Who Funds The Environmental Foundation Of Jamaica?

Through a friend, we heard about some of the good work being done by the Environmental Foundation Of Jamaica. The group has a reputation for doing rather than talking. The current project list as shown on their website is a little behind, but here it is…

Current Projects – Environmental Foundation Of Jamaica

The programme includes projects under the following themes:
– Watershed Management
– Urban Parks & GreenSpaces
– Child Development
– Biodiversity
– Waste Management

Projects currently being worked on are:

Dunn’s River Upper Watershed Project

The Dunn’s River is located in St. Ann, Jamaica. The falls which cascade into the Caribbean Sea are world famous as a tourist attraction The falls are fed by three rivers which start in areas in the upper watershed above the falls.

In order to secure water quality and sustain the streamflows, management of the watershed is critical.

The project will also address the following tasks:

1. Water Resource Monitoring of surface and ground water quality, streamflow volumes and groundwater levels.
2. Reforestation of 230 hectares of trees in the watershed.
3. Baseline Environmental Assessment
4. Sustainable Watershed Management and Development Plan
5. Solid Waste Management
6. Public Education in surrounding communities and Schools
7. Training

Who Funds This Good Work? … The USA

The United States of America entered into an agreement with the Government of Jamaica in which Jamaican debts to America are forgiven, and the payments that are otherwise due to America are re-invested into Jamaica for the good of Jamaican citizens.

“The Foundation promotes, supports and implements activities designed to conserve the natural resources and the environment of Jamaica and fosters the well-being of our children.

To this end the Foundation will give the highest priority to those activities from which benefits are sustainable and/or replicable.”

…From the foundation’s website (link here).

Will The United States Assist Barbados In The Same Manner?

As we noted in a previous article United States Eats Crow Responding To China In The Caribbean, the United States wants to kiss and make up with Barbados – so perhaps our government could make enquiries to see if the USA would be agreeable to an arrangement for watershed aid like it has with Jamaica.

Then again, it always takes some time for an old friend to forget they were slapped in the face.


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  2. Anonymous-

    Good job mate.

  3. passin thru

    Found a few things on the web.

    Looks like they are funded to US$20 million dollars over 15 years…

    EFJ was legally established as a limited company, with guarantee and without capital, under the
    Companies Act of Jamaica, in November 1991. From its beginning, the objective of EFJ was to
    finance environmental activities and child development projects through local NGOs. Under the agreement creating EFJ signed in 1991 and amended in 1993, the Fund receives resources in
    two independent accounts.

    The first, established in 1991, was capitalized with the payment of interest owed on debt to USAID for a total of $9.2 million between 1991 and 2001. The second account is capitalized from the interest owed by the Government of Jamaica as payment on PL 480 debt, totaling $12.3 million between 1993 and 2012.

  4. Interesting idea. Have you received any response yet from the Barbados government and/or USAID?