Broad Street Journal In Decline?

On October 9th, we published Barbados Media: Broad Street Journal Back After Month’s Hiatus – celebrating three new articles by prolific Bajan economic and political pundit, Patrick Hoyos.

That was then.

It is now November 23, 2006, and Patrick hasn’t published a thing in the interim. We hope everything is alright with Patrick. You are missed, friend!


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2 responses to “Broad Street Journal In Decline?

  1. Jupiter

    Just checked out an article in the Broad Street Journal dated December 8th 06, which reported Mortgage consultant clarence Niles as saying that Gov’t and the Private sector should work at making available housing for the lower middle and working class.

    More importantly he said, if b’dians realise that they will eventually not be able to own a house,then this will lead to social unrest in Barbados.

    Haven’t we been saying the same thing here on BFP?Maybe someone in Gov’t will finally listen.

  2. Hi, everyone at Barbados Free Press:
    I must say it was touching to read your recent comments of late November about the BSJ, which I only say tonight (Jan. 10, 2007). I know, you want to know to which planet I have emigrated.

    I just wanted to let you know that, after months of frustration in getting across the spam barrier, we are now in a psition to resume sending out our weekly BSJ Bulletin of top stories from our website.
    While this was being worked out by our website’s co-owner, Acute Vision, I really had become so fed up that I very unprofessionally stopped updating the website. That was remedied recently with the addition of over 50 stories written by me or adapted from other news reports covering the period October to December, and we are now updating every other day or so.
    Our website is also being redesigned (mostly the front page) and I think it looks really great. It should be up by the weekend.

    It has taken me a long time, being an old print guy, to re-orient my thinking to the web, but I have done it, based on my own daily news consumption patterns. (Web first, print and radio second).

    Now, instead of publishing in print first and the web as an afterthought, we are now doing the opposite, and also adding photo galleries and podcasts to make the site more interesting.

    From next month, however, we are also re-introducing a monthly print edition of the Journal, which will also be distributed in hard copy and sent out as a PDF file to all email bulltein recipients. This print edition will focus on the local economy and business stories.
    There is no charge to subscribe to either the BSJ’s bulletin or to access the archives, which go back about two years.

    Thanks to all of those who contribute to the Barbados Free Press for the encouragement and providing inspiration over the last several months.
    I think you are a lot more bold than I probably would ever be (but that is because I cut my teeth on both being sued and trying to avoid being sued under our country’s outdated libel and later almost as outdated defamation laws.
    For my part, I will to continue trying to make a contribution to the new era of web-based publishing. God only knows we need lots, lots more voices on public issues than the established media provides, and a lot more outspokenness, too.

    By the way, we would like to provide a link to BFP from our site, and we are really grateful to you for linking BSJ as we do get a lot of visitors via BFP.
    Wishing you continued success in the future.

    Pat Hoyos
    Editor and Publisher,
    The Broad Street Journal