Cricket World Cup 2007 in Barbados – Money Flows Like Water To Carnival Cruise Lines – And Also To… ?

carnival-destiny-barbados-cricket.jpg vs. peach-and-quiet-barbados-cricket.jpg

Barbados Charters The Carnival Destiny For 19 Days – US$15 Million

Our friend Adrian Loveridge runs a small hotel called Peach and Quiet on the south coast. Although I have no need of a hotel bed or meal, I have often seen his place from the water and it looks like a nicely maintained, private little resort.

Visit Adrian’s website (link here) and you can see how pretty Peach and Quiet is and how different an experience it is than staying at the huge hotels with tourist buses coming and going.

But Cricket World Cup is almost here, and the Barbados government has taken to renting cruise ships as floating hotels to handle the crowds. All very necessary and probably a wise decision, but I’d rather stay at places like Peach and Quiet, myself. (Good crabbing all along where Peach and Quiet is and good surfing just to the east of the place. Just don’t get caught taking sea eggs or you be in big trouble for sure!)

Adrian has sent out a few “Letters to the Editor” lately, and some have been printed here and at other online venues – but I haven’t seen too many picked up by the local newspapers. Adrian sometimes asks very uncomfortable questions – at least if you are a big government supporter.

Questions like… Who is making the money and who is getting employment from the US$15 million that the Government of Barbados is paying for the Carnival Destiny?

The borrowing of US$15 million by the Barbados Tourism Authority to charter the Carnival Destiny begs a number of important questions.

1) What duration or hire will the US$15 million cover?

Barbados is actually hosting only six super eight matches and the final which take place at during a possible period of the 10th to the 29th of April allowing for bad weather days.

So a maximum of 19 days!

With a maximum cabin capacity of 1,321 spread over the entire 19 days that equates to 25,099 occupied cabin nights.

A simple division of 25,099 into US$15 million means a nightly single cabin cost of US$597.

US$597 is actually more than Carnival normally charges for a full week cruise, so I cannot believe this would be a nightly charter cost.

One media report stated that the ship will also be used for matches held in Guyana. But they are hosting only six super eight matches over a possible 13 day period including the reserve days for possible bad weather.

2) The ICC World Cup Cricket event is, if I understand correctly, meant to benefit Barbados and the region.

Of the Carnival Destiny’s officers and crew, how many are Barbadian or Caribbean nationals?

3) What value is placed on goods and services procured in Barbados or the Caribbean for items consumed on Carnival Destiny over the charter period?

4) Exactly how much in terms of taxes and port charges will Carnival pay for using the services of Bridgetown port?

5) How is the Barbados Tourism Authority recouping the US$15 million loan plus interest and any arrangement fees?

Is it selling on the ship accommodation directly or going through one or more intermediaries?

6) Finally, The Barbados Tourism Authority must be absolutely and totally convinced that every available room across all land-based accommodation providers is now fully booked (and deposited) over the entire island before it uses taxpayers monies to possibly disadvantage committed locally based industry players.

Adrian Loveridge
21 November 2006


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22 responses to “Cricket World Cup 2007 in Barbados – Money Flows Like Water To Carnival Cruise Lines – And Also To… ?

  1. hants

    Mr.Loveridge should stop asking intelligent questions about CWC2007.

    I have been wondering why Cruise ships would give up their regular business to park in Barbados for 2 weeks. Now we know.14 weeks pay for 2 weeks work thanks to the BTA.

    I hope we are wrong.

  2. Bajanboy

    Adrian, good for you to keep asking these questions. The BTA and the Ministry of Tourism always like to keep us taxpayers in the dark about the business logic behind their decisions because they know that they would not stand up to independent scrutiny.

  3. BFP can i ask you to investigate the controversy surrounding the St.Leonards School refurbishment? This is one story that escape my scrutiny, and would love to know more on.

  4. reality check

    almost $600 US per night per room is completely outrageous for a block booking, unless of course, substantial fees are being paid? Come on BTA lets have a complete breakdown or revenue and expenses by heading.

    Ya right!!!

