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Big Names Turn Backs On Barbados Golf World Cup


Tiger Woods, Ernie Els & Other Stars Won’t Play For A Lousy US$700K

As Barbados Free Press reader JD wrote us…

“No one’s fault, really, but curious to see how it all turns out.”

Two stories that perfectly illustrate the point that big events are never a sure thing…

Oh, They’re Not Going To Barbados – Stars Turn Backs On World Cup

If a tournament could be undermined by the absence of some of the sport’s leading players, the WGC World Cup, which gets under way here today, could be it — the death knells are ringing.

Most conspicuous by their absence are a host of top-ranking Americans, which has led to speculation that when Stewart Cink was approached to lead the United States team, officials of the PGA Tour would have been virtually on their knees, pleading.


“We’ve asked Tiger [Woods] Jim [Furyk] and Phil [Mickelson, the top three players in the world] and Davis [Love III, the world No 17], David [Toms, the No 19] and Chris [DiMarco, the no 20], but unfortunately they’re all tied up that week,” the hapless officials would have said.

… finish reading this story at Times On Line (link here)

Barbados World Cup Event Hit By Absence Of Top Players

ST. JAMES, Barbados (Reuters) – The absence of several big names, including Tiger Woods and Ernie Els, from this week’s WGC-World Cup has dominated the build up to Thursday’s first round.

World number one Woods, Masters champion Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk turned down the chance to represent the U.S. while Els and Retief Goosen opted not to play for South Africa.

Irishman Padraig Harrington, who won the 1997 World Cup at Kiawah Island with playing partner Paul McGinley, believes a change of date would help solve the problem.

… finish this article at Yahoo! News (link here)


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Calls To Ban Shell Oil From Barbados Exploration

Back on August 26, 2006, Barbados Free Press called for the Prime Minister to ban Shell Oil from participating in oil explorations in Barbados until they clean up their pipeline spills and settle with Bajan farmers. In our article Barbados Should Ban Shell Oil And Associates From Offshore Exploration, we said…

Any companies even remotely associated with Shell Oil should be denied offshore oil exploration rights by the Government of Barbados. Will the lame duck government of Prime Minister Owen Arthur hold Shell Oil accountable?

Don’t hold your breath.

Hold Shell Oil And Barbados Government Accountable

Now, the Southern Farmers Group has called for a ban on Shell Oil exploration. From The Nation News (link here)…

The Southern Farmers group is urging that big petroleum company Shell not be given a licence to explore for oil off Barbados unless it settles a dispute it has with them over compensation for land damaged by a 1995 oil leak.

The group, comprising Christ Church farmers who have been seeking redress from Shell for several years, made this suggestion yesterday, while complaining about the time it has taken the company to settle the case.

“The Prime Minister has said that he can’t think of any way in which he can assist the farmers in this matter,” president of the farmers group, Jacquelyn Bartlett, told the DAILY NATION.

“I would like to suggest that since Shell is one of the companies bidding for the offshore drilling contract, that the Government says to Shell: ‘If you even want to bid for that contract, you need to sort out the matter with the Southern Farmers first.'”

… read the entire article at The Nation News (link here).

Previous BFP Shell Oil Stories (link here)


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Could DDT Help Fight AIDS In Africa?


Breaking News

Matt Drudge (www.drudgereport.com) has a teaser up about a major development in understanding why and how Africa is the AIDS center of the universe…

Malaria parasite helps fuel the spread of the AIDS virus through Africa... Developing...


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Barbados Government BLP Blog Dying A Slow Death?

It is December 7th (Pearl Harbour Day for our Yank friends) and it has now been 11 days since the BLP Blog posted any material.

Further, most of the entries for the last few months have been reprints of the usual BLP newspaper columns.

I wonder if they are losing interest in their blog – or has two-way communication with Bajan citizens turned out to be more of a handful than the BLP expected?

Then again, at least they have a blog. The opposition DLP is still trying to decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Check out the BLP blog here.


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Shona’s New T-Shirt Has A Religious Message


Uncovered Meat In Barbados – And Australia

Shona’s friend “G” married an Aussie chap she met while he was working for a month in Barbados. A real whirlwind of a romance – 5 weeks and BANG! Married.

Nobody thought it would last, but that was eight years and two children ago, so it looks like “G” and her hubby are doing ok.

Last week, Shona received a gift from “G” that is apparently all the rage in Sydney. “G” says that, without exaggeration, thousands of Aussie girls are wearing one of the many variations of the “Uncovered Meat” T-shirts – but the mainstream media has yet to mention this fashion trend.

“Uncovered Meat” is, apparently, a religious term.

If you don’t know what it is all about, you can read the Daily Mail here or watch a video here (lots of bandwidth recommended for the video).


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Have You Ever Noticed…

… how many “news” stories in the Barbados media concern what a Minister of government said or will say at various “conferences”? If you filtered out “news” that was simply reporting what various politicians said at “conferences” – how many stories would be left in The Nation News or the Barbados Advocate?

Gotta be something to do with the reporters getting a nice lunch or dinner in return for reporting what so-in-so said again – because it sure isn’t “news” every time a politician opens their mouth.

Like this, or this.

Mind you, it could be news if the esteemed “journalists” of the Barbados media would ever ask a question.

Now that you are thinking about it, see what the papers look like for the next week or so. I don’t know why the Government of Barbados maintains a communications section. The media is doing a great job delivering the government’s unedited and unquestioned message for free!


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More Barbados Tax Money Goes To Cricket World Cup – Does Anyone Know The True Total?

The Government of Barbados has announced another US$13 Million in your tax money and mine going to those few weeks of cricket that are called Cricket World Cup 2007.

How Much Tax Money Is Really Going To Cricket World Cup?

Betcha that Prime Minister Arthur couldn’t find out the truth even if he cared to ask. Look up “out of control” in the dictionary and there just has to be a photo of CWC.

And what is this use of the word “invest”? Like there is going to be any return on this “investment”!

In your dreams…

Barbados Invests US$13 Million

BRIDGETOWN, Barbadas (AP) – The Barbados government will invest another US$13 million (€10 million) toward the island’s preparations for the cricket World Cup starting in March.

The money will be used to beautify Kensington Oval, venue for the April 28 final, plus for security, health and transport services, said deputy prime minister Mia Mottley on Tuesday.The beautification project will cost US$1.1 million (€830,000), and US$605,000 (€454,000) will go toward vending facilities, bathrooms and a service access road.

The oldest cricket ground in the Caribbean is being redeveloped at a cost of US$67.5 million (€51 million) and will be completed by the end of January.

For security, Mottley said US$605,000 (€454,000) was to purchase helicopter airtime and equipment for the Special Services Unit, and US$554,000 (€416,000) to buy a surveillance system for various ports of entry.

Barbados was pitching in US$3.2 million (€2.4 million) to cover its security commitments under a US$20.8 million (€16 million) arrangement with other Caribbean host nations.

“The rest of the funds will be allocated toward other special project including the transportation masterplan, health facilities and other areas which will be required under the host nation agreement,” Mottley said.

… read the original story at Fox News here.

What was that total again, Mia?

Hello? Mia?


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