When Sir Allan Fields Is In New York On Private Business, Should He Have An Embassy Car And Driver?


At What Point Does Diplomatic Convention Become Abuse?

During a recent business trip to New York City, Sir Allan Fields was picked up at the airport by an embassy car and driver that took Sir Allan and his business companion to their hotel. After late lunch, the embassy car and driver was used again to transport the two Barbadian businessmen to a private business meeting at a lawyer’s office only 3 blocks from their hotel. The driver was told to wait, and then in the early evening transported Sir Allan and two business associates to a private club for dinner – again being told to wait.

Later that night – around 10:30pm – the embassy driver finished his assigned duties after delivering Sir Allan and his business companion back to their hotel.

According to BFP’s source, this was the first of two such days of embassy car/driver use by Sir Allan on this particular business trip – where Sir Allen never attended at any government facility and was (again according to our source) in New York City for business meetings having to do with his position on the boards of various companies.

“Standard Practice” At Our Embassies

Our source states that Sir Allen is routinely assigned an embassy car and driver just about anywhere in the world he travels where Barbados has any sort of diplomatic mission – even if he is traveling for reasons of private business.

We understand that it is rather common practice to assign an embassy car and driver to “dozens and dozens” of “A List” Barbadians who are traveling for private purposes – including many government members who travel for private reasons (like shopping trips to Miami & New York City).

BFP’s source tells us that a recent internal study showed that when embassy autos and drivers are assigned in New York City, they are being legitimately used for “official” purposes less than 10 percent of the time.

No Accountability, No Transparency – Causes Abuse Of Embassy Cars & Staff

While this article is focusing upon Sir Allan Fields’ use of government resources for private business purposes, it should be clearly understood that Sir Allan is by no means the only person involved. Nor should it be inferred that Sir Allan has personally “demanded” an embassy car and driver for private business. The system has been set up so that Sir Allan and persons like him can “request” a car and staff driver and it is simply done.

HOWEVER… it is Sir Allan that we have specific information on, so we shall focus upon his use of government resources for private purposes…

We Demand That Sir Allan Fields Account For His Private Use Of Embassy Cars and Drivers, And Repay The Costs To Barbados

In any responsible democracy, citizens are able to file requests to see specific public expense records under “Freedom of Information” legislation. Barbados has no such legislation (What a surprise!) but if it did, the Barbados Free Press would request the following…

To Accounting Department, Government of Barbados,

Dear Sir,

Please provide the following public records under Freedom Of Information rules:

1/ Costs for the past five years for embassy drivers and autos, listed by mission, in real dollars and also as a percentage of each embassy’s operating budget.

2/ Names of all persons who have used the embassy autos and drivers for the last five years – listed on a per trip basis with dates and the stated reasons for each use. (Hey… to our diplomatic staffers in New York City… the information is kept in the “drivers’ book” with the blue cover. You know where it is!)

3/ For the last five years: Records of use by Sir Allan Fields, for embassy drivers and autos – listed on a per trip basis with dates and the stated reasons for each use.

Sir Allan Sets An Example For All – But Which Example Will He Set?

Regular readers of the Barbados Free Press know that while we are opposed to opulent spending of tax dollars by elected or career public servants, we do not begrudge them the tools to do their jobs nor do we find fault with them flying business class on government duty. Traveling for work is no pleasure, and as exciting as it sounds to the uninitiated, a two week business trip abroad is demanding and can be exhausting.

So – we don’t have a problem with legitimate and reasonable use of diplomatic cars and drivers for government business. But that’s only 10 percent of the current use!

Sir Allan Fields and others have been using government resources for private business – specifically diplomatic vehicles and drivers.

That’s wrong – but only morally wrong because Barbados has no laws against such pilfering of the tax dollars that you and I pay.

Sir Allan should account in detail for his misuse of government resources and tax dollars, repay the monies, and cease using embassy drivers and cars for private purposes.


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67 responses to “When Sir Allan Fields Is In New York On Private Business, Should He Have An Embassy Car And Driver?

