Shona’s New T-Shirt Has A Religious Message


Uncovered Meat In Barbados – And Australia

Shona’s friend “G” married an Aussie chap she met while he was working for a month in Barbados. A real whirlwind of a romance – 5 weeks and BANG! Married.

Nobody thought it would last, but that was eight years and two children ago, so it looks like “G” and her hubby are doing ok.

Last week, Shona received a gift from “G” that is apparently all the rage in Sydney. “G” says that, without exaggeration, thousands of Aussie girls are wearing one of the many variations of the “Uncovered Meat” T-shirts – but the mainstream media has yet to mention this fashion trend.

“Uncovered Meat” is, apparently, a religious term.

If you don’t know what it is all about, you can read the Daily Mail here or watch a video here (lots of bandwidth recommended for the video).


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7 responses to “Shona’s New T-Shirt Has A Religious Message

  1. Glicktuck

    I read a while ago something about Shona might be expecting a little one. Nothing confirmed by BFP.


    We think we saw Shona and friends at Graeme Hall for the celebration.


  2. kas

    The T shirt was in response to an Islamic cleric in Australia saying that uncovered woman were like ‘uncovered meat’ that you could not blame the cats for eating. Cats meaning men. This caused outrage in Australian women

  3. John

    Rihanna better not go anywhere Ilaro Court in the new dress I see her wearing in the paper last week.

  4. Yam P][e

    1) I find the description attached to the “cat” and the logo of the cat to be quite conflicting.
    2) Having been unable to gather the motive of wearing the t-shirts, can someone help me? Which organization started it?
    3) That is tad strange that the media aren’t stressing the issue. I am not familiar with the australiam media, so I am lost there as well.


  5. Jason

    From memory, but you can find the details at the links and all over the internet…

    1/ Four or so Muslim men were convicted of rape in Australia.

    2/ Highest ranking Muslim clergy in Australia gave a speech saying that you can’t blame a cat for eating “uncovered meat” and neither should young men be blamed for rape when the Australian women keep themselves uncovered by Islamic standards (veils, long sleeves, no ankle showing etc…)

    3/ In response to the public outcry of such a position by the high ranking muslim clergy, the imam made it worse by appologizing for saying what he said in public, but he did not retract his position. (ie: he still believes that women who don’t wear muslim dress are to blame for their own rapes)

    4/ In response to the total lack of critisism from the muslim community against what the muslim imam said, Australian women (thousands of them) started wearing Tshirts proclaiming themselves to be “uncovered meat”

  6. Rumplestilskin

    That’s pretty awful. Its a feeble excuse for a belief that men and women are not on equal planes and a philosophy of subrogating women’s rights to those of men, rather than men and women being treated as equals, as partners in life.

    The philosophy of some is, stick ’em in robes, stick em in the kitchen, keep ’em uneducated, keep ’em with child.

    Oh, have we not come a long way this civilisation of ours?

    Great huh?

  7. BFP

    Rumplestilskin – your equating “our” (Barbados) civilization’s treatment of women with the Muslim Imam’s position that uncovered women are fair game for rape is inaccurate in the least.

    While there is much work to be done in the way Bajan women are treated by some men, to equate our culture with the Muslim standard treatment of women is outrageous.

    We don’t cut off women’s private parts as happens to millions of muslim women. We do not require that women be accompanied by a male family member before they are let out of the house. We don’t prohibit women from driving or voting as millions of muslim women are prohibited.

    Give your head a shake before you say “we” if you are equating Bajan culture with the nonsense of the Muslim Imam who said uncovered women are responsible for their own rapes.

    Thank you!