Barbados To Fully Recognize Cuban Medical, Engineering, Architectural Degrees

Just curious. I tried to find which other countries recognize Cuban Medical, Engineering and Architectural degrees, but I couldn’t find anything on the net.

Anybody know if Barbados is leading or following here?

From the CBC (Link Here)…

Barbadians studying in Cuba to get accreditation

Barbadian students studying in Cuba will be in line for full accreditation when they qualify and return home.

The fourth meeting of the Barbados-Cuba joint commission has agreed that the Medical, Engineering and Architectural degrees of Barbadians now studying in Havana will be recognized here.

Leader of the Barbados delegation, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Theresa Marshall, said this was one of the highpoints of the talks.

She spoke just before the signing of a Co-operation agreement between the two countries.

Deputy Chief Education Officer, Glenroy Cumberbatch, said the students would have to satisfy the requirements of the local professional bodies.


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18 responses to “Barbados To Fully Recognize Cuban Medical, Engineering, Architectural Degrees

  1. Bajan George

    “Reciprocity” is the legal word used to acknowledge recognition of international, or in the case of the US, interstate, regulations governing the status of doctors who cross borders.

    Interesting article:

  2. Hants

    If the USA sould do the same Cuba would not have to help the Caribbean.

    Operacion Milagro was started in 2005 as a joint venture between the Cuban and Venezuelan governments. The programme is funded by the Venezuelan government, with medical care offered by Cuba. Thus far, 500 000 people, 24 000 hailing from the Caribbean, have received treatment through the initiative.

  3. iandi

    what is the government doing enhancinng co-operation with this communist country. the only thing this could be is a commie plot to turn barbados into a communist country!!!

  4. Hants

    iandi can you explain why the democratic countries of the world are not helping the poorer Caribbean and South American countries so that Cuba would not be asked to help.
    How about America and Canada offering to train Caribbean doctors so they dont have to go to school in Cuba.
    Tell me which Country is willing to give the Caribbean the equivalent help to what they are getting from Cuba and Venezuela.
    I know… America has not recoverred from Katrina and need to take care of the dispossed down south.
    Just another few years.

  5. iandi

    i was being sarcastic :):)

    its the sort of thing bfp would say seeing how much they despise communist china and cuba. funny how i have never seen a story on here that criticises american foreign policy. but then the christian evangelicals and the right wing conservatives whose links bfp is so quick to refer readers to never write articles like that!!!!

  6. John

    Hants, iandi

    There is an entire wing of the QEH donated by Lions International in the early 1990’s. It is called the Lions Eye Care Centre. It was intended to have helped people from all over the Caribbean. So much for good intentions.

    It ended up being an embarrassment because Government could not find the budget to operate it!!

    It is unbelievable that a free gift to the Government and people of Barbados and the wider Caribbean could be unutilised. And we actually have something called CSME!!

    With a bit of imagination, Barbados could have helped some of the 500,000 people who have been helped in Cuba and the gift from Lions International used to its fullest effect, as it was intended.

    Everytime I see Bajans going to Cuba for eyecare it makes me mad that The Eyecare Centre is not being utilised. I cannot believe the waste.

    Guess GEMS, Greenland etc etc. had first call on resources.

    It is nothing short of scandalous.

    BTW, Lions International is based in Chicago, .. USA!!

  7. John


    “iandi can you explain why the democratic countries of the world are not helping the poorer Caribbean and South American countries so that Cuba would not be asked to help.”

    Hope I answered your question.

  8. Yam P][e

    so all ‘uh we trekkin to find why, on God’s blessed earth, lil ole’ bimshire is being helped by cuba. let me tell yuh, i ain kno why. but i kno de reason aint gine hide fuh too long. this article has unofficially turned into that picture BFP had up wit castro and arthur. haha. where dem was shrugging shoulders, that gine soon turn into a hand shake.

  9. Hants

    I hope Barbadians have the decency to thank Cuba for its help over the years.

    Whether you agree with Castro or not, the fact is that Cuba has been a tremendous help to Barbados and the other Caribbean countries.

    Given their resources it is remarkable they have done so much for Caribbean countries that are far more developed.

  10. Che Mia

    come the Republic, iandi will fully understand why boatloads of cubans try and leave their island paradise

    whether it is fascist or communist, its all about equality of poverty and opportunity at the expense of basic human rights.