  1. Tom

    What a gross waste of taxpayers money. Now I see why Arthur appointed him to money wasting CBC. The man is an expert at wasting our money. I get to travel very little. With the horrendous new taxes imposed by Noel Lynch at airpport my travel days are over. My salary just cant afford travel and the supermarket. Its one or the other.
    Doesnt Fields own and operate biggest money making business in Barbados? What he need free car,driver for? Moreover he is not an elected member of Parliament or government minister.

  2. Non partisan

    Now THESE are the type of stories you should be writing about!!! Bring on more of them! Of course no one will care about your demands – but c’est la vie.

  3. West Side Davie

    Super story BFP! It is plain to see that some government staff members have sent information to BFP out of frustration.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Bajanboy

    I think you will find this misuse of taxpayers’ dollars throughout government. Even though each incident of misuse might only amount to a few hundred dollars, the fact that it might happen hundred of times a month is a cause for concern.

    Do you remember the day when the government’s purchase of MP1 (a Cadillac if I remember correctly) caused a furore? Now, the amount of BMWs and huge SUVs owned by government is staggering. When the average Barbadian can barely afford a Skoda or a Kia, such largesse is unacceptable. I would love to see a list of cars owned or leased by government.

  5. g-licky

    Why did we read this here and not at The Nation or Advocate newspapers?

    I know the answer, but I just had to ask.

  6. Hants

    First World Barbados can afford to have its first world citizens travel in style. Right?

  7. RRRicky

    First world Barbados can afford to have its first world citizens travel in style while the third world citizens back home have to buy more rice and less meat.

  8. De Orginal

    I say again Accountability, Integrity and Transparency. If this story is true I now understand why the country cant afford to pay the civil servants better salaries. I have published the definitions in an other post but they are so relevant to this one will do it again.

    Accountability – the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.
    Responsibility to someone or for some activity .

    Integrity- adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

    Transparency – The full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information.

  9. passin thru

    I am so tired of those so-called VIPs stealing from our pockets while we work so hard and pay so much for everything

  10. Islandgirl

    Who else do this? How many times? Tiefs tiefs tiefs tiefs!!!!

  11. Jerome Hinds

    Well this is the kind of graft St. Lucians just voted against. I am surprised that we Barbadians seem prepared to let these filthy practices continue. No wonder we cannot get a break in our taxes – the collected monies – are what are used by this corrupt government to prop up the financial extravagance of themselves and lackies!!

    St. Lucians stood up and put a stop to the rot. Are we Bajans going to listen to Mascoll “the great betrayer” and keep the BLP in power?

    Wake up and think my people, Rome is burning!

  12. Amazing……..This is indeed the kind of reporting that we need more of. I cannot see how the BLP can overcome, the difficulty of winning a fourth term, the perception and reports of corruption, the refusal to speak to Barbadians about their concerns, the willing to name call Barbadians for their views on real concerns. I continue to think that they are facing a results that is going to be worst than any in our history.

    But tell me, is there a difference between Sir Allen Fields public fleecing, and the CBC multichoice fleecing by other goverment members that he is cleaning up? What is the difference? Both are using tax payer funded services and products for personal use.

  13. ross

    The word is kleptocracy!

  14. Hants

    RRRicky “more rice less meat” is good but you have to add vegetables to replace the meat if you want to be healthy.

    The Government wants you to be healthy. Too much disposable income would cause the masses to waste their money on unhealthy food.

    New BLP slogan ” Less money, Better health”, and better representation Overseas.

  15. akabozzik

    Shame on Mr. Fields.

    The SIR thing he does abuse,
    The SIR thing I will not use!

  16. reality check

    this country needs a solid perspective of where it really stands in the world?

    It is the size of a small or medium sized town in North America or the UK and yet it has diplomatic missions or a bureaucracy that is worthy of a country ten times its size.

    At the same time as it has great difficulty in paying its bills and making its government payrolls, it has a collection of self entitled “pigs at the trough” spending the peoples money like drunken sailors.

    so much for leading with integrity

  17. Wuh Loss

    You all like you sleeping. You aint know the knight fuh true. Why you don’t ask howcum his son got the contract to distribute all soft drinks and Pine Hill juices when he was CEO of BS&T.

    When I hear him talk ’bout contracts at CBC I want to puke. He knows all about contracts.

