Jamaica Observer: “Prime Minister Arthur Co-Opting Church For Political Gain”

Barbara Gloudon of The Jamaica Observer doesn’t think much of Prime Minister Arthur mentioning religion in the same breath as sex and politics.

She takes him to task after reading a story about the PM’s comments on same-sex unions and prostitution…

It reported Prime Minister Owen Arthur as telling his people that “the church and religion would be central to decisions which his administration makes, including how it deals with contentious issues such as same-sex unions and prostitution.”

… read the entire article link here.

The only question I have for the PM is…

If it is ok to introduce religious factors in making political decisions about prostitution and gay marriage, why is it not ok to consider the same religious factors when considering abortion?

Well, Mr. Prime Minister… trying to have it both ways?


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  1. hypocrisy

    recent photo ops with the PM and his new wife, visiting church and talking about morality ( no more photos looking at Rhaina’s chest ) is more of the same old tired spin.

    Good old Christian values of morality, hard work, integrity, ethics and loving thy neighbour are so far from his daily life as to make this new media and conference effort a complete sham.

    Next he will be seen to be walking on water not holding Fidel’s hand but that of Jesus.

  2. Jupiter

    I am tired.Sick and tired of this government trying this tired ole public relations gimmickry to see if they can get their way past the polls again.
    Who are they using this time to achieve their aim ? – the church.

    Tell me where was Mr Arthur when voices were loud in their disapproval of the vulgar wukking up at kadooment events?
    Remember the east coast party monarchs and the pictures in the nation newspaper of persons in graphic sexual action,even as degrading as a 7-8 yr old boy jamming on a woman’s behind and being held by a male adult?

    Then the next week remember the picture again of one woman on top of another woman on the ground and gryating as though they were dogs in heat during the foreday morning jam?

    Where was the minister of culture who happens to be Prime Minister Arthur?

    When calls were made for statements or condemnation from those responsible for Crop Over for this sort of behaviour, where was mr arthur’s voice?

    Who was responsible for bringing in that J’can singer (can’t remember if his name was satan or devil) at the wet fete?Was it Al Gilkes – the chairman of the NCF?

    Didn’t the P.M. rebuked the church about 2 years ago telling them when they objected to condoms in the prison that”they are in the business of saving souls,while he was in the business of saving lives”?In other words butt out.

    Isn’t this the same prime minister who had his 7 years old daughter while he was still married and was carrying on with that affair?Barbadians didnot even know when he got divorced or what was the divorce package for his wife.

    Wasn’t this conference that was held last week originally billed as ‘a consultation with the church leaders?’

    I think the church got ‘tek’.
    It seems the issue of morality has now been left to the ‘moral guru’ – Peter Wicham,since the the church’s voice is silent.

    The truth is it will really take an outside journalist like Ms Gloudon in J’ca to make the observations that she did,because after all the newspapers here are solely in the business of selling adverts,and the so-called ‘popular’ call -in moderators are just there to get name recognition while they insult and intimidate thier callers in the process,and of course demonstrate their ‘superior knowledge’.

    There is an old song by Diana Ross that has the following words:

    Do you know where you’re going to?
    Do you like the things that life is showing you?
    Where are you going to,do you know?

    Where are we going people and who’s taking us there?

  3. John

    Check out the lyrics to “Nowhere Man” by the Beatles.

  4. Spooky

    Say it loud Jupiter;
    “Isn’t this the same prime minister who had his 7 years old daughter while he was still married and was carrying on with that affair?Barbadians didnot even know when he got divorced or what was the divorce package for his wife.”

    This part most shocking of all. Then the man peels off his second wedding suit and start preaching morality.Stewps!

  5. Velzo

    He’s tired… and sick. But the reason for all of this is to get at Mia. Simple.

    Who do you think all of these ladies (?) – recently retired or beheaded – at CBC support?

  6. Jupiter


    Remember,that according to velzo this Ms Julie Price who I believe is now Mrs Owen Arthur got a lovely house from rural development.

    This was not paid for by Owen Arthur, but out of money that you and I paid in vat and other taxes that is killing us.

    He also give her a job in his office without the public being aware of his relationship with her.