    No Transparency with the peoples money so the “tiefing” can continue unabated

    of course a hardworking and honest small businessman like Adrian Loveridge is villified and victimized as he is not prepared to roll over and let the government continue to pick the pockets of its citizens by remaining silent He doesn’t think big enough like GEMS and doesn’t have access to free money (or is that write down and never pay back???)

  5. waver

    This is further to what was agreed to be paid recently, but never disclosed, to guarantee cruise arrivals ??
    Those cruise companies must love Noel and the BTA folks


    I still need an answer. The DLP said at Sunday’s meeting in Weston, that Concorde is to be moved to the Bridgetown Port for display during World Cup 2007 at a cost of $6 million.

  7. baje_iceman

    I think the important questions that need to be asked is will the BTA be able to pay back that loan? Will there be enough people taking up “residence” in that ship to recover the costs? Is the full 15 million dollars going to this venture?

    I personally don’t think so and the taxpayers will once again be called upon to foot the bill for some idiot’s hair brain scheme.

  8. John


    The Lowdown once suggested that one use for the Concorde was for Owen to drive to work in.

    All we would have to do is the take of the wings.

    The Bridgetown Port is not too far from Bay Street.

  9. Yo!

    Maaaaaan… fly it dung dey, nuh?
    Lan’ it pun de Spring Gyardin!

    Dah way, dum wun’t have to tek-dung de lotta telphoan wires en ting.

    ‘Unnuh feel I foolish, nuh..?

  10. waver

    Better off puttin it on a barge and sailing it down there star.

    First Sir Garry statue, soon to be Bussa statue, and the Concorde too ??

  11. Rumplestilskin

    Supposing it rains for most of April. Actually, maybe not such a bad idea after all. The tourises will have something to look at while the covers are on and no cricket is been played.

    On, the other hand….maybe it would have been better for the money to have funded a cover for the stadium itself…….

    If it rains most the month, that would be quite… dare I say…ironic, funny….?

  12. Pat

    Rumplestilskin, please, please dont call for rain. Nor sun too hot either. I dont think my seats are in the covered section. We could not afford the $300 US seats.

  13. Hants

    Rumplestilskin we all have support cwc2007. Pray for sunshine and success.

  14. De Orginal

    I wish that BTA would really explain this loan for Bajans. Where is Dr. Dugid can he shed some light?

  15. John

    We can only hope and pray CWC is a success. The region has over half a billion dollars invested in 12 new stadia.

    Failure if it occurs will be an unparallelled disaster.

    We got through the hurricane season so far unscathed so hopefully we will benefit next year.

  16. John

    So which statue will move first?

    Bussa or Nelson…

  17. Spooky

    I am still waiting on Dentist Duguid to unpick his teeth on the remarks made by his colleague Trevor Precod about Dr. Suckhoo-Byer ethnicity. Presumably Duguid is of same or proximate ehtnicity. Where is the good doctor anyway?

  18. Rumplestilskin

    Sorry guys, I really do hope its a success, especially as I too like cricket.

    Its just that right now money appears to be being spent with no regard to real priority (at least not to a reasonable person)…but obviously some have their own priorities.

  19. Rumplestilskin

    Re Spooky’s comment:

    I did not hear the comment made by the Minister, but I really hope that the comment made by the Minister was NOT derogatory.

    If it happened to be, then it would indeed be shameful and unacceptable. Such a comment from a sitting Minister, especially without subsequent sanction would lead to serious questions about the Nation’s future.

    In such cases, silence from the political leadership would basically signal sanction…very worrying.

    If a Minister in any developed country made a derogatory remark based on ethnic origins he would be out on his ear very quickly. And (rightfully), we would hear the outbursts from all and sundry until such sanction.

    Unfortunately such comments happen in many parts of the underdeveloped world regularly…..certain politicians utilising and feeding on insecurities and base instincts of society, in addition to exposing their own.

    But, that would NEVER happen here…would it?

    Not in a ‘first world’ nation.

  20. John

    ….. remember the indentured servant remark …. in parliament …. you know the one, the third oldest in the world …. parliament that is.

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