attitudes or policy is up for a guess.

  7. Our island is far from perfect, but it is still our Paradise. It is worth fighting for, never giving up hope, always bouncing back with BFP’s help to keep the politicians fearful that we will expose their faux pas. When the election comes we have the chance to vote in a new team and hope they will do better under our watchful eye.

    Meantime it is tedious indeed to make sense out of Government actions. They have ignored recommendations to dispose of our waste by energy-producing incineration; yet turn around and approve plans to grow cane to burn for the same purpose, sugar production itself being a waste of money. It seems contradictory.

    I have always been in favour of wind generated electricity which seems an ideal way for an island with a rich heritage of windmills to take advantage of a natural freeness. But alarms have been sounded that there may be a health hazard, and once this happens, forget it. It might only take the relocation of a handful of nearby residents, something we do quite often, to overcome the problem. But that would be too simple. BL&P is only too glad to have the windpower idea quashed so they don’t have to learn a new technology.

    Meanwhile the rest of the world is galloping ahead with efficient wind farms while we sit around and listen to politicians tell us we can become a First World nation.

    We have been blessed with a tourist industry that up to now has generated enough revenue for Government to play the fool. It cannot continue.
    But apathy will get us nowhere.

  8. well well well

    hey folks lets look at this thing in its true light, our beloved PM has indicated that he would ensure large development projects will be facilitated no matter what cost (opening of apes hill golf course) now here is the picture, Sandy Lane has a number of choice lots for sale which have not come on the market as yet because of the stench from stinkeroo. All the necessary infrastructure is in place just awaiting the closure of stinkeroo. now stinkeroo can only close if Greenland is open up hence the hurry now to have Greenland retrofitted and up and running along with the transfer station at Vaucluse

  9. Rumplestilskin

    Jus Doan Worry:

    We been spending a lot of time
    Building structures a dozen and a dime

    But doan worry, we got de money

    Down Greenland, de experts say
    This cant work, no way
    But we building de ting
    Even if Goddard say it gonna be nuff wasted bling

    But doan worry, we got de money

    Kensington going up faster dan fast
    So de world can see we come to Independence and past
    World Cup hosts all de way
    Looking for the world to praise us and say

    Dey got nuff money, doan worry

    De new Airport expansion
    Now need nuff nuff remediation
    The foreigners that built it
    Tek dem money and move quick quick

    But doan worry, we got nuff money

    We being told cruise ships cyan done
    De golf courses building one on top of one
    Big up people coming to Bim
    To play play and we can grin grin

    So doan worry, we getting nuff money

    We borrowing an borrowing
    De foreign exchange looking thin thin
    Inflation going up every day
    Sugar and agriculture gone away

    But doan worry, we got nuff nuff money

    Doan worry,

    Doan worry

    We got nuff nuff money

    We got nuff nuff money

    Rumplestilskin (c)

  10. M&S

    “The Inter American Development Bank, which is funding the solid and liquid waste projects in Barbados and when they fail will be responsible or liable. They will no doubt claim diplomatic immunity.”

    Your English could do with some work, as well as your understanding of liability and diplomatic immunity under the law.

  11. reality check


    if you ever read the objectives of the IADB and the high falutin? mumbo jumbo of their various objectives and in particular the environmental ones, it would make Mia’s “modalities” speeches look extremely sensible.

    the IADB has become a highly bureaucratic agency
    consisting of member nations with little or no accountability to the notion of common sense and practicality. It doesn’t have the ability or will to say no to projects that piss away millions of taxpayers dollars despite a myriad of expert engineering reports to the contrary.

    In short it has become as corrupt and political as the UN and World Bank

    so while grammar and legal knowledge may be lacking, we all get the message of “diplomatic immunity”.

    Although founded in 1959 on a sound social and economic mandate, the IADB, has in effect, become an untouchable bureaucracy, accountable to no one.

  12. Kathy

    Worrying about grammar in the midst of a potential disaster is equivalent to fiddling while Rome burns!

  13. dont submit

    all this madness will end when one day nature, tired of all the abuse it has endured, lashes out with a hurricane and reclaims its own. all the highways, flyovers, landfills, big exclusive developments and whatever other structures they oppress her with will be demolished.

  14. John

    Believe it or not Greenland is a rezoned Zone 1 area for water.

    Something familiar with somewhere else … and somebody else!!

    …. the question to this answer is “What do Sandy Lane and Greenland have in common?”

  15. Wry Mongoose

    naive writes: “[The BLP] have ignored recommendations to dispose of our waste by energy-producing incineration; yet turn around and approve plans to grow cane to burn for the same purpose.”

    The answer to this apparent conundrum is that this Administration wants to introduce incineration appearing to introdude incineration. If a bagasse/fuel cane burning facility comes about, in ‘2 twos’ you will see some type of co-generation process where the garbage is diverted to said same facility and converted to energy … Why? Because to do otherwise would be idiotic.

    Incidentally, Bermuda – with limited land mass and confronting similar issues has embraced efficient incineration. The byproducts are: energy (straight to the grid), a small amount of ash (used for road building) and very small amount of heavy metals (exported).

  16. Wry Mongoose

    Apologies, the above post should have read: “…wants to introduce incineration without appearing to introduce incineration.”

  17. John


    “Why? Because to do otherwise would be idiotic. ”

    Idiocy is not an option for a Government.

    …. and yet, all of the output from the Sewage waste plant on the South Coast is pumped out to sea and not treated up to tertiary level.

    Why wasn’t the money spent on the supposed desal plant which does not add significantly to the volume of water available on a daily basis spent on treating the effluent?

    Reduce, reuse, recycle!!

    Idiocy ……. maybe maybe not.

    What is the common among Sandy Lane, Greenland and the Desal Plant?