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Jamaica Observer: “Prime Minister Arthur Co-Opting Church For Political Gain”

Barbara Gloudon of The Jamaica Observer doesn’t think much of Prime Minister Arthur mentioning religion in the same breath as sex and politics.

She takes him to task after reading a story about the PM’s comments on same-sex unions and prostitution…

It reported Prime Minister Owen Arthur as telling his people that “the church and religion would be central to decisions which his administration makes, including how it deals with contentious issues such as same-sex unions and prostitution.”

… read the entire article link here.

The only question I have for the PM is…

If it is ok to introduce religious factors in making political decisions about prostitution and gay marriage, why is it not ok to consider the same religious factors when considering abortion?

Well, Mr. Prime Minister… trying to have it both ways?


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Homeowner Spits In Neighbour’s Face, Then Wonders Why Neighbour Won’t Come To Tea

Barbados Labour Party Minister of State Reverend Joseph Atherley chides the DLP for “polarisation” and for not participating enough in the Independence Day celebrations.

DLP General Secretary Pilgrim retorts, “Do not polarise. You are problem.”

Atherley replies, “Am not!”

Pilgrim yells, “ARE TOO!”

Atherley shouts, “Your mother is Ugly!”

Pilgrim says, “Your sister downs her undies for anyone!”

Atherley cries, “Don’t talk to me like that!”

Pilgrim pouts, “Then don’t talk to me like that!”

You get the idea…

Dems should ‘get more involved’
Published on: 12/3/06. The Nation News

POLITICIANS in Barbados have been urged to behave maturely and adopt positions which will ensure there is no political polarisation in the island.

Making this call yesterday was public relations officer of the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP), Reverend Joseph Atherley, who criticised the “poor level of participation” by the opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in some national events held to mark Barbados’ 40th anniversary of Independence.

He denounced the leadership of the DLP for not having had a strong presence at the annual parade which was held on Independence Day at the Garrison Savannah, nor or at the presentation of national awards held later that day at Government House.

“It’s an attitude which could lead to political polarisation,” he warned.

However, general secretary of the DLP, George Pilgrim in response said, ” this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. The only party to drive the island along narrow partisan political lines is the Barbados Labour Party.”

… Finish reading this playground fight at The Nation News (link here).


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British Television Star Ben Freeman Charged With Rape In Barbados


Emmerdale star Ben Freeman has been charged with rape while on holiday in Barbados, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

The 26-year-old, who plays Scott Windsor in the ITV1 soap, was arrested and charged with the rape of a British woman by police on the Caribbean island earlier this week.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said she could not confirm reports that the victim was a 16-year-old girl.

But the spokeswoman said: “A female British national has reported an alleged rape. That was reported to the Barbadian police on Wednesday, November 29.

“The accused is also a British national and we can confirm his details. The next of kin are aware and both individuals are receiving consular assistance.”

Freeman was due in court in Barbados on Friday but the hearing was postponed.

No details of when he will next appear before magistrates were available at the moment, the Foreign Office spokeswoman said

… Read the complete article at UK Guardian link here.

Like every accused, Freeman is innocent until proven guilty – but as a public figure, he will pay the price no matter the verdict. Barbados has more than it’s fair share of “incidents” involving the rich and famous – and will continue to do so as long as we maintain our cache of a playground for those kind of folks.

Freeman was staying at the Almond Beach Village when charged.

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Prime Minister Arthur Leads Barbados Pate Crowd To Miami


The 30th annual Conference on the Caribbean Basin opens in Miami on Monday (December 4), with over 700 delegates from the Caribbean and Central American region participating in the three-day summit.

Themed, ‘A United Third Border’, the conference agenda will, this year, focus specifically on the status of the Caribbean Free Trade Area and the Caribbean Single Market and Economy and their influence on economic growth and employment in the region…

… Caribbean leaders expected at this year’s summit will include Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller; Prime Minister Owen Arthur of Barbados; and Presidents Preval and Fernandez of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, respectively.

The conference will be hosted by the Caribbean-Central American Action (CCAA).

… read the full article at the Jamaica Information Service link here.

Will That Be White Zinfandel, Sir, or Perhaps Some Moet?

As we have said in the past, such important decisions can made at these international conferences – and one should never underestimate the value of the personal relationships that can be forged between the leaders of nations. Conferences for government bureaucrats and politicians are much like golf outings for business – wholly necessary and valuable if used properly, but such a waste if one gets drunk or chooses the wrong friends.

Let’s hope that Owen and company give their best in Miami.

And for all our sakes, will somebody TRY to keep the PM from cozying up to despots in public? We understand that our diplomats often have to make polite conversation with even the worst bunch of n’er-do-wells, but watch the handholding this time, guys! Sometimes Owen just can’t help it…


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Castro About To Be Dead – Cuba About To Become Alive


Cuban Zombie, Walking Dead – Whatever You Call Him, Castro Is Finished…

… And So Is Communism

From our “Almost In Hell” files, we bring our readers the above YouTube music video of Cuba’s “Maximum Leader” as he prepares to be judged by God for everything he has done, and everything he has ordered done. (To view the video, click on the photo or here)

Yesterday was the big military parade to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Castro’s arriving in Cuba with his fellow rebels to launch their revolution. The commemoration culminated five days of celebrations for the glorious leader’s 80th birthday, but Castro was a no-show.

Casto is dead, dead, dead. He just hasn’t acknowledged it yet.

Castro’s Death Will Have A Profound Impact Upon Barbados

Castro’s death will be the beginning of the end for Cuba’s communist government. It might take a few more years, or it might be another East Germany.

What many Caribbean nations have forgotten, or have chosen to ignore, is that once Castro dies, the US will be free to pursue a policy of “engagement” with Cuba rather than the current hostile embargo. Coca-Cola and US tourist dollars will flow into Cuba and the impact will be immediate – both in Cuba and throughout the Caribbean.

Cuba has the size to become a future economic juggernaut, given a few years of Cuban exiles returning from the USA with knowledge, money, language skills and family still in Cuba.

This will have profound implications for Barbados as Cuba will become a major competitor for tourist and investment dollars. We have predicted in past articles that land values will plunge in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean as Cuba turns some of it’s land into foreign dollars – and we still believe that will be the case.

What nobody can really predict though, is the full impact of a free Cuba upon the economy of Barbados.

Ask yourself this though – Will a Free Cuba be a positive or a negative influence on the economy of Barbados?

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