    Ask him who owns the trucks that haul the beer between Wildey and Newton or who owns the sign company that provides all BS&T signage or where he got the supplies to build his nice new house at Stepney and which account he charged the goods to.

    Oh and ask him if Bajans are soon going to be paying Cable & Wireless for their MCTV service.

    And I could go on.

    But most of all ask him if his special friend at the New York mission organises his transport for him when he is in the Big Apple

  18. J

    Whus Loss please go on you know the thing! a Knighthood cost B&ST $250,000. but there is one more honour to come, from UWI.

  19. Jupiter

    Lord,Lord Please,P..L..E..A..S..E.. Help Us in Barbados.

    Save us O lord from Ali Baba and the thieves.Shut Up the doors of the treasury like you shut up the mouth of the lion like that in Daniel in the Lion’s Den.

    Destroy them like you did those in Sodom And Gomorah.

    Cause your people to rise up like the israelites who were in bondage in Egypt.

    And all the people say: yea

  20. Jupiter

    The above prayer is what is now known as ‘THE New Bajan Prayer”.

  21. Broke In Bridgetown

    my wife she crys all last night. Work hard every day for nothing at the end of the week. we pay the tax an Sir Big Shot Man take our money.

  22. I feel rather sorry for Sir Allan being hit on like this. He is not by nature a piggy, but a hardworking guy who has done well and now finds himself with pseudo-ambassadorial status as Jefe of the Private Sector.

    I doubt he would have demanded the red carpet treatment if it was not volunteered. But I am sure he enjoys it.

    Can we expect him to turn down all the treats and say “Allya wasting de people money”? Fat chance!

  23. Richard

    I hope Mister Privatise Everything the one and only Dick Stoute does not avail himself of government largesse like Fields. As posters know Stoute wants all Bajans to travel on privatised ZRs.Hard to believe but its true. Stoute the private sector guru wants to privatise Transport Board and QEH, sell off CBC, make everybody pay for education, and on and on. I sincerely trust that he does not drive around in airconditioned limo luxury compliments our taxpayers money when he is at conferences in Miami or wherever.
    these fellows go to talk to Tony’Clock’Best. Now that would be height of hypocrisy.

  24. Jupiter

    Owen Arthur is going to destroy this country just like how he destroyed the Bauxite industry in Jamaica.

    He is like a demon sent from hell intent on doing what he wants regardless of the cost to the people of this country.

    One of the areas of my concern is the wonderful disposition of the barbadian people and the characteristics that we were admired for are now being tainted by the presence of these scheming guyanese riff-raff,the vincy druggies and the jamaican low lifers.

    Can the average tourist visiting from North America or Europe tell who is bajan or not when they are confronted by some offensive behaviour by these non-nationals?Certainly not,so eventually b’dos status as a 5 star destination will be eventually lowered,while muscle mary Lynch will be enjoying his plantation.

    Look at Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana is this what we want our country to turn into?

    Trinidad businessmen with their corrupt unscruplous business practices taking over our private sector.

    I believe in another ten years we will not recognise this sweet paradise anymore.

    Hopefully David Thompson will take a page out of Manning’s book and ensure that these thiefs are prosecuted and not destroy this country and then spend out their years enjoying their ill-gotten gains in Miami.

    To whom much is given much will be expected David Thompson.

  25. Just asking

    Oh Pandora!! You haven’t got a clue. You need to listen to “Wuh Loss”….check it. you will see.

  26. Jupiter


    I didnot think I would have to think this far less say it but it seems to me that this ‘awaiting moderation’ is becoming heavy handed but unnecessary censorship,and this is sad.

    Seems to me we are back to the nation and VOB type censorship.
    Issues that are raised here are generally what’s already out there in the public.For example what wuh loss has said was known by a lot of us.

    Earlier a couple weeks ago I sent a post asking readers to contemplate what can happen when as in the case of Barbados a prime minister has the power to appoint judges.Would those said judges be sympathetic to the Prime minister if he for e.g. is brought before the courts on corruption charges.
    That post never came through according to the note it was being moderated.

    I hope bfp is not flattering to deceive.This is why some of us take the time to bring things to readers attention,and like me try not to go overboard.

