Who Has Shares In Barbados “Pierhead Project Investors Inc.” ?

Once there was a little piggy who went to market…

We have to be off to work now, but we’ll leave you with a little teaser of a headline.

Let the contest begin…


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14 responses to “Who Has Shares In Barbados “Pierhead Project Investors Inc.” ?

  1. ivan taylor

    The pierhead project is fine but are we suppose to continue spending money in this direction when our health care system falls to the wayside and is in shambles, also the dire state or our argriculture industry, we cant even feed our people.

    I thought we had overcome or have we just come over. Come on we are now 40 years old and we are independent should we not consider taking care of our people first, we already see that we can’t even take care of the plants in those pots around bridgetown and we spending more money in areas that realy can do with it but alas we should be spending on services.

    A proude people are we when we can stone our national bird in the bridgetown on the eve of our 40th year, boy we have come a long way.

    Lets keep redecorating Bridgetown so that we can keep our public focused on looking in the oposite direction.

    Sorry I did not stick to the point but as a bajan it sickens me to see how our Government think they know what we want. Bridgetown needs developement, sure! but all this spending should run side by side with impovements in our health care system our transport system as well as a massive re-farming programme.

    Thats me out fu now, ya hear.

  2. Jason

    It sounds like there is a piggy at the trough somewhere!

  3. Jane

    As the largest proposed golf project in Barbados Kingsland has to have attracted the greediest piggies.

    They SWEAR it never happened.

    You want to see piggies? Let me show you piggies!

    Check page 17 of the Barbados National report 2000/2001 on the Organization of American States website prepared for the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI) and the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

    Click to access Barbados%20Report.PDF

    And while you are at it, check page 21 of the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce Barbados Projects List document 2003 prepared by theBritish High Commission office in Barbados

    Click to access barbadosprojects2003.pdf

  4. Crusty

    On December 13th, 2006 at 12:41 pm, Jane

    “As the largest proposed golf project in Barbados Kingsland has to have attracted the greediest piggies. …”

    Well, I checked your references and fail to see
    anything that clearly identifies “piggies”.

    Kingsland is identified as a potential golf course
    site in 2000. As you might be aware, there is no
    golf course there at the moment. There is no clear
    indication that it is a Town and Country Planning
    approved project. I think a 90 hole golf course
    would be bigger than Sandy Lane.

    As stated in the British Chamber of Commerce
    report, under state of play, “At a standstill (project
    approved by former GOB in August 1992; project
    agreement signed with original developers in
    September 1994; new developers unlikely to pursue

  5. Jane

    Funny thing Crusty, it never happened. What you read was all in your imagination.

    Read it again.

  6. Crusty

    On December 14th, 2006 at 2:23 am, Jane said:

    “Funny thing Crusty, it never happened. What you
    read was all in your imagination.”

    My imagination is very active but has yet to
    result in documents of such riveting interest.

    Can you please explain what I missed?

  7. Jane

    Exactly what I said, you missed nothing at all. Thanks for putting me right.

  8. ross

    Crusty should ask Owen what he missed. Ask Owen Crusty and let us know.

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  10. Wishing in Vain

    Can anyone believe that this is going to be another BOLT project everything in this island is now merely bolted together.

  11. John


    As if we did not have enough worries, we also have to worry about the NUTs at the end of the BOLTs.

  12. J. Payne

    I can’t remember which company I saw but one company in Barbados was boasting on their website that they have a part to play in the Pierhead project.

    I trying to think now…

    It might have been that government website:

    maybe it was Barbados Shipping and Trading or Banks or something so. Gimme time I’ll post when I remember. But they said in no uncertain terms right upfront that they were a major contributor to the Pierhead project.

  13. J. Payne

    Bingo BS&T says they’re a major player as seen on.


  14. Thistle

    John: I swear to God you are Mr. Philosopher!