Barbados Abandons Canada At United Nations – “Thanks For Nothing” Say Canadians

Iran Calls For UN Censure Of Canada As Human Rights Abuser of Aboriginals & Immigrants

UNITED NATIONS – Some of the most popular holiday destinations for Canadians have spurned helping Ottawa fight off Iran’s bid to taint Canada’s human rights record.

In a showdown at the United Nations, Cuba joined Iran and four other countries supporting Tehran’s call for the world body to censure Canada over its treatment of aboriginal Canadians and immigrants.

Various other countries popular with Canadian tourists stopped short of speaking up for Canada by abstaining. Among them were China, Thailand, Singapore, Barbados, Costa Rica, and South Africa.

The backbone of support for Canada came from Western democracies, and the European Union, Australia and New Zealand went on record saying Iran’s anti-Canadian draft had been political retaliation for Canada’s leadership Tuesday in seeing Iran’s human rights record condemned…

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I missed this issue in the Barbados media and only discovered it accidentally on another blog. Was it mentioned in the Barbados media at all?

In retalitation for Canada’s introducing and having passed a UN motion condemning Iran’s human rights record (all to do with the torture and murder of Zahra Kazemi – a Canadian woman journalist who was beaten to death by Iranian police) – Iran introduced a motion to censure Canada for human rights violations of aboriginals and immigrants.

Supporting the failed motion to condemn Canada were the virtuous countries of Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Myanmar and Belarus.

Supporting Canada were despotic gulags like the European Union, Australia and New Zealand.

Barbados abstained – along with China, Singapore, Costa Rica and South Africa and 48 other countries.

That Barbados abandoned Canada is big news throughout the land of snow – with major newspapers carrying the story on Friday and Saturday, November 24 and 25.

Canada – practically little Barbados in some parts of Toronto – a country that has welcomed immigrants from all over the world for a century. Canada – where something like 100 languages are spoken in Toronto alone.

Sure, Canada abused the aboriginals in times past, but the Iranian motion condemned Canadians for current behaviour – not fifty years ago.

Does Barbados consider Canada such a brutal country that our diplomats were instructed not to support Canada?

Or maybe the Barbados government said “To Hell with Canada – we want all those tourists and investors from Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, Myanmar and Belarus”

Whatever happened, the Canadians and their media are mad as hell at Barbados.

Thanks Owen!

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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27 responses to “Barbados Abandons Canada At United Nations – “Thanks For Nothing” Say Canadians

  1. Rumplestilskin

    Hmmm. I understand your concern and what may concern many.

    Have you not thought that Barbados is now saying ….our vote is not cheap.

    We have been vilified internationally by OECD recently (officially cleared, but although not on an official blacklist, the intent is still there), we are fighting to maintain our Offshore Financial Status.

    The banada industry in other Caribbean islands has been destroyed by the ‘big business’ lobbyists in the North.

    Why should we automatically vote for the North, if we are economically ‘under seige’?

    One argument may be that at least thus far Canada has stood alone in supporting us. Understandable.

    But where do we draw the line and say ‘enough is enough’?

    We have got to survive. These votes are a bargaining chip, however small….or large.

  2. reality check


    This is a very strange comment???

    “we have to survive economically and sell our votes and souls to anyone in the world no matter how horrific?”

    maybe Iran can give us some cheap oil without strings like Venezuela or did Venezuelas oil buy the last abstention?

    by the way —its the EU that stopped the banana import quota

  3. Bajanboy

    As a Barbadian with Canadian citizenship, I am saddened that Barbados did not vote against this resolution. While a long time ago, Candada did not treat its aboriginal people well, it has gone further than all countries in making amends for this. Today, Candian companies pump a few hundred million dollars into the Barbados eceonomy through the offshore sector. We should aprreciate this and support our true allies.

  4. This is the problem Proud, but nevertheless beggar Nations like Barbados finds themselves in all the time. How do I maintain my pride and national sovereignty while sticking my hand out for a donation?

    ……It serves Canada and all other western democracies right. This is what you get for cuddling communist dictators, Islamic dictators, and little two bit beggar countries. Stop allowing the communist and Islamic colonizers from using western laws, customs, and liberties to insult, defame and injure us while such laws, customs, and liberties are non existent in their own countries. It amazes me that so called intelligent westerners would give these brutal dictators time of day with their hypocritical agenda, where is the accountability? As for Barbados well the political class has for the last 40 years demonstrated more socialist ideology than democratic principles and their position on this ruling, in our name and as stated by BFP’s article cannot be based on altruism on their part. Hillary Beckles many books tells me that our Government does not have a track record from which to criticize anybody, let alone Canada.

  5. honeybee

    Bajanboy said “Today, Candian companies pump a few hundred million dollars into the Barbados eceonomy through the offshore sector. We should aprreciate this and support our true allies.”

    Can.$35 billion!!

  6. Bajanboy

    OK, I was talking about corporate tax revenue from offshore companies.

