Of Denial, Deception, Decline – And Soaping Young “Ladies” At The Pub: Richard Hoad’s View Of Barbados Independence


Somehow, we missed Richard Hoad’s view of 40 Years Of Barbados Independence as published in The Nation News.

Good for some thought and a bit of a chuckle. Maybe more than a chuckle… Don’t read the last bits with a mouthful of beer or it will come out your nose!

(Only thing we’d like to ask Richard is how he knew about the soaping at the pub?)

The Nation News: The Lowdown – They Sing No More


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8 responses to “Of Denial, Deception, Decline – And Soaping Young “Ladies” At The Pub: Richard Hoad’s View Of Barbados Independence

  1. De Orginal

    It is interesting that so many persons seem not so hyper about our nation’s 40th anniversary of Independence. I wonder if like me they have seen in the last few years the work of Errol Barrow and the other stalwarts in the struggle for independence eroded and our people being pushed back in time. No wonder a large section of the population did not see it fit to attend the free “bashment” at the National Stadium. I do think that is the question our political leaders should ask themselves. Why the non participation or lack of interest and excitement ? I would venture to answer we Barbadians see nothing to rejoice in when we are burdened with taxes and barely able to feed our families while big business reaping the sweets and the small man suffering . We long for that promise made some 40 years ago a Barbados for Barbadians all and not some. I eagerly await the coming to pass of this dream. Then maybe we can do bashment and relax more but until then we are struggling both physically and physcological to feed our families.

  2. John

    … or maybe it is that the only struggle for independence that occurred was in the creative imagination of Erroll Barrow and succeeding politicians.

    Maybe bajans aren’t buying all that struggle talk anymore.

    Come on, England was glad to be rid of us and gifted us independence!!

    There was no struggle except perhaps between one faction of politicians and their backers who wanted it and another set who didn’t.

    If this proposition is true then what must be most worrying for the powers that be is that their delivery of propaganda is no longer working and their control of the populace is under threat!!.

    …. then again maybe people are too busy spreeing to bother!!

  3. Hants

    John prehaps the only struggle you understand is physical.
    Struggle or not Barbados has a lot to thank Errol Barrow for. It could not have progressed as well under British Colonisation.

  4. John

    Not saying that we don’t have to thank Errol Barrow but rather trying to point out that our Independence in 1966 was not a struggle, rather a gift.

    Remember, Errol Barrow himself said that we were independent since 1651. Incidentally, Barbadians shed their blood back then!!

    The struggle which many say was for Independence had more to do with making a living in this world, changing up our economy and providing opportunities for more of the population.

    I say this is a day to day struggle all humans and countries face and was going on long before Errol Barrow came on the scene and will continue long after he has gone.

    That his contributuion to this struggle was real and beyond the contribution any individual till then had made, that he did his best with the light he was given and that he is worthy of remembrance, no problem with that position.

    Please note, I am not saying that he did not do bad things, after all he was human.

    That he and we had to struggle to wrest Independence from England, …. I stopped believing this years ago.

    I would not say that one party’s claim that he is the “Father of Independence” is in the same street as the other party’s claim that Owen is the “Father of First World Barbados”.

    Rather, I see the recent claim as an attempt by the propaganda merchants to somehow give Owen a place in history rather than letting him earn it for himself, as Errol Barrow did. The First World Barbados claim is pure hogwash.

    There is no doubt that Errol Barrow played a pivotal role in gaining Independence for Barbados, however, it was not a struggle, mental, spiritual or physical.

    … and I am familiar with struggle that is not physical, ….. like most people.

    The struggle gets physical only when the other modes of struggle have failed and I hope I am dead and gone long before I see a need for a physical struggle.

    Even Hilter had alot to say in his book “Mein Kampf” or “My War” …or “My Struggle”.

    Struggle is a human condition, not that Hitler was too human!!

  5. Rumplestilskin

    Sadly, much of what Lowdown says is true, re deterioration in moral fibre etc.

    We have let ourselves down. Now we need to say no to drugs, say no to crude behaviour (at least Owen is NOW trying), so no to schoolchildrens’ awful behaviour.

    If we look to the gutter we will reach it and keep digging below the earth.

    If we look to the heavens we can only go up.

    Great article Mr.Hoad.

  6. De Orginal

    The time has come and the nation has matured to the point where we Bajans must demand more accountablility, integrity and transparency from our leaders not just well made statements about bashment culture and and declining morals. The country must demand methods of how this can be done and not just talk shops like the one at Hilton Hotel recently. I do believe that such meetings are an exercise in futility and serves only to further deplete the treasury of needed dollars. We should be implementing policies and not meeting to discuss decline it’s evident. We should be tackling PTA’s, Schools and Youth Groups on an individual level that is where you will get results not lavish meetings at the Hilton. The decline we are seeing is a total lack of accountability in this country, the lack of integrity displayed by all and sundry and the lack of transparency in dealings at all levels. I firmly believe until we start to address these three issues our country will not progress to the levels of development we desire or should I say aspire.

  7. John

    Wonder which Williams went interfering with the Cat’s Whiskers?

  8. Jason