Barbados Government Party BLP Blog – 2 Weeks Since Last Post


Dare We Say… Like All Government Projects?

It has now been two weeks since the last post on the Government of Barbados’ ruling party’s BLP Blog. As we said on December 7th in our post Barbados Government BLP Blog Dying A Slow Death?

“I wonder if they are losing interest in their blog – or has two-way communication with Bajan citizens turned out to be more of a handful than the BLP expected?”


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17 responses to “Barbados Government Party BLP Blog – 2 Weeks Since Last Post

  1. Hants

    The conversations with the Nations have ended till after CWC2007.
    The BLP operatives are busy planning how to maximise the profitability of CWC. They all fuh “world” cup.

  2. reality check

    doubt if the public was beating a path to the BLP
    blog—cricket is going to be milked with the local media having tons of the peoples money used to spin the incredible international status of the PM and his cohorts—we all need lots of gravol while our pockets are being picked

    in the meantime BLP operatives will be used to attack the BFP site—if they can’t do anything positive themselves with their own site they might as well try and destabilize the only source of real and uncensored news in Barbados

    the plot is about the only thing transparent in Barbados and extremely stale and uncreative to boot

  3. Jerome Hinds

    The writing is on the wall for this despicable lot (BLP). So it is with this administration and all others the world over as they begin the rapid descent from their halcyon heights – AFTER YEARS YEARS OF DECEPTION. The problem with this one (BLP) is that thousands of Barbadians – BLP supporters included – believed Minister Thompson when she said that $50,000 houses would be ready by 2005 for Barbadians starved for decent houses. 2007 is days away NO SUCH HOUSES YET!

    Sunday Sun Dec 10th 2006 reports – residents in Fontabelle and Dayrells road are upset about unfinished roads that were promised to be completed in 8 – 12 weeks respectively – 8 months later in Dayrells road far from complete!

    And the sad record of this pathetic administration as it pertains to the life and businesses of ordinary citizens can be sited in many more examples around the country!

    Alas, match this against the response for big businesses – Supercentre Warrens gets a bus service in a jiffy – poor folks in Laminnngs and Pie corner still waiting for one!

    Cricket world cup get money by the mouthful – what becomes of it after 28th April 2007? While the unfortunate folks in Emmerton have been pleading for relief from the stench generated by the sewage plant! I guess the rastaman should look out for the shortman (Owen ) to pass his way soon with another pat on the head !

    Property developers on the West course getting planning approval at the sound of their voices – even where Zone 1 issues have been raised. The poor folks in Welchman Hall and Bryan’s road St. Thomas are right to be fuming! Well, their representative is not too fussed – because she has been turning up ? or not turning up to meetings to discuss their plight!

    And so it it is friends, this government no longer care about the disadvantage or less fortunate like they do for their upscale cohorts – no wonder they are paying no attention to their blog!!!

    Their only intention is to fleece the treasury, sell off the land before the electorate presumably put a holt to this chicanery- Let us hope that by then it is not too late!!!!!

    Stay awake and be vigilante, comrades!!

  4. BFP

    I see that as of Sunday morning, 10th, BLP slapped up another of their newspaper columns after two weeks of nothing.

    The BLP blog has just become a website that repeats the BLP newspaper column with little original commentary or dialogue with readers. Too bad.


  5. Hants

    Reality check says “in the meantime BLP operatives will be used to attack the BFP site.”

    Let them attack all they want. We who care about Barbados will continue to defend freedom of speech on this blog.

    BFP is giving us a voice and we will use it to highlight serious issues in Barbados.

  6. William Duguid

    Dear Robert my friend,
    Give us a chance we have been away for 2 weeks and we are now getting our thoughts together on the next post.

  7. William Duguid

    By the way Robert is the picture on the banner a picture of Barbados and if it is can you tell me where it is as it does not look like Barbados to me.

  8. BFP

    Hi Doctor Duguid

    It is good to see you back from where-ever you have been. I didn’t realise that the BLP Blog was a one-man job, so I’m sorry for taunting the blog a bit as everyone needs a break now and then. We have 3 peoples posting and still we miss a day sometime.

    header photo I think is around north point but not right at. In the early days of BFP Marcus put it up and we have wanted to put something more identifiable with Bim ever since but nobody has time is seems.

    We could use a collage (right word? wrong spelling) about Barbados for the header. m’be some reader with photoshop could make one?


  9. Velzo

    Again, Willie is deceptive, unbelievable and lacks credibility. What one man job?
    But this article in the Jamiaca Gleaner is interesting. It should be posted on the BLP site:

    Religion, sex and politics

    Barbara Gloudon
    Friday, December 01, 2006

    Barbara Gloudon
    PEOPLE committed to the ideal of Caribbean unity have been heard to complain that our local media fail to give coverage to news of substance from the rest of the Caricom community. There can be all kinds of responses to this, ranging from excuses of limitations of space to disinterest.

    Between Monday and Tuesday this week, some headlines of happenings in other areas of the Caribbean held my interest and could hold yours too. One story was from Barbados. It reported Prime Minister Owen Arthur as telling his people that “the church and religion would be central to decisions which his administration makes, including how it deals with contentious issues such as same-sex unions and prostitution.”

