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Phantom Coffee Grinder Burns Money While I Sleep

What Kind Of A Title Is That?

I can hear the comments now, but please – allow me to explain…

After reading an article about “phantom electrical load”, I searched throughout our house for electrical appliances and devices that use electricity even while they are supposedly “turned off” – and I was surprised by what I found.

I had never noticed before, but my good old Braun coffee grinder was warm to the touch even though it hadn’t been used in almost two weeks. My clocks, computers, tools, battery charger and telephone all use electricity even while “off” if they are plugged into the wall socket.

According to a few web sources, there is a fortune to be saved from the elimination of this “phantom” electrical load on the grid.

Here’s an article from the Christian Science Monitor. Sound reasonable to me!

| Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor


When high school science teacher Ray Janke bought a home in Chicopee, Mass., he decided to see how much he could save on his electric bill.

He exchanged incandescent bulbs for compact fluorescents, put switches and surge protectors on his electronic equipment to reduce the “phantom load” – the trickle consumption even when electronic equipment is off – and bought energy-efficient appliances.

Two things happened: He saw a two-thirds reduction in his electric bill, and he found himself under audit by Mass Electric. The company thought he’d tampered with his meter. “They couldn’t believe I was using so little,” he says.

Mr. Janke had hit on what experts say is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective place to reduce one’s energy consumption: home.

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