Homeowner Spits In Neighbour’s Face, Then Wonders Why Neighbour Won’t Come To Tea

Barbados Labour Party Minister of State Reverend Joseph Atherley chides the DLP for “polarisation” and for not participating enough in the Independence Day celebrations.

DLP General Secretary Pilgrim retorts, “Do not polarise. You are problem.”

Atherley replies, “Am not!”

Pilgrim yells, “ARE TOO!”

Atherley shouts, “Your mother is Ugly!”

Pilgrim says, “Your sister downs her undies for anyone!”

Atherley cries, “Don’t talk to me like that!”

Pilgrim pouts, “Then don’t talk to me like that!”

You get the idea…

Dems should ‘get more involved’
Published on: 12/3/06. The Nation News

POLITICIANS in Barbados have been urged to behave maturely and adopt positions which will ensure there is no political polarisation in the island.

Making this call yesterday was public relations officer of the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Reverend Joseph Atherley, who criticised the “poor level of participation” by the opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in some national events held to mark Barbados’ 40th anniversary of Independence.

He denounced the leadership of the DLP for not having had a strong presence at the annual parade which was held on Independence Day at the Garrison Savannah, nor or at the presentation of national awards held later that day at Government House.

“It’s an attitude which could lead to political polarisation,” he warned.

However, general secretary of the DLP, George Pilgrim in response said, ” this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The only party to drive the island along narrow partisan political lines is the Barbados Labour Party.”

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5 responses to “Homeowner Spits In Neighbour’s Face, Then Wonders Why Neighbour Won’t Come To Tea

  1. De Orginal

    Get more involved in recolonisation of our people and destroying the legacy of Errol Walton Barrow. I think not I applaud their stance for not participating in farcical activities. I think Hiliary Beckles’ play is perfect for this period so our people can see what it took to in route to an independent Barbados. I look forward to a renewed CBC which will for Errol Barrow day 2007 offer the viewers if not the full play an edited version.

  2. Andrew

    Hey. doesn’t Rev Atherly have nothing better to do than to walk around with an attendance book (register) checking on who attend and who don’t attend meetings?

    Regarding the DLP’s independence meeting, I believe that the ‘free concert’ at the stadium was meant to sabotage the DLP’s meeting which has been held on Independence eve for years.

    It backfired , hence Rev Atherley.s comments.

  3. Velzo

    Anyone who remembers hot “Reverend” Atherley behaved in the last election will know that he is a political thug. Who would want to go to tea with him, Sylvan, Henderson, Maaaascoll, Rodney, David Shorey and that whole bunch of corrupters?

  4. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Maybe Rev. Joe should also beat up on the BLP supporters who did not show up for the recent “CONversations” with the public.

  5. Jerome Hinds

    The goodly reverend is purely in denial. The DLP was having its independence meetings for ages. If it is good or worth the time people will come out and follow. The reverend’s attempt to converse with the people was just not WORTH IT! TEK DAT .