  7. John


    Hilary Beckles is a lightweight, read Tatanka!!

  8. I don’t feel Barbados should be taken to task for abstaining with various other nations on this issue. Our message is “Leave us out of this political posturing” which I feel is fair comment. Just because we value Canadian visitors shouldn’t mean a knee-jerk reflex to vote for them.

  9. reality check

    political posturing?

    If a good friend of yours is accused of a bad human rights record and you agree —you should vote for the resolution and censure that friend—if you disagree you should vote against the resolution and come to the defense of that friend

    your silence speaks volumes for speaking out only when it suits you and thereby condemns your sense of moral duty—how very christian!!!

  10. Phoenix

    seriously reality check, how on earth christianity get into this?

  11. if it is political posturing by two Dictatorial fascist countries, then why did we abstain? This is an abuse of our best foreign policy position of “Friends of all and satellites of none”. Canada is a democracy like us we cannot aspire to be like Iran or Cuba, but our leaders by their adherences to the socialist ideology practice by the latter two would want to consider them Friends as well, not in our names. Can Owen Arthur who is the recipient of Cuba’s highest honor honestly say that he is a Satellite of no one?

    Well that picture of him in tight embrace with Fidel the dictator tells me more than they are willing to say.

  12. Bajanboy

    The Iranian resolution was so ridiculous that we should have voted against it. Are we afraid to stand up to Iran? It would be curious to look at Barbados’ voting record at the UN over the past few years to see what gets our support and what does not.

  13. Un-Ominous

    Maybe because todays Christians are largely hypocrites, and she feels Canada’s ‘friends’ are showing hypocracy. I agree with her.

  14. Pat

    First and foremost, that Kazemi woman was an Iranian, travelling on an Iranian passport. When in your home country, you are treated as a citizen of that country.

    She was allegedly caught where she was not supposed to be, taking photos that were not allowed, and refused to cease and desist when ordered to. To cry Canadian after the incident was ridiculous. She should have travelled on a Canadian passport which would have allowed the Canadian authorities to do more on her behalf.

    Contrary to what many may think, the natives are still treated despicably. Especially on the reserves, which are maintained (or rather not) by the federal government. There are currently before the courts, hundreds of Indian land claims and the government is not moving to resolve the issues.

    Furthermore, Canada’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa are built on Indian owned land. That was several years ago. To-date, the government has done nothing to buy or pay back rent for such lands. Anyone who thinks the natives are treated well today, should visit some reserves out west. No running water, no indoor plumbing, houses without insulation, in a country that has severe winters. I spent 3 years working and travelling on the prairies and the conditions of the natives are not pretty.

    There is still lots of discrimination against the natives in Canada. Even blacks discriminate against them and make jokes of, and put them down.

    The Barbados government is free to do as it pleases with its UN vote. Dont forget, that Harper is planning to amend the Tax Act, so that those off shore companies in Bim will now pay taxes here. If they pay here where they operate, they cannot pay down there. You cant have it both ways. That is what politics is all about . It is a game. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

  15. West Side Davie

    So kiss goodbye $35 bil?

  16. Rumplestilskin

    Reality check, you put something in quotes (attributed to me) which I did not say…are you a politican by any chance? To do so is unacceptable in the way of etiquette.

    Reality is…our vote is our vote….that is business nowadays.

    PAT SAID:that Harper is planning to amend the Tax Act, so that those off shore companies in Bim will now pay taxes here. If they pay here where they operate, they cannot pay down there. You cant have it both ways. That is what politics is all about . It is a game. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.


    Canadian Gov’t may not do today, but may do tomorrow.

    Firstly, we are as Errol Barrow said:

    ‘friends of all, satellites of none’…

    We won’t suck up for the sake of it. What we do has to be in our best interest.

    My thinking was that the banana issue was in respect of Chiquitta (or whatever the name) monopolise.

  17. Kathy

    A vote at the United Nations shouldn’t be about the money, or revenge. What happened to integrity? Barbados should always vote with conscience.

    It is obvious that this was a frivolous motion on the part of Iran in retaliation for Canada’s complaint against them. Look at the facts here – the lady was tortured and beaten to death by the Iranian authorities. She was a Canadian citizen, even though she was also an Iranian, but that should not matter – she was a human being. Iran decides to retaliate and bring a similar motion against Canada, where I have yet to hear of police beating journalists to death.

    I do not agree with everything in Canadian politics, nowhere near, but, come on, nobody really believes that they have any major human rights violations. Barbados is more likely to deserve human rights censure than Canada.

  18. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, maybe we are a ‘little beggar country’ but the above queries give rise to a much more serious issue.

    How about all the other bigger ‘little beggar countries’ in our own hemisphere, let alone internationally. Do all of us have to ‘toe the line’?

    Apparently those in South America have said an emphatic NO, apart from Mexico and Panama.

    Seven recently (democratically) elected governments, so called ‘leftists’ have now surfaced in South America.