    Awaiting moderation is coming up too much,and then you see other posts on the same subject being posted after yours.What’s up?

    Be careful please.

  27. BFP

    While there might be some truth to Pandora’s take on things, without transparency we won’t know if Sir Allan’s use of tax money for private business purposes is limited to embassy sedans – or if he has made millions through hidden side deals with his cronies in government.

    Not accusing him of side deals – just saying we will never know without transparency legislation.


  28. Jupiter


    Wasn’t Allan Fields also made a couple of years ago honourary consul or some such non-resident ambassadorial position to China?

    Questions were also raised as to why he still held this position even though he was made an Independent senator.
    Also how can he be “independent” and be given these gov’t appointments e.g chairman of CBC board,and these privileges spoken about.

  29. ross

    I do not think we will hear a peep from Sir Allan just like we have not heard a peep from Gline Clarke.

  30. Bajan Wave Rider

    I think BFP should check their embassy source again – I think you may find that you have been duped by someone with an axe to grind against Sir Allan. I agree with Pandora this guy has worked hard for what he’s achieved. And there are people like Wuh Loss who spread sheer rot! Get your facts straight. Sir Allan’s son operates a vending machine business which competes with other vending machine companies on the island supplying the same product. B&B Distribution, a Banks Holdings company, is the entity that handles all distribution of soft drinks and juices. Also Sir Allan does not own any sign company on this island – check the registrar and see. You obviously have something against the man’s success.

  31. Broke In Bridgetown

    BFP did not say that Sir Allen owned any sign company on the island.

    It said that Sir Allen was in New York City on private business and was supplied with an Embassy car and driver.

    Is that true, or not?

  32. BFP

    Jupiter said…


    I didnot think I would have to think this far less say it but it seems to me that this ‘awaiting moderation’ is becoming heavy handed but unnecessary censorship,and this is sad.”

    Hi Jupiter

    Consider the following before you get too upset about comments going to moderation. If we didn’t have this system of reviewing comments, there would be thousands of commercial spam comments posted on the blog.

    Please cut us some slack and understand that moderation is nothing to do with censorship – its about avoiding thousands of commercial advertisements posing as comments.

    This is how the spam and comments are separated…

    We don’t have a lot of control over what is sent for moderation and what is not. The WordPress.com people have set up an algorithm to weed out naughty words and commercial spam.

    Sometimes it flags comments from you and others because it picks up on certain phrases, words or even IP ranges. (ie: it knows that certain IP ranges send a lot of spam)

    When the computer programme is “sure” that the post is spam, it is sent to a spam pile where it is looked at by BFP’s lazy part-time editors when they get home from work.

    When the computer programme is “unsure” as to whether a comment is spam, it sends it for moderation – and once again we get to it when we get home.

    You must understand that we have to look at TWO or THREE HUNDRED spam emails a day that are either in the moderation or spam lists. We have to pick out your comment from a list of “comments” that are really spam adverts for viagra, online gambling, sex sites and weight loss pills.

    This is just the reality of running a popular blog nowdays – when you get popular, the spammers try to post their adverts to reach your readers.

  33. BFP

    Also… Jupiter said…

    “Earlier a couple weeks ago I sent a post asking readers to contemplate what can happen when as in the case of Barbados a prime minister has the power to appoint judges.Would those said judges be sympathetic to the Prime minister if he for e.g. is brought before the courts on corruption charges.
    That post never came through according to the note it was being moderated.”

    Hi Jupiter.

    Thanks for contributing – but if it didn’t get posted, it means it dropped into the spam line and we missed it. Like I said…. 300 or 400 per day and sometimes we miss one.

    So… in the case of a lengthy post, please keep a copy of it so you can re-post it if we foul up – or email it to us and we will either post it for you or use it as the basis for a story.

    We appreciate your comments and very seldom refuse to publish any comment entirely. (Rotten language or an “I hate Jews” or “I hate Whites/blacks whatever” will get censored – but I’m hard pressed to think of anything else we have refused to publish)


  34. Bajan Wave Rider

    Heh Broke In Bridgetown, I was refering to Wuh Loss comments not BFP. But I will say BFP should double check the validity of their embassy source to make sure they are not being used for someone else’s agenda.

