Barbados Leaders Give Independence Day Messages


Two Leaders, Two Messages…

Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s message can be found here.

Leader Of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, David Thompson’s message can be found here.


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2 responses to “Barbados Leaders Give Independence Day Messages

  1. Thank you BFP for giving us a very interesting information. Keep up the good work. (wink)

    Thank you and congratulation to the people
    of Barbados on the achievement of our 40th anniversary of Independence. Let us be thankful and enjoy whatever Barbados has to bring. God Bless us All.
    Learn more about the people and practices that have contributed to the unique culture of Barbados. –

  2. “Let the next 40 years be that period where we make ourselves First World in every respect” says our PM. A noble objective, indeed ,which will require the highest standard of leadership.