Associated Press Caught Reporting War Atrocity That Never Happened

We love it when people rant about blogs not being credible sources of news or information – because the truth is, when bloggers are incorrect on a matter of fact, you can be sure they hear about it from their readers – who post corrections and responses freely.

The very fact that blogs are a two-way communication means that thousands of people can research, broadcast and correct inaccuracies in an open forum.

This is totally different than a newspaper or a television broadcast where thousands of people can recognize a lie, but are unable to challenge the lie in the same venue.

More Lies From Folks We Are Supposed To Trust – The Professional News Media

Back in August, we reported that Reuters News had knowingly published hundreds of faked news photos – and that bloggers around the world were on their case. (See BFP’s Reuters News Published Many, Possibly Hundreds of Faked Photos…)

Eventually, Reuters was forced to withdraw over 1000 photos from circulation due to the efforts of a few bloggers who brought their photographic and military expertise to the issue.

Now comes the story that the Associated Press has been caught reporting a war atrocity in Iraq that never happened.

Nothing in the old media yet, but Michelle Malkin and other bloggers are all over the story while the “old media” pretends it never happened. Visit Michelle Malkin here and she’ll give you the details.


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6 responses to “Associated Press Caught Reporting War Atrocity That Never Happened

  1. i and i

    i never trust mainstream media. all tied to certain interests, all have particualr agendas and none of them really question the government and in the instances where they do, its very peripheral. what i find funny is that many of the sources quoted by bfp on issues not related specifically to barbados ie. international issues, are all right wing conservative sources. thats makes you just as biased as mainstream media!!!!

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    everybody has their biases and some are not without cause. At least on BFP you can challenge anything they say right away and have it read by the same people who read the BFP article.

    Can’t do that with the mainstream media and that is why they have gotten away with murder til now. Imagine – Reuters having to withdrawn 1000 photos because they were faked!

    Ok, so they withdrew them from their reprint files, but all of the original newspaper, web and magazine articles containing those faked photos are still out there spreading whatever lies they contained.

    I’ll take blogs and BFP any day over Reuters and AP.


    i agree that blogs definitely have opened up a whole new era of news sharing which there has been a great need for especially in recent times . However , i agree with ‘i and i’ that BFP hardly ever quotes the not so mainstream or alternative media sources and independent media .To my mind thats where the real groundshaking stuff is coming from . Mainstream media has too many masters to please to be completely truthful and unbiased .

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    Isn’t BFP itself “alternative” or “independent” media?

    The Gline Clarke story is the first thing I think of. Second is Mottley and her “blogs should be regulated” rants. Third is the waterpark article where the developer met the PM. Fourth is no laws about government people conflicting of interest.

    Barbados media say nothing about these important stories.

  5. Jason

    Anybody can post a story here even in the comments. Illuminator could post a story from places he likes.

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