Barbados Professional Engineers Could Lose International Status

UWI-trained engineers could lose international accreditation

CBC Sunday, 26 November 2006

The Barbados Association of Professional Engineers is worried that their University of the West Indies-educated members could lose their ranking and status in the field internationally.

President Roger Blackman says the international body, which has been accrediting UWI degrees for decades, has changed its qualification requirements.

Mr. Blackman says this means the UWI’s three-year undergraduate programmes will no longer be given chartered engineering status…

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This has far-reaching implications for more than just the engineers themselves. A general loss of accreditation for Barbados engineers would cripple many Bajan companies and force them to hire outsiders.

Let’s hope something can be worked out soon, because the simple mention of this problem is enough to send some clients packing.


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4 responses to “Barbados Professional Engineers Could Lose International Status

  1. Pat

    If the course of study is equivalent to Canada, the US, etc. then there should be no problem. Most countries have a four year course of study. I was surprised that UWI has only 3. What is missing from the 3 year that’s included in the four? Just fill in the gaps.

  2. God Bless David

    I’m a registered engineer in Barbados, trained in the UK (and now working in Bermuda). I’ve worked over the past 14 years with engineers trained at UWI and others trained in the US and the UK, primarily. I would say that the only significant advantage which I have noticed that those of us who have studied further afield have over those who attended UWI is a generally slightly broader perspective when exposed to problems requiring practical solutions. Having said that, I also know a couple of UWI engineering grads who have worked overseas, and have developed into first class engineering minds. If UWI needs to re-structrure its programme to maintain its accreditation status, it should focus on developing its students along more practical (as opposed to theoretical) lines, as that does seem to be a bit of a deficiency to me.

  3. Jason

    GBD… I have found excellent, good and a dangerous engineers in Barbados; just like in two other places I’ve worked, San Francisco and Paris. As you probably know, on large projects it is standard practice to call in another completely different firm to check the work of the primary engineering firm.

    The trouble with the current situation is that people often say “get someone else” when offered an engineer from Barbados or another Caribbean country who has never worked abroad.

    Barbados must do something to change this situation.

  4. Dianamun

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