Trafficking Of Women In Barbados

Our friend Titilayo of Gallimaurfry Blog is writing a post each day for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. She started on November 25th (International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and will end on December 10th (International Human Rights Day).

Most of us guys tend to ignore this sort of stuff as more shrill screeching from the man-hating feminazis. I have never, and would never, hit a woman myself. The only time I saw it happen in public, the boys and I had a little “chat” with the offender while Shona and her friends took the girl home.

But once again, we make a mistake if we think that everyone’s reality is like ours.

Never mind your thoughts of feminazis. Read Titilayo’s posts, starting with “We’re All The Poorer For It” Trafficking Of Women In Barbados.



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4 responses to “Trafficking Of Women In Barbados

  1. Hants

    Can we expect the Government MPs who post on this blog to comment on these allegations of human trafficking in Barbados or will we have to wait until after world cup?

  2. women's rights

    you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t hear from any of the women parliamentarians—they know their place and are too confortable to rock the boat—“ewes in ewes clothing”

  3. With the Free Movement of Labour under the CSME Barbados can expect quite an increase in trafficking by women on their own account!

  4. Jupiter

    Don’t hold your breath and wait for Lynette Eastmond to have a say on the issue of ‘women trafficking’,remember she only speaks on matters involving her ministry.

    Any way she is too busy turning up at all these luncheon and openings making her usual ‘meaningless empty rhetoric’ to have time with serious topics such as those.

    After all politics is not about making peoples lives better,its about ‘a game of rouders’ or bar-b-que to raise funds, kissing babies,attending funerals of people you didn’t even care about or spoke to,or better yet getting some lovely benefits e.g. a ‘cheap rural development house’ for your constituency office, built for a government minister’s father out of the public purse.