    Mia and friends will continue to wield the power
    and empoverish their fellow Barbadians all the while enriching themselves and spouting incoherent “modalities” at the rest us as if it means anything other than complete and utter garbage.

  11. Hants

    Prehaps the boatloads of Cubans should be sent to New Orleans and Louisana to help the Katrina victims who are still waiting for help in their own Rich Country.

    CheMia why dont you google Katrina victims and see what you find.

  12. iandi

    i am no fan of communism. i dont think cuba is a perfect couuntry or has a perfect system. i am actually quite the proponent of capitalism, albeit not the one preached by bush et al. i am also very much a liberal at heart hence my opposition to right wing connservatives and their attempts to take us back to that unenlightened era before the age of reasoning. rationally, if you criticise cuba, then u also have to criticise the us and europe. no country is perfect. my problem is the way in which we always see criticisms of cuba, china and muslims on this blog , all in a manner like that of sensationalist tabloids, but we never see a critique of us, uk or canadian policies.

    cuba may be ruled by a dictator but the same can be said of the us. bush and his cronies weild something close to absolute power. look at the total destruction of civil liberties. look at the health care system in the us. at least in cuba everyone is entitled to free health care. same cant be said of the us.

  13. John

    I don’t intend my comments to be against or for Cuba.

    I merely point out that a gift of an entire wing at the QEH is there, given by an Lions International for free, and it is unused for the purpose for which it was intended.

    There are no grounds for saying Bajans need to go anywhere for eyecare based on lack of support from outside.

    Simple straightforward fact of life.

  14. Che Mia


    while it boggles the mind how 53 million people could have voted for George Bush in 2004 ( versus 51 for the democrats ) and how much damage he and his pals have done to their country, the essential difference is that he is on his way out after six years thanks , in part, to a free press and a requirement to get out of office in 8 years,

    whereas Che Mia who has been in power far too long wishes to emulate China, Cuba and now Venezuela in the control and suppression of a free press

    accreditation of degrees should be according to some international standard based on competency and practicality not on some political determination by some mindless politicians based on their mere existence.

  15. Hants

    John, why are 300 people getting eyecare in Cuba if it is available in Barbados?
    What good is a building and equipment to those 300 people who are losing their eyesight?

    What good are the thousands of trailer homes “locked up and sinking in mud” in New Orleans to the people who need them.

    The hard fact is that the Barbados government probably has no money to Staff the “free building Lions International gave them” and must rely on the generosity of Venezuela and Cuba.

  16. John


    Of course you are right, except that the Lions Eyecare Centre is not sinking in mud.

    The building is of no use to anyone as a building.

    That is why planning and imagination play more of a role in human endeavour than do buildings. More than a decade has passed since the building was built. Where is the imagination and planning?

    There has been plenty money. There are enough complaints of wastage of public funds.

    The victims of Katrina suffered for lack of the same, no forward plan and a rejection of the warnings that were constantly made. The levees, like the building, were all there and worked …… until Katrina came. Noone planned forward.

    BTW, guess who was the Minister of Health who would have sat with Lions and agreed on behalf of the GOB to staff and run the Eyecare Centre back in the early 1990’s in exchange for the free gift.

    Goldie Taitt.

    So he can’t be as bad he is made out to be!!

    Incidentally, it wasn’t only Barbados and Barbadians who were to benefit. It was the whole Caribbean.

    The Lions Eyecare Centre was very much a trust that was given to Barbados for the whole Caribbean. We have not only let down ourselves, we have let down others.

    That is why today we must thank Cuba and Venezuela for their generosity, and yes I agree, thanks is due.

    Hope someone can show me different.

  17. Aaron Smith

    There is no health care in Cuba but at least its free. Thats why Americans are always leaving Miami risking thier lives in dingy boats to make to the island paradise of Cuba.

    The main argument between Conservatives and Liberals on econ issues is this.

    Libs believe that they are entitled to the property of others.

    Cons believe that the only one entitled to your property is you.

  18. J

    Dear Aaron Smith if as you say there is “no health care in Cuba” how is it that Cuba has a life expectancy of 77.45?

    For comparison the life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.11 and Barbados’ is 73.94.

    If Cuba can do that with “no health care” then it must mean that the rest of the world is wasting a lotta money on unnessary health care.

    Or you are telling lies.

    Take your pick.