    Mr Arthur is quoted as saying, “Our constitution speaks of a nation that recognises the supremacy of God, hence, there is an important role for the church to play in sustaining and supporting its constitutional role.” Nobody is reported as asking the prime minister what happens if and when the church were to disagree with the government, would they be dishonouring their “constitutional role”?

    Mr Arthur is further quoted as stating, “The church is at the centre of life for most Barbadians. It has a vital role to play in bringing the spiritual, moral and practical role to play in issues that affect us all.” One could be led to believe that Mr Arthur was setting the stage for ecclesiastical backative in matters like the debate about the decriminalisation of homosexuality and prostitution, which are being seen by health authorities as part of the strategy to fight the discrimination associated with HIV/AIDS.

    I’m as pro-church as Mr Arthur but I sang no Alleluias on reading all the above. Once again, it seems to me, that a politician is co-opting the church for what else but political gain. I always get squeamish when I hear politicians setting the agenda for the church, in the name of God and morals and in keeping with whatever is the pressure point of the day. The church gets little notice when the political heat is not on. Fact is, right now, the homosexuality and prostitution issues are hot on political agendas as the Caribbean prepares to play host to World Cup Cricket.

    The prostitution issue is particularly hot-hot, as somewhere along the way it is being implied that the region should be able to fulfil the fantasies of the thousands (to hear some talk, maybe millions), who are expected to flock to the blue Caribbean next year in search not only of cricket but sun, sand, sea and sex (the more the better).

    If moral values are to be turned upside down, the Barbadian prime minister has already co-opted the church, imbuing it with constitutional responsibility as well as their moral remit. There was no word in the newspaper incidentally on the response of “church leaders, social commentators and civil society, gathered for a one-day national consultation on societal issues”.

    IN REFERENCE to the forum at which Mr Arthur spoke, remember when we had such national-sharing events? Remember the big one at the Conference Centre during Mr Patterson’s four-term tenure? Remember how some in the wider society scoffed and jeered while others maintained that such consultations could make a difference? Where did all that hope go? What happened to the confidence which once motivated us to lead in ways that others now follow? But I digress.

    Anyway, like I said, I get nervous when politicians lecture the church, telling it “what it ought to have done and what it has left undone”. I get even more nervous when the church falls for it and buys into what is being fed to them. Mr Arthur is no fool. He knows full well that as the pressure builds on hot-button issues like homosexuality and prostitution, it is a wise government which has the church on its side.

  10. Hants

    Fellow bloggers, please visit the BLP blog.

    We also need Adrian (Loveridge) to explain the “truths” in Mr. Lynch’s numbers.

    I am amazed at Mr.Lynch’s “accuracy?” in showing the increases in the $$$ spent by Tourists this year.

    Because I love Barbados I hope Junior Barney is right and Tourist dollars flowing.

  11. Hants

    Welcome back William.

    As I said on your site. I am looking forward to seeing you as leader of the opposition after the next Election.

  12. William Duguid

    Dear Hants,

    Thanks for your vote of confidence but I will not be the leader of the opposition after the next election because I have no intention whatsoever of joining the DLP ha ha ha.

  13. Hants

    Hi William, predictable answer but trust me, the DLP will win and you will be best BLP candidate left so leader of the opposition BLP will be yours.

  14. Olden Claw

    Ohhohohoho! ….where?

  15. Jerome Hinds

    Jerome Hinds
    December 12th, 2006 at 2:28 pm
    The St. Lucian election resultsis a lesson on the horizon for Clyde “the great betrayer” Mascoll. How else can you describe a man who derisively chided the BLP on issues with a great deal of justification and evidence. The BLP in turn did nothing to amend the wrongs/ills that Mascoll pointed out – but through Political Negrocratism he accepts a Cabinet post from the pimp Owen Arthur and immediately get “locked Jaws” no more talk about the infelicities about GEMS, UDC, out -of- control national debt…..

    But, the St. Lucia results will not only be lesson for the great betrayer but a lot more in this BLP administration for while they keep uttering their empty promises to the Barbadian people – the more incensed the population will become. Electoral defeat was the price that Anthony Government paid for taking the St. Lucian people for a ride. St. Lucians stood and said their country deserves a different path. Wake up Barbadians our turn is next!!!!!

  16. Jaws

    Vaughn Lewis= Clyde Maskcoll

  17. Jet

    Mascoll says St. Lucia result can never happen in Barbados. What an arrogant sod. Typical BLP behaviour. Does this traitor speaks for 300,000 residents????? It behoves the electorate to teach this self centered clown a lesson he will never forget. Mascoll won a bye election and lost subsequent general election. The man insult intelligence and decency of all Bajans when as DLP LEADER he switch parties to join the BLP that he berated for many moons. The BLP insult and piss on Mascoll in worst way. Now this disgrace saying BLP will win easily. Voters please do us a huge favour and make sure this disgrace never walks up the steps of Parliament again after next bell rings.