Jamaica Observer Calls For Campaign Finance Law. The Nation News, Barbados, Calls For… ah…, er…

Should Barbados Have Campaign Finance Laws?

Or more correctly put: should COW Williams be able to donate as much as desired to any one candidate and skew the election by virtue of big money?

Dennis Morrison of The Jamaica Observer makes some good points about Jamaica’s campaign money problems in his article PM Must Enact Campaign Finance Law“. Substitute the word “Barbados” for “Jamaica” and throw in a few of our corruption scandals instead of Jamaica’s, and you could easily print the article in The Nation News.

Except, of course, The Nation News wouldn’t print such an article as it might offend the government.

Here is an excerpt from The Jamaica Observer…

“One gap in Jamaica’s legislative framework, which would be seen as a big negative, is the absence of rules governing campaign financing. Societies that lack transparency in this matter are perceived as being highly susceptible to public sector corruption. The Trafigura affair reminded us that not only do we not have any rules and that there is total lack of transparency in this matter, but we have no position as to whether political contributions by foreigners are legal or illegal. In short, a key element of our democracy is operating without rules with respect to its funding.”

… Read the whole article at The Jamaica Observer (link here).

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One response to “Jamaica Observer Calls For Campaign Finance Law. The Nation News, Barbados, Calls For… ah…, er…

  1. God Bless David

    Does such legislation really make a difference? All it tends to do is to force the special interest contributors and the politicians to look for new ways of maintaining their symbiotic relationships…that’s why the Clinton White House was hawking the Lincoln Bedroom on a per night basis like it was the Copacabana on Bay Street…and why Blair’s Labour party has been hit by influence peddling scandals (going to the highest bidder, seats in the House of Lords). Both the US and the UK have strict laws in place to control campaign finance contributions…but necessity will always be the mother of invention.

    It may still be worth the effort to get such legislation on the agenda in Barbados, just so that the pols and the plutocrats don’t think that they have a totally free hand to sew-up our lives…