Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards – BLP Blog Posts Land Registry Document


Government BLP Blog Posts Barbados Land Registry Document

The offical blog of the majority-government Barbados Labour Party has posted an apparently genuine Land Registry document to support its nomination of DLP Leader David Thompson for the Barbados “Piggies At The Trough Award”.

The “Piggy” as the award is affectionately known, is presented annually to the Barbados politician or civil servant who, in the opinion of the judges, best misuses position, political contacts or internal knowledge to benefit self, family or friends.

A cash prize of One Thousand US Dollars is up for grabs, and will be won by the nominator of the winner of the 2006 Piggy. (For contest rules see the Barbados Free Press story – link here.)

BLP Blog Reveals 1994 DLP Property Transfer Tax Waivers To Trinidad Company

The April 13, 1994 letter from the Barbados Ministry of Finance to the Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited, states…

“I am to inform you that the Minister of Finance has approved a waiver of the Purchaser’s Property Transfer Tax payable in respect of the following transactions being made by subsidiaries of Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited…”

The letter then lists thirteen properties where the transfer taxes were being waived by the Minister of Finance – who was at the time DLP’s David Thompson.

You can see the original article at the BLP Blog here… Tompy Piggy At The Trough 13 Times 

BLP Blog Raises Some Excellent Questions – Questions That Demand An Answer From David Thompson!

Here is what the BLP Blog states in part…

Again just before the 1994 election when Thompson was Minister of Finance he aproved the waiver of the Property Transfer Tax on 13 large pieces of property costing millions of dollars so Clico could save all that money rather than pay it in legitimate taxes. All belonging to Clico and immediately after the election that he lost he then went right back to working for the same company. Where is the integrity in that and yet this?piggy has the audacity to call for integrity legislation when he obviously has no integrity at all.

Waiver of Purchaser’s Property tranfer Tax when Clico bought
1 Todd Estates
2 Wakefield Plantation
3 Hothersal Plantation
4 Clifton Hall Plantation
5, 6, 7 Three lots in Wakefield Plantation Yard
8 Pool Plantation
9 Durham House
10 Star Discount now “Club Extreme Complex”
11 Rendezvous Supermarket now “Trimart Rendezvous”
12 Penrith
13 Development Land

Millions of dollars in Property Transfer Tax waived by Thompy. Lost to the Treasury. If this was for some good reason why was it not waived for the vendors as well but then only the purchaser benefited. He knows why.

Barbados Free Press Comments

What possible reason could there have been for the then Barbados Minister of Finance, David Thompson, to grant these not-inconsequential tax concessions to a corporation just before an election?

This new revelation comes shortly after the BLP Blog posted about similar 1994 pre-election concessions granted to Sandy Lane Hotel and Golf Course. (See our previous story Barbados Labour Party Blog Nominates DLP Leader David Thompson For “Piggies At The Trough” Award)

While there may have been solid reasons for the government to grant concessions to a corporation (as governments sometimes do), the fact that such concessions were granted on the eve of an election gives the appearance of a potential conflict of interest.

Did this corporation contribute to any DLP campaigns? Did any of Thompson’s friends or relatives have any association with this corporation either before or since the 1994 election?

So many questions that demand an answer.

The Most Interesting Parts Of The BLP Blog’s Post…

1/ If Barbados had Integrity and Conflict of Interest Legislation in place – and a Freedom of Information Act – the general public would be able to make short work of determining whether or not these property tax waivers were improper – or just good business in the interest of Barbados.

2/ The BLP Blog appears to have access to Official Land Registry Records.

This is wonderful as it will assist the citizens of Barbados to determine the answers to so many questions about land transfers, and the ownership histories of various properties. As well, the BLP’s access to Official Land Registry Records will allow Barbados citizens to know all the other times when the government waived land transfer taxes in 1994… and to the present time.

Perhaps our Barbados Free Press readers can provide a list of properties where the BLP Blog’s access to Official Land Registry Records would be helpful?


