Memories of Cliff Cottage, Barbados

The Girl Can Write

Drop in and visit Eemanee at What Crazy Looks Like blog as she remembers her childhood and her grandmother and great-grandmother at Cliff Cottage.

Cliff Cottage is no longer the same. Time changes everything. Reality changes everything. i prefer the softened, filtered, deliberately chosen images of memory. Perhaps that is why i no longer take photos. Perhaps that is why i should. My aunt asked, “Where’s the camera?” i haven’t take a photo in years.

The view of Bath from the top of the hill, of the brilliant sunlit blue of the sea is still the most amazing glimpse of the island. While in other parts of the island the sea looks a pale, polluted green, the water here is a life-affirming baptismal blue!

…read the whole thing at What Crazy Looks Like. (link here)


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5 responses to “Memories of Cliff Cottage, Barbados

  1. Anonymous-

    If one ignores the rules of grammar and proper English, this excerpt would still be retarded. It’s hardly deserving of the title “The Girl Can Write”.

  2. BFP

    Good writing is about what touches the heart. Language is about communication – and this girl can communicate.

    Yes, her writing could be more technically perfect – but then it would be like yours, anonymous…

    … uninspired and stone cold.

    I prefer eemanee’s, thanks!

  3. Tudor

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is one story we could have done without.

  4. Akabozzik

    I liked it.

  5. justice denied

    don’t forget the man in the red jacket and sunglasses ( sound familiar in 2005/2006 ) during the 1994 pre-election period being squired around by Thompy and the figures of Billions of Dollars being bandied about. The approvals for development were passed by cabinet for Kingsland.These approvals are still in place contary to what you may have heard to the contrary and the values, therefore, very significant ( see Shamrock case former CJ Sir Denys Willaims ) The principal players at that time were were from both parties.

    Since that time, whatever Thompy did in 1994 pales in significance by the present group in power. It is both horrifying and frightening what a few people can do to a little person and what few rights exist to protect basic human rights in Barbados, despite legislation in place. Stay tuned!!!!