We’re Number 63! …. Out Of Half A Million Blogs Hosted At WordPress.com

A Good Way To Start The Day

Hey, the stats go up and down and all around so you can’t live by them day to day. Also, we don’t know if the stats are based upon straight visitors or if the number of comments or other factors are taken into account…

But we do know that yesterday, November 20, 2006, out of almost half a million worldwide blogs hosted at WordPress.com, The Barbados Free Press was #63.

Thanks, folks!

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35 responses to “We’re Number 63! …. Out Of Half A Million Blogs Hosted At WordPress.com

  1. passin thru

    how can a nothing little blog from a nothing little island with less than 300,000 people be #63 out of 500,000? What you pay them to say that?

  2. RRRicky

    Fantastic for “a nothing little blog”. Congratulations BFP. May you be around for a long time more!

  3. West Side Davie

    Passin thru, what you mean “nothing little island” !!!

  4. Anonymous-

    What’s funny is that there is a blog with absolutely nothing on it ahead of you.

  5. John

    Who knows, the stats may be like the ones we here our Government ministers crowing over regularly.

    There is the one about being the least corrupt country in the caribbean, or the one about being the number so and so in …. how do they call it “the human development index”.

    Stats are two edged swords.

    Reality is what counts and I really enjoy this blog.

    Keep it up!!

  6. missinghome

    Liars figure and all that stuff. If WordPress is giving the figures then it must be ok.

    63rd position out of 500,000 equals that The Barbados Free Press is in the top .000126 percent of blogs.

    Not Bad!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bajanboy

    Good job, BFP. I stop be the site twice a day to read and post.

  8. ha ha ha I own a lil fun site, it was started in Jan 2006 has grown to a meager 46 persons, as i delete multi profiles, spammers and profiles that haven’t been used. Todate it has 27k postings and last month registered just over a 600k hits. Is that something to brag about? such is lost on me.

  9. William Duguid

    Congratulations BFP. I must admit that I happened on you by accident when you called me “comedian supreme” but I have grown to have a definite respect and admiration for the work that you do. I know that it is not easy but your perseverance has enabled this blog to grow in stature and has a definite presence in the Barbadian conscience. I have no doubt that it will continue to grow and expand.

  10. Anonymous-

    Adrian really makes me laugh. We should call a truce.

  11. Anonymouse- a truce from what?

  12. Dizzy Bajan

    Another great world ranking for Barbados!

    I call on Dr. William Duguid to make it public knowledge of this amazing accomplishment by making mention of it in Parliament.

    All of Barbados should know about BFP and the information found on it.

  13. honeybee

    Dizzy Bajan says “All of Barbados should know about BFP and the information found on it”.

    I could not agree with you more.

  14. hants

    David Ellis on the VOB program “Tell it like it is”just referred to an article at BFP. He gave the website name.

    You are moving on up BFP.

  15. Adrian

    which article was this?

  16. missinghome

    wow…. when was this and what article?

  17. Hants

    This afternoon. Subject was Barbados position on the corruption index.

  18. John

    …… but isn’t Barbados the least corrupt country in
    the Caribbean?

    The stats say so.

    What on earth could have piqued r. Ellis’ interest?

  19. Hants

    Barbados is 21st least corrupt country.

    Yet Government wants us to believe there is no corruption.So who do we believe.

  20. Anonymous-

    Perceived corruption and actual corruption are two very distinct measures.

  21. banned

    David Ellis mentions the Web site regularly…by name. That’s how I found out about it, since I was banned

  22. Anon


    Are you the regular caller known as anti -american,and if so please tell us why you were banned.

  23. Anonymous-

    If he is indeed Anti-American, while I am glad that he was banned, I must admit it I had a good laugh when he told Ellis to shut up. Made him look like a loopy dog, you did.

  24. Disposable Arts

    Talk about 15 mins of fame…went from being 63, to not even listed.

  25. RRRicky

    Ya, they flit in and out of the top 100, but I think that 63 is the best they have made. Not bad though.

  26. Pat

    Banned, maybe you were on to something there. I dont listen to Ellis anymore either. Rather opinionated fellow, no?

  27. Anon

    Maybe if these moderators spend more time listening to the callers instead of listening to themselves it will be a better thing.

    You also get the sense that they think they are doing the callers a big favour by allowing them to call,so they (the callers) should be grateful and accept whatever arrogant,disdainful treatment is meted out to them by some moderators.

  28. Anonymous

    http://zakyel.wordpress.com/ … check out this guy… he’s number 15, but it looks like he’s offline due to offending the wordpress staff… and we all know that they are always under some sort of pressure to take sites down 😉

    Keep up the good work!

