Free Admission To Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary For Independence Day


What A Great Way To Spend Independence Day

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is celebrating Independence Day by giving free admission to everyone. Come on down, bring your family and friends, and see natural, beautiful Barbados. Lot’s of fun for the kids – they sure won’t be bored!

Meet Your Favourite BFP Writers At The Nature Sanctuary

Robert, Cliverton, Shona, Marcus and even Auntie Moses will all be at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary shortly after noon.

See you there!

AND – don’t forget – FREE ADMISSION!

Visit the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary Website (link here).



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16 responses to “Free Admission To Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary For Independence Day

  1. Hants

    Happy Independence day BFP and fellow Bajan Bloggers.
    Wish I was down there to celebrate.

  2. Pat

    Happy Independence Day. I though you guys were supposed to be incognito? Yet you advertising how you can be recognized?

  3. Thanks for the tip on your whereabouts tomorrow…seems i wont have to travel for to assassinate whoever it was that edited my post. Have a good Independence everyone.

  4. Bajanboy

    Easily one of the best attractions in Barbados. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the rest of Barbados’ environment could match what’s inside of the sanctuary?

  5. West Side Davie

    I believe that the last public meeting Marcus and Shona and their son were there and they took a picture of the meeting. Everybody saw the photo on BFP but nobody knew who they are. Is that what will happen tomorrow Marcus? How will we know you?

  6. Its a ploy… they won’t actually be there, they are just laying a false trail :P.

  7. West Side Davie

    How do you know Andrew? Just curious!

  8. West Side Davie

    Last time Shona took a photo or so they said.

  9. Out Dey In Bim

    Disposable Arts

    I really wish BFP would do as your name suggests and dispose of you.

    You make senseless,childish petty comments and that one above really takes the cake.

    Go find another toy alright,this site is for sensible people.

    And you could start yuh cussing right now,who cares.

  10. Obviously you care…and I’m pretty serious.

  11. Disposable Arts

    Out in Bim or whatever your name is, i nearly didn’t feel like blasting your stupidy, butt…

    Dude, i was being sarcastic ok? Reach your hand back and pull that uptight stick outta your rectum and be easy….wait, before i go any further, how old are?

  12. Let’s keep this a happy occasion on a happy day and be tranquil. If I don’t recognise the BFP folks I won’t mind, but I would really like to see Owen Arthur there so he knows what a flying start the Nature Sanctuary is for Graeme Hall National Park.

  13. Tudor

    What a fantastic day!! I have just returned from a wonderful experience. You got to give Allard full marks for creating Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. I figure that 4 000 people must have passed thru, bajans too love a freeness!
    The PM should visit and realize what a wonderful opportunity the National Park is for him & his Govt to leave a lasting legacy for future generations of bajans. The friends of Graeme Hall were there collecting signatures for the National Park overheard harry roberts saying that over 3,000 have now been collected. Hopefully we will get the National Park.

  14. Glicktuck

    A perfect day and thank you BFP for letting us know it was free free free!

    I ashamed to admit I never been there until today. What a place like I never saw on this island before. Too many peoples today and that is alright because of special day. A normal day there should be like wild peace.

  15. Barbados sounds like a wonderful place, would like to visit one day, i am lucky enough to live in Guernsey Channel Islands, a really beautiful place.