    You want to tell me that the journalists didnot know about this?Apparently it was an open secret,so why didn’t they raise questions.

    Read the Nation and Advocate newspapers and listen to Down to Brasstacks and you will realise that they are all in the government’s corner and will not expose wrong doing.

    What news do we get in the newspapers and radio stations?

    Government ministers giving their spin without challenge,or news off the wire that we would have seen and read already.

    When was the last time a media outlet did secret investigations and broke a news story.

  7. De Orginal

    I read with great interest….hmmm. I will say remember I said that consultation was a royal watse of time and taxpayers money.

  8. Politicians have done worst, Just look at his Buddy Castro, and his friend Chavez. The DLP has no one to blame but themselves for allowing Owen to steal the morality issue, and for sitting by and allowing him to reach out to the very same religious leaders that he once distance. For years the Rev. Lucille Bird, and others where making public statements that suggest an awakening of the protestant religious sector in Barbados. A grouping that traditionally lived by the comments attributed to Jesus as saying, “Render on to ceasar the things that are his” interpreted by the faithfull to mean “Jesus and poltics don’t mix”. Not anymore this group could have been coaxed to side with the DLP to their mutual benefit. It isn’t to late.

  9. Velzo

    As usual Adrian is blissfully unaware of what happened at the consultation. Arthur did not reach out to the protestant sector – check the photos and his message. He reached out to the traditional church.

    Read “Tempting Faith” and the results in the recent US elections. It is a dangerous game to play with religion and/or morality! But let Arthur have his time.

    Elections are a way down the road!

  10. I didn’t state it but i am not ignorant of the Owen Consultation and with whom. The reason i state that all is not lost for the DLP is to suggest that Owen courting of the Traditional church is a lost cause base on their dwindling numbers and capacity to influence a significant portion of the voting population to his advantage. The traditional church is part of the morality problem due to the dumbing down of what defines divientcy, and their capitulation to these iniatives. The traditional church isn’t making demands of it’s members, and are agreeing with several popular progressive agenda’s. On the other hand the protestant section has been seeing record numbers of new membership, the new churches that are congregating in schools, and other non-traditional buildings so much as to solicit the view from a high ranking Anglican cleric that these are not churches, only to be reminded, that where the two and threes are gathered Chist is to be found. This is what i ment that all is not lost, Dr. Lucille Bird is very critical of the GoB, brought to light by their Homo-debate.

    It is only dangerous to do so if you are not honest, and do so without personal conviction. It is a win for Owen on two fronts. 1 if he is not doing so base on personal conviction he will be found out and held to account, but If the next election is his last he wouldn’d have to care about any fallout. It is up to voters to buy into what he is selling. On the other hand if Thompy does it giving that he isn’t planning the next election being his last then he must be certain that he lives the comments he makes. and this may explain why he hasn’t taken the protestant religious leaders into his confidence. 😀

  11. Kathy

    If Mr. Arthur runs the country in accordance with the Church, how does Gline Clarke end up living on formerly private property that was taken away from the rightful owners, without any payment, supposedly for low-income housing? The last time I checked, “thou shalt not steal” was still in the Bible.

  12. Jupiter


    The ten commandments cannot be found in the bible they use/read.

    Don’t believe me?then check out the members of his cabinet – a mottley group if ever there was one:homosexuals,lesbians,adulturers,
    thiefs,crooked priest,fornicators,liars,whoremongers and on and on.

  13. Jerome Hinds


    Kathy I agree with your description of some of the members of government. They have spent the last 12 years trying to hoodwink Barbadians in thinking that the DLP was no good while Arthur and his group of bandits raped every institution in this country.

    Let’s rise up on election and day and with our pens – RIGHT these WRONGS.

  14. John


    One action on one day ain’t going to do anything to help this country. Constant vigilance is what will because both sets have serious flaws.

    What description has Kathy given of some members of Government?

    You mean Jupiter I think.

