Barbados Environmental Health Obtains First Littering Conviction


Court Gives Serious Sentence: Three Thousand Dollar Fine Or Jail

From Ian Bourne’s Bajan Health Protectors blog…

Justice Prevails Against Illegal Dumping!

Thursday 13th October 2006 was a landmark day for Barbadian environmental history when the department of Environmental Health successfully prosecuted against a person caught littering.

Magistrate Barbara Weekes of District “B” ordered the perpetrator to pay a fine of three thousand dollars forthwith or face time in jail, and a continuous accruement of two hundred dollars per day for every day the fine is not paid.

This eventful decision was made at the Oistins Magistrates Court with the diligent service and invaluable evidence provided via agents of the Randall Phillips…

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OK, Great. What’s Next?

We didn’t quite know how to handle this story when we first heard about it from Ian Bourne. There is a certain cynical humour that resides at Barbados Free Press – especially on a Friday night when the work is done and we might have seen a lime or three passing by. So we cracked open a few more Banks beers and continued with what is euphamistically called our Friday night “editorial” confeerance. (schpelling is a weeeee bit off 2night cause it is editorial conferrance night ya see!)

Robert wanted this piece to be a straight sincere congratulation message to Ian Bourne and his co-workers. Shona said that would never work because everybody would think we were mocking the government for finally getting a conviction for littering after twelve years of doing nothing. Cliverton chimed in via Skype and suggested a full-blown sarcastic article with a faux-transcript of Environment Minister Elizabeth Thompson making an announcement at the United Nations that Barbados has obtained a conviction for littering.

In the end, we decided to simply copy the piece from Ian Bourne’s blog, wish him well and call upon the government to give more resources to the front-line environmental troops.

And that’s what we just did.

Now, darlin’ – how about cracking your man a new beer? Who’s got the cards? I’m feeling lucky tonight!


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3 responses to “Barbados Environmental Health Obtains First Littering Conviction

  1. I won’t joke about this because I think it is great that a first step has been taken- at long last! How can people take seriously a law that is never enforced?

    We must encourage the Min of Health to prosecute many more offenders. Now we know that they have field agents able to take action, let us see them earn their salaries. They deserve our full support.

  2. Just asking

    I agree with Greenage, its no laughing matter. I am pleased to see that the law has been enforced. Now lets do so with the ZR’s.

  3. Bajanboy

    It’s easy to be cynical, but this is very important. After my recent experience with a speeding offence, I can say that the judicial system is a bungling, inefficient mess. Police cannot be bothered to pursue certain matters because they get tied up in the courts and take too long to resolve.