Where Did The Prime Minister’s Photo Disappear To?


Perhaps Some Technical Difficulties At Lynette Eastmond’s Website?

Back on September 2, 2006, Barbados Free Press noted that a photo on Senator Lynette Eastmond’s website showed Prime Minister Owen Arthur presenting an award to our sweetie, Rihanna.

With some humour, we mentioned that the Prime Minister’s eyes appeared to be wandering a bit south and we wrote about this in our article Barbados Prime Minister Fails To Look Rihanna In The Eye“.

This was all in fun and Senator Eastmond and others joined in with some good-natured humour in return. Everybody thought it just showed Owen Arthur as an ordinary healthy guy. Nothing wrong with that. Harvard Girl even replied that the Prime Minister wasn’t a bad looking man himself.

At the end of the day, it was all a bit of good-natured humour – and we’re sure that the PM would have chuckled a bit with everyone else.


Then last week, one of our readers notified us that the original photo of Owen and Rihanna appeared to be missing from Senator Eastmond’s website. We looked, and sure enough, the photo and the article were nowhere to be seen.

hmmmmm…. Must be some technical difficulties over at Lynette’s website.

BFP To The Rescue!

It’s a good thing that we at BFP made a copy of the missing photo or it might have been lost forever! We are happy to publish it here while Lynette sorts out her technical difficulties and restores the original article to her website.

(Don’t even mention it, Lynette. We’re always happy to help a fellow blogger!)

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11 responses to “Where Did The Prime Minister’s Photo Disappear To?

  1. I will firmly stand my ground and I am firmly of the view that any woman who thinks that is ok to reveal her body in my presense while demanding that i not stare, not look, that i demonstrate modesity while she does not, will be made to feel as uncomfortable as a good stare down should make her feel. 😀 From my view they both firmly stood they ground. 😀

  2. Hants

    Whats up BFP. Slow day?

  3. Velzo

    You think he does the same thing when he sees his deputy?

  4. passin thru

    ha ha ha. Lynette took down the photo and now BFP has it up for all to see.

    Owen can run but he can’t hide!

  5. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
    William Shakespear

  6. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com say:
    November 30th, 2006 at 2:16 pm
    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
    William Shakespear
    I have tested this statement for truth and found it sadly lacking. Like all other relationships, if you are not vested in it nothing said by any one particular female can have the alluded too effect, in that statement.

    To test this hypothesis, I pondered on what would be my reaction to scorn directed at me by let say MIA. 😀 wait this would open up way to many additional questions. 😀 such as is it possible for MIA to successfully scorn a man. I will have to find another subject. 😀

  7. Littleboy56@caribsurf.com

    Get real man the operative word here is “woman”…
    enough said!!!(SMILE)

  8. John

    Saw a picture of another Bajan man sitting with the same Mia watching a beauty pageant. It was in the Nation but can’t find it on line.

    Bizzy’s gaze seemed riveted on what was happening on stage as the young ladies paraded in their bikinis.

    However, I noticed another lady in the row of dignataries was not watching what was happening on stage at all, …. but rather seemed to have her attention firmly focussed on Bizzy….. and she did not look too happy!!

    Maybe this situation might lend some credence to the saying above saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

    Maybe I misinterpreted the picture. Anyone see it?

  9. passin thru

    Oh My! 😉

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