  15. Jerome Hinds


    Do not despair. We must embolden ourselves to send a strong message to this governing party that bajans are not to be so savagely mislead on so many critical issues, such as,
    Gems, CBC, Greenland, NHC building (Warrens) UDC….. AND THE LIST GOES ON. I AGREE THE DLP made mistakes and we the electorate gave them a lesson in 1976 and 1994 – it is time we take the BLP back to the classroom for the mess they have created – and continue to create between 1994 and 2006. Do not give up that right my, brother!

  16. Nelo


    one word POLITICIAN!

  17. Nelo

    The card they should be playing is Anticorruption Legislation, but they should wait until the new prison finish.

  18. John

    Perhaps there are building some cells with AC.

    St. Philip gets real hot in the dry season and some of these fellows can’t take the heat.

  19. Jerome Hinds Says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 3:03 pm

    Do not despair. We must embolden ourselves to send a strong message to this governing party that bajans are not to be so savagely mislead.
    I agree with John: Both parties have serious flaws indeed our system of government facilitate, the growth and continuation of these flaws.

    ….Jerome did Barbadians not send a strong message to the BLP 1986 24-3 loss,and again in 1999 this time to the DLP 26-2 loss? Have you notice any change in the attitudes of our politicians?

  20. Jerome Hinds

    Yes, Adrian I have noticed a change – the BLP politicians have become more arogant and evasive on the concerns and issues the people want redress on. Have you been following the debacle at QEH, UDC, NHC?…. and on and on!

  21. i and i

    i have a serious problem with religion and the state mixing. i think owen and his party are just being opportunistic and up to thier normal political games. however, bfp’s favourite people, those conservative neo-cons have no problem mixing their right wing dogmatic evangelical beliefs with politics and winning elections, so i am not sure why bfp should have a problem with owen doing the same!!!!

  22. Jerome Hinds says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 6:15 pm
    Yes, Adrian I have noticed a change – the BLP politicians have become more arogant and evasive on the concerns and issues the people want redress on. Have you been following the debacle at QEH, UDC, NHC?…. and on and on!
    So why are you asking Barbadians to send yet another strong message now as they did in 1986 and again in 1999 if as you stated it mattered not to the politicians as they have become more embolden and hard-mouthed.? What gaurantees will be given to Barbadians that the third time is goind to do the trick and send a message that politicians will listen to and take heed? Uh tell yuh dis business of perverting the democratic process by voting in and out one set of flawed individual for the next set of flawed individuals aint working to our collective benefit.

  23. i and i says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 8:48 pm
    i have a serious problem with religion and the state mixing.
    What is the problem? and why is it a problem? and is such “mixing” present in Barbados? and what is the societal fallout of so doing, if indeed such is taking place?
    i and i says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 8:48 pm

    i and i says:
    December 5th, 2006 at 8:48 pm
    bfp’s favourite people, those conservative neo-cons have no problem mixing their right wing dogmatic evangelical beliefs with politics and winning elections, so i am not sure why bfp should have a problem with owen doing the same!!!!
    What is so wrong with being conservative? and don’t others with their own agendas do them with politics?
    but what BFP comments are you specifically targeting with your label as right wing dogmatic evangelical beliefs?

  24. i and i

    i’m no fan of marx but i agree with his statement that religion is the opiate of the masses. religion and religious authorities have a strong influence over people. people seem to lose their rational faculties when it comes to religion. u mix state and religion and its a dangerous combination. look at the us and the bush administration and the havoc their religious based policies have been causing. prime example. look at europe before the age of enlightenment.
    everyone has right to their own belief and opinions, but i for one have no time for bible thumping evangelicals and conservatives preaching brimstone and fire. their beliefs on women, abortion, taxes, welfare, censorship etc are all regressive and take us back centuries. when u mix this with political power its a dangerous combination.
    as i said most of the links and stories that are cited by bfp (outside of those related to barbados) are right wing conservative sites. the sites are all linked to people with obvious bush and conservative sympathies.
    why is it that bfp can always find stories about castro and chavez etc but never have i seen a story about the corruption endemic in this us administration. owen and his cronies are corrupt and disgusting but when you think of enron, haliburton, the oil and arms companies and all the links with bush, cheney, rice, karzai and the rest, then owen pales in comparison.
    how about some balance in reporting.