  35. Richard

    Talking to you Bajan Wave Rider.Why dont you just go surf at Cattlewash. On your way say hi to folks in Highgate Gardens.

  36. Wuh Loss & Jupiter-
    I would never assume a white knight would not be a crook. But I would expect the man who was handpicked out of Banks to be CEO of the nation’s largest corporate entity to be both very smart and have integrity.

    I would also expect him to be well enough remunerated not to have to stoop to tactics that did not bear scrutiny, even if what he got was a fraction of the multimillion dollar package U.S. CEO’s get.

    So while a person in his position is bound to attract rumour, I would need hard facts before I believed the worst. If he is a piggy at the trough, he is the one whom I would least expect to be hogging more than his fair portion.

    So far as I know it is not a conflict of interest for a senator to be an Hon Consul, which, as it says, it an honorary post. Nor is it wrong for an Independent to be chairman of CBC. To the contrary we would howl bloody murder if such an appointee was NOT politically independent.

    If I am wrong, I will feel disappointed.

  37. Jupiter

    To BFP

    Thanks a million for your clarification re the ‘awaiting moderation’comment.

    It has been fully explained and so now I know not to be concerned when I see it happening.

    Thanks ever so much.

  38. It is perfectly normal for a blogsite to have a moderator and I am reassured that BFC has one. I was getting to think any old crap would flash up there, and that I would have to watch what I imbibed. It may also persuade those who feel marginalised that BFP has a filter which, to all appearances, works well. Blog on.

  39. isabelle

    Thank you BFP for this article. We need much more information like this to be disseminated to the public. What is sad is that this is just the surface of the corruption and wastage of taxpayers money that goes on at ALL of the Barbados embassies abroad. The amount of wastage and stealing and corruption is unimaginable. The most recent example was the independence activities I mentioned recently in another post and even this pales in comparison to the other stealing and corruption that happens.

  40. J

    pandora you are wrong,Allan Fields helped himself along the way. Yes he worked hard but….
    Check the facts see why he left B&LP find out how a gm could build 4 houses 3 in Durants. Yes he awarded his son the vending business from BDI & BBC check the facts. One of the Union Reps once asked him if he wanted all for himself. Do some checking and there is a lot to be found out.

  41. tip of the iceberg

    it is bad enough that people in leadership roles remain silent as the basic rights of individuals are
    trampeled on, it is quite another to see that others actively participate and profit from the corruption

    what price as been paid for this humble and obedient servant of the BLP and the PM?

    there is no excuse for violation of the peoples trust and money simply because someone worked hard!!!

  42. De Orginal

    @ Pandora I from your comment realise you are not living in Barbados and if you are you must be in a different one to the one the rest of us live in. In your last post you made reference to business practices in Barbados. These traditionally have not been done with smarts, integrity, accountablity and transparency. I dare anyone to refute that.

  43. Rumplestilskin

    A lot of people have worked and continue to work hard. All of us do, who pay substantial taxes.

    The point is, due to the preferential treatment, knighthood etc that have been bestowed, Fields is obviously a government ‘consultant’, while being Chairman of a number of private entities.

    That alone may not be inappropriate if you need private entity ideas and input into effective policy.
    However, it shows just how integral and how ‘in’ he is to current Government policy.

    It is however a conflict of interest to have him Chairman of CBC, a major Government entity, while he is also Chairman of a number of private entities.

    One question, if such preferential treatment above (foreign embassy cars) are in fact granted to such as Fields, I do hope that those such as our former PM Erskine Sandiford and other former government figures who have worked for many years without substantial reward (assuming they have worked with only their government salaries)are also granted such, for their service over the years, while such as Fields were making themselves rich in private enterprise.

    I have no problem with private enterprise, or someone making themselves rich, but the scenario described above is a bit like having your cake and eating it too.

  44. John

    Isn’t there a Social Partnership in Barbados and didn’t Sir Allen and his lot belong?

    Just asking!

    A partnership is like a company and its assets are utilised for the good of the partnership by its directors …. sorry partners.

