President Of Barbados Hotel and Tourism Blames Cricket World Cup For Low Winter Bookings… Is He Correct?

Also: World Golf Cup Bookings “Not Doing As Well As Expected”

Hey… maybe all the tourists are going to arrive all at once for the Cricket World Cup. Better hope so…

With the winter tourist season just three weeks away, slow bookings are causing concern for hoteliers and other tourism officials.

President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Alvin Jemmott, is reporting that advanced bookings are down compared to the same period last year.

This is forcing some hoteliers to offer discount rates at Christmas to try and attract business.

Mr. Jemmott says the situation has developed because of misunderstandings surrounding ICC World Cup Cricket 2007.

The BHTA president says the month of March is the critical period and if they can get business up to expectations then the winter will be as good or even better than last winter.

As far as world cup cricket is concerned, Mr. Jemmott says it is creating peaks and valleys for the local tourist industry.

The BHTA is also reporting that the industry is not doing as well as expected for World Cup Golf…

… Read the entire story at the CBC (link here).

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7 responses to “President Of Barbados Hotel and Tourism Blames Cricket World Cup For Low Winter Bookings… Is He Correct?


    Omigosh! yet another slap in the face for the Minister of Tourism and the Central Bank Governor!
    And another economic blow for Bajans !
    Just shows that the country is being badly managed and tourism needs to get rid of that Minister fast.
    It makes no sense to give him any suggestions because he is too busy talking to listen.
    Meanwhile, prepare for more hardship as our foreign exchange earnings drop!

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    For FIVE long years the answer to marketing Barbados has been a single strategy approach called ‘Best of Barbados’.
    You cannot promote a destination successfully by telling your target market that the only way you can entice them is by heavily discounting the product (subsidy of up to BDS$560 in the UK and US$300 in the USA).
    Effectively you are telling potential travellers that the normal price we are asking is not worth it and the only way they may consider booking is if we offer the product below actual cost.
    I have been saying this for three years but no one has listened and the policymakers were silly enough to think that there would be no consequences.

    To now, even thinking about discounting peak (Christmas) periods would be the single biggest mistake of the century.

    Its going to take years to redress the damage caused by the Best of Barbados programme.
    We have spent million to brainwash our marketplace into waiting for a bargain.

    A discounted market is the most fickle and least destination loyal. They are sort of people that will travel anywhere that is cheap.

    18 Hotels have closed over the last 12 years and apart from Haiti we are the ONLY Caribbean tourism destination that has NOT increased hotel room stock.
    Employment in tourism is significantly down.
    Inflation at 7.2% and ‘stated’ tourism growth at 4%.

    And our leaders do not think we have a problen?

  3. Hants

    Best of Barbados

    September Bonus – Travel in September and get $300 air credit per person

    An air credit of $200 per person in the US and Canada.

    Try booking a flight from Toronto to Barbados. Seems like the BTA forgot about Canada until the Tourist season start.

  4. reality check

    the inmates are running the asylum!!!

    its not a question of implausile deniability

    you can’t tell someone about reality if they are not listening

    The emperor is wearing no clothes and hasn’t for awhile but the psycholgical and monetary fix is too great for the weak and/or addicted

  5. Pat

    I dont blame CWC for the low bookings. It is the high cost of vacations in Barbados that is to blame when compared to islands like Cuba, St. Lucia, Dominica and Dominican Republic. These countries have what Bim offers and more.

    Moreover, the Ashes is being played in Australia and lots of cricket fans are there for that. Money only goes so far. So dont be surprised is very few Australians, Indians and Brits come to the Caribbean in the Spring for CWC.

  6. Hants

    Pat go to Barbados Labour party blog and read “Debt Manageable”.

    Doan worry, bout a ting,cause every little ting,gonna be alright.

    Standard and Poor say so.BLP say so.

  7. God Bless David

    These hoteliers are forever crying about something or the other. Like the boy crying “wolf” every five minutes. Why do they think that everything needs to be provided for them on a platter? Damn sickening…