American Secret Service Bugged Princess Diana’s Phone On Death Night


The American Secret Service was bugging Princess Diana’s telephone conversations without the approval of the British security services on the night she died, according to the most comprehensive report on her death, to be published this week.

Among extraordinary details due to emerge in the report by former Metropolitan police commissioner Lord Stevens is the revelation that the US security service was bugging her calls in the hours before she was killed in a car crash in Paris…

… read the rest at Guardian Unlimited (link here)

Why Would The Yanks Bug Diana?

Maybe I’m naive, but I can’t think of a reason that the Americans would want to bug Diana. The Brits, yes. Americans, no.

Could the Yanks have been bugging Diana for the British? Perhaps on a “gentlemen’s agreement”?

And that brings us to the real problem – when the police or intelligence services have the equipment and the knowledge to intercept private communications, they do so. Without oversight and accountability, the police use invasive wiretaps as a first investigative step rather than as a measure of last resort when all other evidence-gathering techniques have failed.

Does Barbados Have Any Laws Regarding Police Interception Of Private Communications?

Any lawyers or Members of Parliament out there who can tell us what the law is regarding the use of telephone taps in Barbados?


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18 responses to “American Secret Service Bugged Princess Diana’s Phone On Death Night

  1. Rumplestilskin

    Never been on a phone line and heard a strange tone?

    You think the Secret Services worldwide always rely on ‘official’ authorisation to monitor and intercept?

    Do you think that the Secret Services do not have the capability including technological, the power and the will to monitor us all?

  2. Disposable Arts

    Barbadian policemen really aren’t that smart. It was just yesterday they learnt how to sop people from listening on their frequency.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    That IS funny.

    But who says it is Barbadians monitoring us?

    Check Google Earth for example. Assuming that Northern military technology is at least 10 years ahead of civilian technology (a fair assumption), then ‘they that be’ can watch us post from these computers through our windows, real-time.

    Disposable Arts – Put on a shirt!

  4. jose marti

    now that’s funny!

  5. Out dey in Bim

    Could you all remember some time this year after Hartley Henry’s name was called by owen arthur in the house during a budget presentation (as is his usual style) re some sexual harrassment allegation in Antigua and about hartley’s discussion with investors re flyovers ,hartley in his column in the nation stated that the only persons who could have had access to the discussion between himself and an investor on the flyover was he and the said same investor,yet owen was able to quote almost verbatim their conversation,
    Thereby suggesting that his phone was tapped.But he is not alone I have heard other persons who are not this administration supporters,or are critical of government policy say that certain events have led them to believe their phones are also tapped.

    I am quite sure it happens,and it happens regularly.It is another form of intimidation,of giving the impression that ‘big brother is always watching’.

  6. John


    Barbados Police aren’t that smart accorting to Disposable Arts but there are some people in Barbados who are, …. according to you.

  7. Yam P][e

    Rumplestilskin- boy, i suh glad u bring up dat google earth ting, u kno, i tell myself de same ting, if dem cud stand in dem country and watch we. What does that say for our well being? is Security in the government’s of the world’s vocabulary? or have we already sold that for non-invasion rights?

    People are watching our every move, and then we want to know how THEY KNOW wat we doing.

    plus, our version of google earth is still, i’m sure theirs is live.

  8. John

    If we used the google earth available we would know what we are doing too …. I don’t think we have the slightest clue!!

  9. Jane

    Wouldn’t any wire tapping have to go through Cable & Wireless and be sanctioned by them?

  10. Jane

    Cool name “jose marti”

  11. Out dey in Bim


    Here are some nanes you should remember? John williams,trevor clarke and ed bushell – they were all cable & wireless senior managers who have all been given positions as ambassadors or consul – general.

  12. Hants

    I believe John Williams is a decent guy who would not get involved in any illegal shenanigans by his Government.

    That is just my opinion of him.

  13. ross

    I remember hearing about a big international wire-tapping story which involved Cable & Wireless. I will try and find it.

  14. Velzo

    Hants… that’s just an opinion and I usually find yours supportable.

    But really there is another matter brewing in relation to planning permission for land that is owned by a company in which Williams – the PM’s buddy – is a shareholder!

    No doubt, they are all decent.

  15. ross


    “there is another matter brewing in relation to planning permission for land that is owned by a company in which Williams – the PM’s buddy – is a shareholder!”

    Seems like there are a lot of other matters brewing.

  16. Hants

    Velzo if this is true about Williams I am sorry to hear.

    I went to school with him and before I left Barbados I had a lot of respect for him and still do even though I don’t support his party.

    I can’t change my mind about him without proof of wrong doing.


    I am glad to see we’re starting to realise the capabilities of today’ eavesdropping technology . It would also be important to also realise that it has been said that England has about 3,000,000 closed circuit cameras scattered about to make sure that the good citizens are being just that . We have been known as ‘little England’ before , i hope that doesn’t have any meaningful significance anymore.

    I agree that if Google Earth can do what it can do , imagine what current capabilities must be at now along with probably night time and heat sensitive abilities for military applications . I have no doubt that whomever they want to be found CAN be found and those they want aren’t. Its pretty scary stuff . We all must be very vigilant against this kind of privacy invasion abuse.

    Remember some very ‘ reasonable’ sounding reasons reasons will be put forward for their implementation. For example terrorism , just check out the American P.A.T.R.I.O.T A.C.T ( what an ironic name ) which gives the US government the right to spy on its own people if suspected of ‘terrorism’ which sounds very ‘reasonable ‘. The only problem is that ‘terrorism ‘ has such a broad meaning that you could be found to be a potential ‘terrorist’ just by publicly protesting the Government’s activities in Iraq per say . You could then be spirited away to an undisclosed location for an indefinite time with NO trial all on suspicion and the President’s fancy . The FBI have always been notorious for illegally spying on its own citizens , well now its legal.

    It could start with something as simple as cameras on the highways to make sure we don’t mistake it for a drag strip. As i said it all starts very ‘reasonable ‘ like then before we know it the foxes are guarding the hen house .

  18. Ralph

    Of course the Americans were doing it on behalf of the British. Britain the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are linked in a global signals intelligence system called Echelon. Echelon is responsible for grabbing ALL global signal traffic (phone, fax, email, internet, telegraph) it can get its hands on and sniffing it for significant words, phrases, names etc. Each of the participants creates a ‘dictionary’ which gives it access to the ‘take’ in one of the regional nodes. They do ‘tap’ individuals’ phones and browsers, but the more important thing is that they tap the whole system.

    Let me give you all some history– over a hundred years ago, Britain, because of its worldwide colonial and dominion interests, controlled the mainlines of the international telegraph system. Naturally, they used it to get political and economic intelligence on everybody’s telegraph communications. That created pressure for wireless communications, but again, the British Empire and its dominions and colonies and island outposts etc. were key players.

    In Barbados, the telecoms system is ‘owned’ by GCHQ (via Cable and Wireless, which has always worked very closely with GCHQ), and that provides the ‘take’ for the Americans as well as the British. You should assume that whatever you do here in terms of electronic communication is accessible. If you want true privacy, then old fashioned pen and ink, or a non-networked computer and printer, and personal delivery is the only secure means of communication.