Castro About To Be Dead – Cuba About To Become Alive


Cuban Zombie, Walking Dead – Whatever You Call Him, Castro Is Finished…

… And So Is Communism

From our “Almost In Hell” files, we bring our readers the above YouTube music video of Cuba’s “Maximum Leader” as he prepares to be judged by God for everything he has done, and everything he has ordered done. (To view the video, click on the photo or here)

Yesterday was the big military parade to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Castro’s arriving in Cuba with his fellow rebels to launch their revolution. The commemoration culminated five days of celebrations for the glorious leader’s 80th birthday, but Castro was a no-show.

Casto is dead, dead, dead. He just hasn’t acknowledged it yet.

Castro’s Death Will Have A Profound Impact Upon Barbados

Castro’s death will be the beginning of the end for Cuba’s communist government. It might take a few more years, or it might be another East Germany.

What many Caribbean nations have forgotten, or have chosen to ignore, is that once Castro dies, the US will be free to pursue a policy of “engagement” with Cuba rather than the current hostile embargo. Coca-Cola and US tourist dollars will flow into Cuba and the impact will be immediate – both in Cuba and throughout the Caribbean.

Cuba has the size to become a future economic juggernaut, given a few years of Cuban exiles returning from the USA with knowledge, money, language skills and family still in Cuba.

This will have profound implications for Barbados as Cuba will become a major competitor for tourist and investment dollars. We have predicted in past articles that land values will plunge in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean as Cuba turns some of it’s land into foreign dollars – and we still believe that will be the case.

What nobody can really predict though, is the full impact of a free Cuba upon the economy of Barbados.

Ask yourself this though – Will a Free Cuba be a positive or a negative influence on the economy of Barbados?

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8 responses to “Castro About To Be Dead – Cuba About To Become Alive

  1. Hants

    If American investors get a hold of Cuba they will create the Las vegas of the Caribbean.

    For sure they will have the best looking and youngest hookers in the Caribbean.

    Remember Cuba before Castro?

    At least the Cubans will be free. Right?

  2. Pat

    Hants, not many Bajans know or want to know what Cuba was like before Castro. They prefer to think it was a land of milk and honey. Well, maybe it was, but only for the Americans and the American mafia.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    If Raoul and the rest of Castro’s administration turn to a ‘liberalised approach, Barbados’s (and all other Caribbean) tourism, aside from the very high end (Sandy Lane etc) will be dead.

    The amount of money pouring into Cuba will turn it into a tourist paradise. Cheap (and excellent) hotel infrastructure, food, entertainment (yes, ‘ladies’ too), casinos etc.

    By the way, ‘mafia’ dollars are so embedded in ‘legitimate’ activites now that it will be difficult to differentiate.

    So, for whats its worth, if we are to be selfish, we had better hope that Raoul keeps Cuba on the path set by Fidel.

    If not, our torism golden goose will be well and truly cooked.

  4. Bajanboy

    I disagree that tourism in the Caribbean will be dead should Castro’s death lead to a shift from communism to capitalism. The Caribbean has held its own in the Canadian and UK makets, whose nationals visit Cuba. Cuba suffers from a serious lack of quality in its service and food, so much so that many British people will visit Cuba only once (this is from my source at Virgin Holidays). The Cuban economy needs to go through some serious readjustment if it is transition to a market driven economy, and that transition will not be easy. Many state industries will collapse as they did in Eastern Europe, and life there will worse before it gets better.

  5. WIIFM

    Leave Fidel alone. I like the guy. He and the Cubanos have done wonderfully well for their country. The American mafia had turned that place into worlds biggest bordello. Now Cubans are independent, strong and proud. Shining examples too of acheiving a lot with little.

    Now if we can get Anthony Wood from sleeping while El Commandante Fidel is speaking we going in right direction.

  6. Velzo

    Do you know that the point about Cuba opening up was made at the DLP’s public meeting on Wednesday night? I must say that the chaps are thinking and really getting into important national concerns.

  7. Rumplestilskin


    The point IS that investment (from US Investors) will be such that the required turnaround in infrastructure WILL take place if the political environment changes.

    The comparative cost structure (labour, food, economy of scale), facilities (casinos) and proximity to USA will be such that there is no way we could compete.

    We shall see soon enough, if things change.


    One cannot deny that Fidel has stuck by his
    beliefs and while doing so shown that moral injustice does occur in the world today. Even if we do believe that his methods were not the best road to follow, he has made his point.

    It is ironic that at the ‘expected’ time of his health decline he is witnessing a virtual rebirth in the ‘socialist’ administrations in South America.

    It is also ironic that simultaneously the USA republican administration foreign policy has outreached itself in the Middle East, thus making this a difficult time to put resources into addressing its South America unpopularity.

    The reality is that the poor in South America have been marginalised for so long that the egg has come home to roost.

    Chavez has the backing of the majority, because for so long that majority was trampled upon and the wealthy were getting richer and richer. This was also mirrored to a greater or lesser extent in other SA countries.

    The time seems to have come when that will no longer be happening, as the voters (democratically) have decided.

    Finally, it is also ironic that in the above-mentioned climate, we in Barbados are now faced with these same crossroads.

    To be specific, do we allow the rich to get richer, forget the poor, or do we ensure that every good living Barbadian citizen has a stake in the future.

    This is our crossroad. I say, a place for all. Food for all. Life for all.

    What say you?

  8. Rumplestilskin

    A Cuban exile ‘blog’ is alleging that Castro has died.

    I guess it will take a few days to ascertain re the ‘Official’ word – Reuters & AP.

    If it is indeed so, then RIP.