  45. Wuh Loss

    Pandora & Bajan Wave Rider

    Wunna think we is idiots. Yuh name dont have to be on a paper at the Registry to own something in Barbados. Oh, and BWR I notice you chose not to answer who owns the trucks that haul the beer. But that ain’t all ask the white knight if he didn’t organise a lil something from the overseas company that used to supply the Brewery with beer bottles when he was at Banks.

    I aint got nothing against a man working hard and being successful. But I have NO respect for those who abuse their positions to feather their own nests.

    I know BFP always on about corruption among politricians, but you all should check out some elements in the private sector and the civil service. I hardly recognise my country anymore. Everybody on a fast track, short cut route to fame, influence and riches. It totally disgusts me. Remember that there can be no corrupt politricians if there are no corrupt bribe offering counterparts in the private sector. So don’t blame the politricians alone.

  46. Jupiter

    Wuh Loss

    You cooking with some good gas.Keep it up .Be relentless and fearless.

    When the history of this country is written this period – 1994 -2007 – 8? will be the darkest days of Barbados.

    It will be recorded as the time Barbados lost its innocence,when the ‘politics of inclusion’ legitimise the naked greed of politicians and professionals,when morality became passe.

    Who would have thought in 1994 when owen arthur was being heralded as the best thing since sliced bread,that we were really ushering the era of ‘thievin’ politicians’.

  47. De Orig, Wuh Loss & Jup

    OK, you claim to have hard facts, so I am disappointed and disillusioned. In any small society is “who ya know” that counts, for sure. But smarts, integrity, accountability and transparency sure help. Do you really think you can’t do well here without being a crook? That is a dismal view and I hope inaccurate.

  48. BFP- You have demanded of Sir A. F. that he accounts for his use of embassy cars and drivers and repays the cost to Barbados.

    Was this intended as empty rhetoric, or does he read this blogsite? If not do you think his associates may have passed on word? Please let us know if you get any defense of his actions, won’t you.

  49. BFP

    Naive said…

    “BFP- You have demanded of Sir A. F. that he accounts for his use of embassy cars and drivers and repays the cost to Barbados.

    Was this intended as empty rhetoric, or does he read this blogsite? If not do you think his associates may have passed on word?”

    Hi Naive

    We know that various members of Cabinet read our blog, including the Prime Minister, Dr. Duguid, Liz Thompson, Senator Eastmond and a host of others – many of whom post on Barbados Free Press. We are told by Dr. Duguid and others that the PM reads BFP on virtually a daily basis – sometimes more when a hot item is at the top.

    We also have technical means of seeing where our visitors are coming from – sometimes generally (ie a region of the world) and sometimes in a highly specific manner… so yes, we see lots and lots of visitors who have the ability to react officially to anything we have posted.

    As we have also stated on numerous occasions, if anyone finds anything inaccurate about anything on this blog, or they wish to take issue with anything we have said about them or anything – all they have to do is post a comment, or send us an article. We will post their response unedited so the same audience that read the original BFP piece can read their response.

    Many people have posted responses on BFP – including at least two members of Cabinet, so we have no doubt that Sir Allen Fields will already be aware of this article.

    Certainly, members of the Government of Barbados are already aware of the contents. Someone may have already commented about this article on the Government of Barbados’ BLP Blog, although I haven’t checked on that as yet.

  50. rumours

    BFP and those who participate on this blog, including myself, speak mostly about politicians and corrpution. However, in order for them to do their nasty work, the politicians also need to have some of the civil servants in their corner, either joining in the stealing, saying nothing, turning their faces etc. They need to be held accountable just like the politicians and all of them locked away in prison.

  51. BFP

    Hello rumours

    You are quite correct. And that is why our “Piggies At The Trough” award is open to “… the Barbados politician or civil servant who, in the opinion of the judges, best misuses position, political contacts or internal knowledge to benefit self, family or friends.”

    Barbados needs some good people who work in the civil service to come forward – even anonymously – to direct public attention to abuses.

  52. Jerome

    Anyone know a Rodney Wilkinson?

  53. Out Dey in Bim

    Anyone know a hallam Niccolls,a David Shorey,a Peter Harris?

