300 Cataract Patients On Waiting List In Barbados – Too Bad They Can’t See Those New Flyovers!

Cuban Doctors Going To Help Out – Thank God

From The Nation News (with not one question by the esteemed journalists of The Nation News as to how it is that “first world Barbados” has 300 blind and going-blind Bajans suffering on a never-ending “waiting list” for cataract operations – but we have no problem finding the money for lots of new roads & flyovers)

Eye Opener

THANKS TO THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT, relief will soon be coming to more than 300 patients on the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s waiting list for cataract operations.

This was one of the major agreements coming out of the fourth meeting of the Barbados/Cuba Joint Commission which met in Barbados over the last two days.

Barbadians will benefit from Cuba’s Operacion Milagro (Operation Miracle), a programme which gives free eye care to thousands of people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Through the programme, Barbadians will be able to travel to Cuba to get eye care at its free facilities and Cuban opthamological specialists will also come to Barbados to bring specialised screening equipment and assess patients for treatment.

… read the entire article * (link here)

***** Bye the way… the Cuban eye operations will not start until March of 2008.

Have You Ever Been To Cuba?

I have.

Wonderful people who have nothing, yet will share anything and everything with strangers. It is perhaps because most folks are poor that things have become less important than people, friends, family and relationships.

I hate the communists, but I love the Cubans and I hope they can survive when their Berlin Wall falls – because they will be like little children thrust into the real world. (Coming Soon, Folks!)

Our Second Favourite Writer Named John Comments…

I say “second favourite writer named John” because my favourite fellow named John was a wild man who ate honey from bees. Here is what my second favourite fellow named John has to say about Cuba looking after our blind and sick…

There is an entire wing of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital donated by Lions International in the early 1990’s. It is called the Lions Eye Care Centre. It was intended to have helped people from all over the Caribbean. So much for good intentions.

It ended up being an embarrassment because Government could not find the budget to operate it!!

It is unbelievable that a free gift to the Government and people of Barbados and the wider Caribbean could be unutilised. And we actually have something called CSME!!

With a bit of imagination, Barbados could have helped some of the 500,000 people who have been helped in Cuba and the gift from Lions International used to its fullest effect, as it was intended.

Everytime I see Bajans going to Cuba for eyecare it makes me mad that The Eyecare Centre is not being utilised. I cannot believe the waste.

Guess GEMS, Greenland etc etc. had first call on resources.

It is nothing short of scandalous.

Bye the way, Lions International is based in Chicago, .. USA!!

post by Cliverton… I’m back in the USSA

“…Been away so long I hardly knew the place. Gee, it’s great to be back home. Leave it til tomorrow to unpack my case. Honey, disconnect the phone…”


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11 responses to “300 Cataract Patients On Waiting List In Barbados – Too Bad They Can’t See Those New Flyovers!

  1. Yam P][e

    well John, it looks like de government fell short-sighted once agen!! hahaha

    lemme tell yuh, I did went up in dat place, de lions side, one time yuh kno… it dint too bad. dat is a pity it doan run gud.

    It seems like wat “Cuidar Castro” has in store fuh Buhbados we gun gotta tuh tek. get accustomed to the term,yuh hear ppl !!

  2. Hants

    First World Barbados can’t get get help from First world USA or Canada? What about the UK? They can’t help either?

  3. Jason


    Cliverton you in the USA or USSR? 🙂

    I thought you was in school?

  4. Rumplestilskin

    With all its embargoes, with all its limitations, the wide understanding is that Cuban health care is among the finest….and you do not get wheeled back out of hospital without care because you do not have health insurance, like in some places we know, which are reputedly, the best!

    The Barbadian administration seems intent on befriending Cuba, so why not take a leaf out of their ‘good’ side too.

    Why not put people BEFORE extravagant expenditures intent on making oursleves believe that we are ‘oh so big’…like flyovers. You know the budget for that, already ‘increased’ from $120 to $140 million, BEFORE any commencement (how the heck can a budget be effectively blown before commencement?) will be blown and the cost end up over $200 million!

    Maybe the increase will be paid for by tolls that only the rich can afford.

    We are AN ISLAND! Progress is about building infrastructure suited to our needs, including human, productive and foreign exchange earning.

    Which of these three categories are the flyovers?

