Prime Minister Arthur Leads Barbados Pate Crowd To Miami


The 30th annual Conference on the Caribbean Basin opens in Miami on Monday (December 4), with over 700 delegates from the Caribbean and Central American region participating in the three-day summit.

Themed, ‘A United Third Border’, the conference agenda will, this year, focus specifically on the status of the Caribbean Free Trade Area and the Caribbean Single Market and Economy and their influence on economic growth and employment in the region…

… Caribbean leaders expected at this year’s summit will include Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller; Prime Minister Owen Arthur of Barbados; and Presidents Preval and Fernandez of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, respectively.

The conference will be hosted by the Caribbean-Central American Action (CCAA).

… read the full article at the Jamaica Information Service link here.

Will That Be White Zinfandel, Sir, or Perhaps Some Moet?

As we have said in the past, such important decisions can made at these international conferences – and one should never underestimate the value of the personal relationships that can be forged between the leaders of nations. Conferences for government bureaucrats and politicians are much like golf outings for business – wholly necessary and valuable if used properly, but such a waste if one gets drunk or chooses the wrong friends.

Let’s hope that Owen and company give their best in Miami.

And for all our sakes, will somebody TRY to keep the PM from cozying up to despots in public? We understand that our diplomats often have to make polite conversation with even the worst bunch of n’er-do-wells, but watch the handholding this time, guys! Sometimes Owen just can’t help it…


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