  54. Wry Mongoose

    I am an advocate of freedom of speech, and if Sir Allan getting rides in an embassy vehicle amounts to ‘abuse’ … then BFP has a right to present it as an issue. However, I have to agree with BWR and label this, and allegations of C & W conspiracy as diversionary – in the context of what he is trying to achieve at CBC. If what was printed in the ‘less-free’ press is factual, then getting a ‘hobbyclass’ ride while on business in NY is mocksport compared to the level of corruption that obtained at our lone station. I submit that we need to stay focused on that apple cart.

  55. Wry Mongoose

    I do not know what ‘Out dey in Bim’ has to say about Hallam Niccolls, David Shorey and Peter Harris – but the trepidation with which he mentions their names seems out of sync with the diatribe on Fields. Why not elaborate? Could it be that Sir Allan is a soft target because he is white and in view. To be a truly effective Rasputin you cannot operate in the public eye like Sir Allan – yardfowlism has to be practiced in the still of night. PS I am a black bajan … so fellow blogger Richard can refrain from telling me to pass by Highgate Gardens to lime!

  56. Bajan Wave Rider

    Oh Come On Richard, you can hide your prejudice better than that! Why not try a more subtle approach and mask your true agenda.

  57. De Orginal

    I hope the original post is not true. If so all Bajans should demand some one account for it. Today’s Nation Newspaper explains it all. Check the link

    http://www.nationnews.com/story/375338690774949.php. This is first world Barbados.

  58. Jupiter

    While reading the Advocate on line I discovered that Allan Fields is also an ‘independent director’ of First Caribbean Bank.

    This is begining to trouble me.The whole question of interlocking directorship needs to be explored more.

    Since I can’t expect the Nation,Advocate or VOB to do it,maybe one of the contributors with knowledge in the area can send a piece to BFP dealing with interlocking directorship in B’dos and the implications.

    So you mean to tell me if ms Leacock having now received her pay out decides to join with someone in a business that competes with a service CBC is providing,and approaches First Caribbean,that she might just butt up on Mr Fields who might have some choice words to say to that and can actually influence whether she is successful or not?


  59. Rumplestilskin

    Point Jupiter. And if one felt victimised in some way due to a past business relationship gone sour for example, it would be difficult to appeal to the ombudsman or seek legal recourse as action is taken may be very subtle and ‘behind the scenes’.

    But, interlocking directorships are not the only concern. Conflicts of interests between private and public positions are of concern.

    I expect that in directorships in Barbados, there are names that keep appearing. In some cases, due to business acumen. In some cases the persons are no ‘great shakes’ and it would appear to be because these guys are ‘the boys club’ and have the connections to get these directorships.

    I will say that (you may not like this), the persons that have recently been appointed to the CBC board are generally quite clever and I would think independent (aside from the conflict between public and private interests re Sir Allan and aside from the existing political appointees re Griffith).

  60. ross

    “I will say that (you may not like this), the persons that have recently been appointed to the CBC board are generally quite clever and I would think independent (aside from the conflict between public and private interests re Sir Allan and aside from the existing political appointees re Griffith).”

    I think there is very little difference between this lot and the last.

  61. Juking Board

    Rumple who are these new clever people? You already ruled out Fields the free car man( when does he sleep with all those directorships and chairmanships? ) and political hack Griffith.

    It would be good if we the people who subsidise CBC with our taxes can be informed what are the goals, objectives…strategic plan, of the new CBC board. I dont anticipate any change in philosophy or programming whatsoever.

  62. Sir AF is an astute businessman whose experience would be valuable on most boards. He is likely to be careful to avoid any conflict of interest knowing he has BFP bloggers on his tail.

    If anyone can answer the riddle how CBC, which should be making good money, requires taxpayer subsidy, he should be the man.

  63. Embassy

    How is it that only certain people in this country can do as they like and then prade on our television sets about cuttting expenses and trimming losses.When will this bloody corruption stop.

  64. Embassy

    I wonder if Owen has recovered from those bouts of morality checks that he was given on Sunday night at the DLP’s public meeting. It is clear that David Thompson has been taking his diet serious and is ready to do battle.He has inspired alot of us young people out here.

  65. True Native

    Naive, you sure are NAIVE.

  66. True Native- I think you mean “WERE naive.”

    Check the date. (Many facts come out since then)