    So we will end up with a $200+ million piece of concrete, expensive to maintain (you think a donated eye centre is expensive to maintain?, wait till the flyovers are in place, then you going to see expense), with a toll road that we have to STOP at, creating MORE traffic.

    Then we will need more flyovers. And more toll roads. And have more traffic.

    What a beautiful island we shall become.

    No longer ‘little England’, but little New York. A concrete jungle.

    But wait. Ah, maybe it will not matter, because all our people who will not be able to afford to live here, will go to Cuba when it ‘opens up’. To work in the new four and five star hotel complexes
    (American and British owned), with casinos. Which do earn foreign exchange (some at least, though foreign owned). And we will get good health care and education there.

    Oh, now it makes sense.


    Bah humbug.

  5. John

    Owen Arthur’s closing remarks at the recently held consultation were to the effect that Barbados owes its position to the fact that the state has been entrepreneurial in nature.


    I thought alot about the entrepreneurial nature of the state and wonder if anyone can give me an answer to a couple of questions.

    1. Which MP owned a company prior to entering parliamant?

    2. Which MP has a proven track record as an entrepreneur prior to entering Parliament and has a successful company to show?

    I figure the answers to these two questions are very few, perhaps Joe Edghill, and none.

    If our MP’s don’t have much experience at entrepreneurship, they must be getting advice from people who do. Since their closest advisors must be the civil service I wonder what the answer to the following questions are.

    3. Are civil servants allowed to run a personal business and gain the entrepreneurial expertise which would permit them to advise the Government ministers on how to go about creating an entrepreneurial state?

    4. How many civil servants do we have who would have the successful entrepreneurial expertise to advise ministers on how to create an entrepreneurial state?

    I suspect the answer to the third question is no and I don’t care to comment on the fourth.

    The fifth question which arises in my mind is this.

    5. Who advises/advised the ministers on how to create an entrepreneurial state?

    And finally,

    6. Is the national debt a reflection on the success of the entrepreneurship of the Government?

  6. John

    ….. and wasn’t the gift of the Lions Eyecare Centre an opportunity to benefit from and give benefit to the 500,000 people who have gone to Cuba?

  7. Out dey in Bim


    Lemme tell yuh,I real vex.
    Yuh mean to tell muh,that you ranking ‘our john’ right after john the baptist – wahluss,he’s ah real big-up fuh true .

    I gotta check John to find out how to get pon dis favorite list ting boah.

  8. John


    Missed your reasoning for the accolade.

    I have made comments that sometimes get lost in the wash.

  9. John


    It’s Sunday Morning and I am relaxing so I have time to sit and think in front the computer. Last night I was pretty relaxed too.

    Sometimes I go for days without a comment. Sometimes I write bare rubbish. Alot of times people don’t take me on. Sometime I get vex and overdo the comments.

    Sorry, that’s me being me.

    See, that’s 2 more comments on the Recent Comments list, possibly at the top.

  10. Jerome Hinds

    Jerome Hinds
    December 12th, 2006 at 2:33 pm
    Jerome Hinds
    December 12th, 2006 at 2:28 pm
    The St. Lucian election results is a lesson on the horizon for Clyde “the great betrayer” Mascoll. How else can you describe a man who derisively chided the BLP on issues with a great deal of justification and evidence. The BLP in turn did nothing to amend the wrongs/ills that Mascoll pointed out – but through Political Negrocratism he accepts a Cabinet post from the pimp Owen Arthur and immediately get “locked Jaws” no more talk about the infelicities about GEMS, UDC, out -of- control national debt…..

    But, the St. Lucia results will not only be lesson for the great betrayer but a lot more in this BLP administration for while they keep uttering their empty promises to the Barbadian people – the more incensed the population will become. Electoral defeat was the price that Anthony Government paid for taking the St. Lucian people for a ride. St. Lucians stood and said their country deserves a different path. Wake up Barbadians our turn is next!!!!!

  11. John

    No Jerome, you got it wrong. Barbados is not St. Lucia.


    All the same, I believe that in most Caribbean Countries there comes a time when if the opposition brings a sheep, the sheep will win.

    This pearl of wisdom was given to me by someone about 2 years ago. He told me in all sincerity that if elections were called then and the DLP brought a sheep in his constituency, he would vote for it.

    He told me he had always voted for the BLP and figured his vote was utterly wasted.

    He lives in St. Peter!!!

    True true fact!!

    That’s why I feel the MLP has alot to offer Barbados.