  25. Jupiter

    In early December BFP wrote an article about owen arthur ‘co-opting’ the church – with the recent consultation on morals.

    I and other contributors spoke about the lack of credibilty the prime minister has on this issue,given the fact that as Minister of culture when all this wukking up and vulgar display was on at kadoment – there was not one word from him,despite public outcry.

    It was also pointed out by myself and others that this said same prime minister who was now talking about morality suddenly produced to the people of barbados – a 7 year old child that had to have been conceived while he was still married.

    Today I see that bajans have not only been given a slap in the face, but a knock out punch as well.

    Is there any shame left with these BLP politicians or the leader of this country?
    (See today’s paper one is posing all over brazen as ever while the people’s business doesnot get done.All she is conserned about is being seen and getting her face in the papers while inflation and consumer problems crippling we – the people).

    Does the prime minister have any respect for us the citizen/voter?

    I couldnot believe my eyes when I read in today’s Sunday Sun newspaper,that the prime minister attended the 2nd annual B’dos Music Awards with his wife and his daughter – a Ms Sabrina Worrell.

    What the hell is this?

    Here I am looking for the 7 year old girl leah,and what did I see but a fully developed young woman.
    No other further comment from the newspaper about this being a surprise,or did they question the prime minister on this – after all he is in public life.

    Harold Hoyte and Vivian Gittens should be ashamed of themselves and the papers they led/lead.

    I am waiting with bated breath to see if there is going to be a public discussion on this in the pages of the Nation and Advocate newspapers and on VOB call in programmes – led by their moderators.

    We have sunk to an all time low in this country – with it seems the complicity of the media and the church.

    I am waiting to hear the church reaction to this,and n.b. Rev.Lucille Baird is not the church – I mean the Anglican Bishop,the methodists priests,the pentecostals,7th Day adventists etc.

    I f they don’t speak up now,they should forever be quiet,since in my mind they would have lost their moral highground.

  26. Sick and fed up Sylvan

    The press in Barbados is simply pathetic. I cannot figure why they seem so afraid of Owen Arthur. They don’t seem to understand that their role is to be a watchdog. Owen Arthur has gotten away with a lot of crap. If he were prime minister of Britain, Canada or a more developed country, he would have had to go long ago. Now that child #2 has surfaced for the public to see, the question remains is she the last or are there more to come. Yet Barbadians are supposed to jump on the bandwagon and join Mr Arthur’s moral crusade which is simply a ploy to “include” the churches to support the BLP in the next election. In the meantime, poor Barbadians are getting poorer and sucking salt in Owen’s paradise for the rich and famous.

  27. Justice

    I was surprised to learn that there was another child. Was this great “moralist” ever faithful to his first wife? I find it a little ironic too that the picture appeared on the same day as a story that 1/3 of Bajan men might not be the fathers of their children.

  28. Jupiter

    Sick and Fed Up

    I have heard that there are at least 2 more children to come.

    I remember when the discussion started last year about the prime minister having a relationship with the mother of the 7 year old,and giving her a job in his office,as well as according to contributor ‘Velzo’ – a house refurbished courtesy of Rural Development – then some apologists were saying that this is par for the course in politics in the caribbean.

    Yet we have not heard of such brazen immoral behaviour by any other caribbean politicians who we know are no Angels.

    In Trinidad, last election Prime minister Manning was hounded by the press when the opposition Unc got a woman to falsely claim that she had a child for Manning.

    When called upon to produce proof of this – none came – and she conveniently disappeared after the election.

    However what was significant was that the Press persued the story.

    Last Year Tim Goopesingh – the UNC chairman had his romantic escapade splashed across the papers when his jolted lover smashed his windscreen when he was found in the arms of another lover – this while he was still married to his wife.

    Yet this barbados medis seem to engage in a cover up for BLP POLITICIANS.

    I have seen on this site comments about John Compton of St Lucia – although – I have not heard this before.

    There have been suggestions of hanky panky by prime miminister Gonsalves of St Vincent and P.J. Patterson of Jamaica.

    But nothing at the level of what we are seeing here in Barbados.

    The leader of a country producing one child after another without a blush on his face and nary a word from the media.