    I am sure the North is ecstatic that democracy is being so well represented. We can now wait for the North to embrace these new administrations as beacons of the democratic tradition.

  19. Pat

    Kathy, the UN has condemned Canada for its human rights violations against its aboriginal peoples. Have you forgotten the native up in Labrador? Up to last year they found waste discharge up stream from an indian reservation, where the native got their drinking water. The entire reserve had to be relocated until remedies were found.

    If you want to talk about the abuse of votes at the UN look no father than the countries with vetoes.

    Kazemi was a grown woman who knew the country, its laws and the government of the day. She knew what she was getting into. She was not on assignment attached to a newspaper, had no accreditation. She was a freelancer who thought as an Iranian she could get better news than westerners. She was after the easy buck. No matter what the Iranians and their leaders are like. In my opinion, she put herself in the situation she found herself in.

    The thousands Bush and Blair have had killed in Iraq to-date are also human beings. I am still waiting for them to find some WMD.

  20. Pat

    West Side Dave:

    Maybe the government will get $70million in aid from Iran. With no strings to boot.


    Dont hold your breath. The north is probably plotting all like now to remove those governments by hook or crook. Remember Hamas? Bush insisted that they be on the ballot, but when they were elected what did he do? Refused to recognize a democratically elected government. The US, Canada, Britain, Australia, the EU and on and on.

  21. Red

    The Canadian Governments spends annually CAD$9.1 billion on Aboriginal programmes. At 1.3 million aboriginals in Canada, this works out to spending of $7000 per capita per annum. Of course, most of the funds are spent on collective programmes, offering services in education and social services; but, there is still an income assistance programme.

    Conditions on reservations are not the sole fault of the Federal government; the tribal councils that administer the areas can share the blame.

  22. Hants

    Barbados has a problem. It cannot stand by itself. It needs Countries like Canada to help support an economy that is based on “Overseas Investment”.

    The repercussions could be damaging to the Barbados economy.

    Harper may have to use his “No offshore Tax exemption” card before he calls the next election as he has a Quebec problem on his hands right now.

    Barbados may be forced to forget principals and vote Dollars in the future.

  23. Bajanboy

    Red, in addition to the money spent by the Federal Government, aboriginal people are allowed to operate casinos on their reserves, something not allowed elsewhere in the provinces. Additionally, income earned on reserves is free of any sales, income and corporate tax. Some Canadians feel that the government is doing too much for aboriginals and that their (non-aboriginal) tax dollars provide too great a subsidy to aboriginals.

  24. Kathy

    I would have no problem visiting Canada, where I understand that Pat actually lives, in spite of its apparently abysmal human rights record! I will not willingly visit Iran for any reason. If Canada has such human rights abuses, why would immigrants flock there in such large numbers? Including immigrants from Iran?

    Iraq must have had WMD until quite recently, since thousands of Kurds were massacred by Saddam Hussein, using WMD.

  25. Rumplestilskin


    I am not saying Canada has a bad human rights record, but I am making the point that in global politics, these votes are ‘chips’ and power cards.

    Maybe sad, but true.

    Does it not now look as if USA will be going to Iran and Syria to ask for help in ‘settling’ Iraq?

    So they will deal with two of the ‘axis of evil’ to achieve their aim?

    This is the type of ‘diplomacy’ I refer to.

    While Iraq has become more of (and always was) a powder keg, so it may argued that USA has no choice, is this the right thing to do?

    Finally, yes. Thus far Canada has been the ‘big’ Nation that has supported us most.

    Look at the embassies. Canadian is here.

    There is virtually none here for USA. At least none easily accessible to the Barbadian, without appointment etc.

    That shows us just who we are to these countries. In raw terms. We DO NOT COUNT to some.

    The Australian one moved recently to Trinidad.

    In the eyes of some we are becoming less important. (Although that will change mighty fast if any of our oil tries hit a find).

    Canada has supported us, and until Harper says otherwise.

    Thanks to Canada for that.

    So maybe you are right that our vote was used at the wrong time or in the wrong way.

    Just bear in mind that sometimes we do need to make a point.

  26. Pat

    Kathy, just google Maher Arar and Dudley George. By the way, I would go to Iran. In fact, I would go anywhere that would give me a visa. Not to live, but for a visit.

    Re: wmd, you should know, after all Rumsfeld sold them to Iraq no? So, if they were used on the Kurds, how could they still have any, when relations with the US were severed after the first gulf war?

    The Canadian govenment has spent since 1993 $790 million dollars on lawyers re the native land claims, and as of today, not one claim has been settled. That is where lots of the so-callled Indian money goes, to feather lawyers pockets.

  27. J. Payne

    And to think…. The Barbados Agricultural Society at one time tried to take Barbados into the direction of political union with Canada. At the time Canada’s current provinces were justing coming together as separate territories to form the Canadian Confederation in the 1880’s….