  29. Anon

    I am reading comments about where did the money for the RDF funds come from, and it pains me to see how these BLP politicians ignore the questions raised by the citizens.

    While we are very happy that we have this BFP site to post on,this is certainly not enough,and was never meant to be the only forum for us to raise legitimate concerns about how Gov’t spends our money,or the policy decisions that are made.

    Have you citizens notice how ministers in this government don’t hold press conferences say on a quarterly,bi-annual or even annual basis to update us on what is happening in their ministries?

    I also notice that curiously the P.M. who has responsibility for immigration and Home Affairs has not commented on the commissioner of Police’s complaint about large numbers of guyanese coming here and commiting crimes.Remember the P.M. told the immigration dept and bajans to leave the guyanese alone.

    Seems like we are second class citizens in our own country.

    The prime minister who is the head of the cabinet doesnot answer questions from opposition parliamentarians,don’t answer the citizens on the call – in shows,have very few press conferences unless he or his minister want to put some spin or propoganda on something – and in general they continue to ignore us.

    While I believe David Thompson is doing his best because remember the BLP ‘included’ quite a few of his skilled persons from his party,nonetheless I beleive that some of the other shadow ministers can do a lot more and the party needs to step up the action on protesting the wrong-doings of this government.

    Don’t wait until election is called fellas.

  30. Curious

    I have been wondering how come I have not seen any comments from the BFP about the issue at CBC, resignation of the General manager, Alyson Leacock, and Programme Manager, comments of the Chairman of the Board about the finances, the later revoking of another female member of the board. This has been going on in Barbados for over a week and not a peek out of you all. Are you all really on top of what is happening in Barbados. Do you know the inside comments are that it is based on the fall out between the Prime Minister and Deputy PM and the CBC thing is a purge. It came up at the DLP public meeting and even they are wondering if the BLP has a new approach to the way it treats women. Go and do your homework people. One Call in moderator described it as the dismantling of the Petticoat Revolution. He says the BLP empowered women in this country now the PM seems to want to withdraw his support. I am looking for some comments if you are to justify your position as Barbados Free Press. There are some real issues over here and your recent pieces are not really saying anything.

  31. BFP

    Hi Curious

    We have been reading and hearing about the CBC story, but are waiting for the dust to settle to see what we think about it all.

    Frankly, we have viewed the CBC as just another arm of government, so our initial reaction (Marcus here) is that it is more like in-fighting than some assault by government upon an independent media.

    You obviously have an opinion that seems to be well formed, and if you could expand upon it just a bit more with some sources (links to other stories on the net, etc.) we’d be happy to print your story with top billing.

    How about it?

    Just email it to barbadosfreepress (at @) yahoo.com

  32. Jupiter


    I know you have been asking about BFP’s coverage of the CBC issue,well you should read Eric Smith’s article in today’s Sunday Sun newspaper.

    While it doesnot offer much analysis,it does give a chronological listing of events at the corporation.

    I suppose its too much to expect the nation to do an analytical piece that may cast negative aspersions on the BLP.

    David Ellis handling of it on last Sunday’s Down To Brasstacks was to tip through the tulips gingerly as if he didnot want to appear to be gloating over their demise,and peter wickham’s analysis was as usual very shallow.
    I give little credence to Wickham’s analysis on anything.

    We lack serious commentators with the guts to ‘call a spade a spade’,and we lack the outlets where they can do so.

    The ‘People’s Business’ is really Gov’t business – You can’t tell nothing like it is on ‘Tell It Like It Is’ call – in programme and the Advocate talks something about ‘The Cause that Lacks Assistance’ which has no bearing on what we see printed there.

    We are in Dire need of a serious newspaper,and radio and television stations.

    I wonder how Mia feeling now that her girl allison got ousted.

  33. Jupiter

    BFP Readers

    Please read the late Charles Lunn’s article written just before he passed away on – Pg 9 A of the Sunday sun – today’s edition (26/nov/06).

    He says:”We went into independence with all the goodwill in the world and respected by regional and int’l gov’ts….. .. we identified the need for massive public works to build and maintain our existing plants and buildings and actually began,but that old fox greed entered – massive wastage and no accoutability said the Auditor General……..

    What of the future?what legacy are barbadians leaving their children?Will we see them with their degrees back in the fields,the only difference being they will be leading golf carts instead of mule carts?You be the judge.

    A very sobering piece readers,and this will be the legacy of the Owen Arthur administration when he leaves political life.

    Now I wonder what the spin doctors have to say?

  34. Jupiter

    BFP Robert

    Can you give us the readers the benefit of your views on the Charles Lunn’s article in today’s Sunday Sun newspaper?

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