    We have rumours of a senior female minister biting someone (in the throes of passion or anger – who knows?),a male minister curb crawling for young boys and other immoral behaviour by the rest.

    Yet we the voters are supposed to genflect in their presence – and bow saying ‘yes minister,no minister,3 bags full minister’.

  29. Jupiter

    What went wrong there BFP?

  30. Anonymous

    The post came back,but a strange name appeared in the name bar afterwards.Any thing to worry about there?

  31. Mile and a Quarter

    That picture in Sunday Sun shock the bejesus out of me too. How many children does this man have? Children are wonderful but as Prime Minister this fella has got to set an example. Is this big girl from his second wife Julie or from his first wife? How many wives did he have? Mr. Prime Minister you need to come clean with the citizens on these issues. They are at the heart of the morality of which you speak. Your moral exhortations appear quite empty ,self serving and cynical.

  32. BFP

    hi jupiter

    We’ve seen the same thing since a WordPress software revision. Probably just a software bug. We’re always aware of security issues and we thank our readers for being alert for us.

  33. Jupiter

    BFP perhaps you could do a full story on this.I believe this needs greater exploration.

    We have:

    Piggy Of The Trough Award

    Diverse children outside marriage suddenly appearing

    No Integrity Laws

    No Freedom Of Information Legislation

    No reform of the Libel Laws

    No conflict of Interst laws,No appointment of Contractor – General………..

    A wonderful example as a leader.

  34. Jerome Hinds

    That is the legacy of the ‘ great ‘ Owen Arthur !!

    What did we expect from a PIMP ???

  35. John

    Now look here.

    It is only the Nation.

    Maybe they got it wrong.

    I thought it was extremely strange to see the caption about Owen’s daughter too.

    I looked to see a 7 year old child only to realise that there is no way any semsible parent would take such a young child to what is essentially an adult event.

    Has to be a mistake.

  36. Jupiter


    I know you’re making that point ‘about the Nation probably getting it wrong – re arthur’s second child – tongue in cheek.

    What I’m waiting to see is if there is going to be any follow – up by the newspapers on that bit of information they gave us.

    It seems that the cowardly practice of the nation is to just drop these little tidbits like this ‘apperance of another child’,or about the porters Gate issue,or the 80 BMW’s and do no analysis on the matter.

    Roy Morris should be ashamed since he is a well trained journalist,if not that lady – Roxanne Gibbs.

    Since all the media houses know that owen arthur tries to silence them with lawsuits at the drop of a hat,then unless a retraction appears apoligising for an error,I am led to believe that this paternity fact holds out.

    Is this going to be another 9 day wonder?

    The more we dismiss or ignore actions such as this,we are creating ground for monkey to run on.

    Then ‘anything really goes’ in this country,and politicians will believe they have a license to do anything they please without being held accountable.

  37. John

    … I agree with the anything goes.

    Problem is that while no one is a saint, we do need examples to follow and this is not one.

    Can’t contiue to follow the feel good way and not have to pay somewhere along the line.

    Something has got to give.

  38. Jupiter

    Did you find it strange that Dennis johnson on Down To Brasstacks said nothing about it in his opening remarks at the begining of the programme.

    He is usually very hot under the collar and verbose about issues,so what happen here?

    Are we seeing a cover up?

    Stay tuned people for the rest of the week,we’ll see what colour these broadcasters and journalists are wearing.

  39. Lady Anon

    Information coming to light is the young lady is O$A’s daughter…lives in Sturges St Thomas.

    I guess now he is married and is taking the “moral high ground” the children can now come out of the woodwork.

  40. laughing

    dont forget dennis johnson or dr.dolittle as he was called at cbc is part of blp propoganda machine. my question is how do these retards get to be moderators?

  41. Jupiter


    Thanks laughing for putting things into perspective for me re Dennis Johnson and moderators.

    Lady Anon

    Thanks also for that bit of information re the second child and its place of residence,maybe John might be a little more convinced now.

    I am told there are 2 more to come.

    How do you feel Lady Anon about the leader of the country behaving this way,and how do you feel about the journalists keeping quiet on this issue?

    Where are we heading in this society,what will our children think?