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Barbados Director Of Commission For Pan-African Affairs Confused About Religion, Culture and Sexual Perversion


Dr. Tafari Argues: Catholic Priest Molesting Little Boy Has Religious Equivalence With Rastifarian Smoking Marijuana

Doctor Ikael Tafari is a bit confused about the differences between religious practices that are legal in our society, religious practices that are illegal in our society – and what is sexual perversion by an individual that is sanctioned neither by religion nor society.

As near as I can figure from Dr. Tafari’s latest rambling missive in The Nation News, the dear doctor believes…

a/ If you are of African descent, you should not be Christian. Instead you should be a believer in one of the traditional African religions by virtue of your race. (While he doesn’t come right out and say this here, the theme runs through his entire works and is certainly lurking about this piece.)

b/ Barbados Media, Government and Bajans should not reject either Orisha because of it’s sacrifice of live animals or Rastafari because an illegal drug is at the heart of that religion.

c/ When Catholic priests sexually molest little boys, this is a widespread part of the Catholic religion that should be considered equivalent to the central religious beliefs of a Rastafarian smoking of marijuana or the Orisha practice of sacrificing live animals.

From Tafari’s latest vomitus in The Nation News (link here)…

“Did the illegal sacrament at the heart of the Rastafari faith disqualify it? Is it because the Orisha practise blood sacrifice that they were left out? But there is a widespread sexual practice of interfering with young boys among Roman Catholic priests – and they were at the head of the service…”

Our Catholic friends might want to read Tafari’s whole work and then let him know that they don’t consider the sexual molestation of children to be central to their religious beliefs.

I can’t believe that the Government Of Barbados still pays this Tafari guy and provides him with the credibility of an official position and title.


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Chavez Moves To Close Down Privately Owned TV Stations For “Subversive Activities”

No Doubt, Deputy PM “Mama Mia” Mottley & The Barbados Labour Party Are Applauding And Thinking “Yeah, Wish We Could Do That!”

I can just hear Mama Mia squealing with delight, clapping her hands together and jumping up and down at the news that her good friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez intends to close down independent TV stations for opposing him…

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez backed the possibility of holding a national referendum, if he’s re-elected, on whether to shut down private television stations that he has accused of subversive activities.

Chavez’s comments late Thursday came amid rising tensions between the government and the country’s largely opposition-aligned private media ahead of Sunday’s vote.

Chavez was asked in a televised interview if he would consider asking the nation whether the government should block certain channels from renewing their broadcast licenses next year. (Watch Chavez land a nod as Time magazine’s Person of the Year Video)

“That is perfectly possible,” Chavez said. “It’s perfectly possible that the country gives its opinion, including for how long.”

Chavez also said he regretted not having shut down the country’s major private broadcasters right after a short-lived 2002 coup against him, citing four in particular: Globovision, Venevision, RCTV and Televen..

… continue reading the article at CNN.com link here.

Venezuelan Government Prohibits TV Network Transmission On Election Night

When the government shuts down news broadcasts on election night, you know the whole thing stinks. Never mind that Venezuela has lost it’s battle… Better keep fighting for the right to free speech on Barbados, because the BLP has already declared they favour state control of blogs and talk shows.

Welcome to Big Brother – Venezuelan style, with a hint of Bajan flavour thrown in…

CARACAS, Venezuela — Officials identifying themselves as members of a state regulatory agency forced the U.S.-based Spanish-language TV network Telemundo to halt transmission Sunday of its presidential election coverage…

… At least six people who identified themselves as members of the National Commission of Telecommunications (CONATEL), which regulates electronic media in Venezuela, arrived Sunday afternoon at the hotel from which Telemundo had been transmitting since Friday, said Iacub.

The officials said the network needed permission to transmit and lacking such could not, he said. Iacub said he was unaware of such a requirement but that the Telemundo journalists were accredited with Venezuela’s national elections council.

Iacub said the Telemundo team asked how they could obtain permission and, after an hour, were told that they would not be able to transmit…

… Telemundo Communications Group is owned by NBC Universal Inc., which is controlled by General Electric Co. It claims to reach about 93 percent of Hispanic households in the U.S. and also has viewers in Mexico.

Read the entire article at the Houston Chronicle link here.

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