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Barbados Moves Into 20th Century – Will Now Have Road Signs!

Updated December 8, 2011

Welcome New York Times readers!

For some wonderful reason, New York Times journalist Stephen Heyman linked to this post in his delicious new Dispatch | Eating in Barbados.

Cuz’s Fish Shack gets mention right up there with Cin Cin by the Sea too. Yummy!

Our original post first published December 12, 2006…


Happy And Proud People Stand In Front Of New Road Sign

These days as a Bajan citizen, it is so difficult to not be negative about how things are going in our country – and in this respect, we at the Barbados Free Press are no different than most other people. The only difference is that we have a soap box to stand on.

We are torn between being grateful for whatever life gives us – family, friends – the little moments that make life enjoyable – and the realization that we always seem to have to settle for second or third best – as individuals and as a country.

Understanding this, perhaps our readers will forgive us for pointing out the total absurdity of Minister of Public Works Gline Cline standing in front of a green-painted roadsign like it is some triumph of civilization and good government. The photograph appears in the Barbados Advocate (link here) and in the Nation News (link here). Continue reading


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