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52 responses to “Barbados Piggies At The Trough Awards – BLP Blog Posts Land Registry Document

  1. Wondering

    Let’s see, Kinglands, Graeme Hall, Ebor, flyovers/Nicholls/Hobson connection, equipment bought at Port Authority. What Govt Ministers own Apartments on South Coast.

  2. West Side Davie

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Let’s have a list of all tax concessions granted in 1994 and every year since.


  3. John

    Could we also get a definitive answer on whether Westmoreland will be required to produce its own water from desalination or whether the Porter’s catchment has been conceded to its use.

  4. Dizzy Bajan

    While we are at it let us investigate who did what in 1966, 1946 and 1627….

    The issue now is the current management of the country.

    Right now I do not even want to investigate: if Owen used his power to get extra land around hs house, or if his his good partner David Shorey was able to make millions from a smart land aquisition, or if Owen has a house in Port St. Charles….

    What I want to do is to stop Owen and his shameless pimps from spending 34 million on roads in St. Philip, without a single tender.

  5. Pat

    Shame, shame, shame. How long ago were these concessions granted? Are they trying to say that they did nothing during the last 12 years that is questionable? This is hindsight. I dont see the BLP with any better foresight.

    People have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet, and this is all they can do? If they lose the elections, I hope they dont scream, when their secrets deals are made public.

  6. BFP

    Water was out again last night in Grape Hall.

    On again this morning.

    Tomorrow? Who knows!

  7. justice denied

    don’t forget the man in the red jacket and sunglasses ( sound familiar in 2005/2006? only different party ) during the 1994 pre-election period being squired around by Thompy and the figures of Billions of Dollars being bandied about for golf courses. The approvals for development were passed by cabinet for Kingsland before the DLP to BLP change occurred .These approvals are still in place contary to what you may have heard to the contrary and the values, therefore, very significant The principal players at that time were were from both parties.

    Since that time, whatever Thompy did in 1994 pales in significance by the present group in power. It is both horrifying and frightening what a few people can do to a little person and what few rights exist to protect basic human rights in Barbados, despite legislation in place. Stay tuned!!!!

  8. Anonymous-

    I was to tell you that you posted that under the wrong story but I realized it wasn’t worth posting twice.

  9. william duguid

    Quote from the Trinidad Guardian News Paper
    “It is no secret that Clico is a strong supporter of the opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in Barbados ”
    link to

  10. william duguid

    Maybe Velzo can answer some of these questions.
    After all I am just a political mouse who can bite occasionally. Barbados Free Press do you want more? This is conclusive evidence for the nomination. Four lucky families in Christ Church West could really benefit from that prize money.

  11. Red

    Perhaps Mr. Duguid could kindly supply similar information for recent years.

    The above-mentioned document is good for a 1994 Piggy nomination, but not a 2006 nomination.

  12. John

    Misappropriation of money or bribery are crimes in politics which are easily understood and easily punished.

    But think for a moment of decisions on land use which affect negatively our limited/scarce water resources and impact the future sustainability of Barbados.

    It is hard to prove detrimental long term consequences of a decision and a cost is difficult to ascribe. Yet, these costs and consequences will far outweigh any monetary considerations which accrue to anyone making those decisions.

    We right now and for some time have had no Physical Development Plan and many decisions on land use are claimed to have been made on what is the best economic use of the land. It is an approach pushed by the World Bank itself.

    I have seen nothing to suggest that decisions on a particular land use is informed by any long term considerations. It seems they are made on short term get rich quick schemes and economic look good considerations only.

    What is the point of jeopardising our water resources with “development” to be able to claim that employmet has fallen under a particular party by a few percentage points?

    To be told now that the water from the Belle needs to be treated or to have witnessed the armageddon which resulted from the South Coast Sewage project (with the West Coast to follow!!) all a result of “development” of land for the best economic use is shameful.

    What was the point of the “development”? Certainly not to kill the goose.

    I think the decision to permit the Golf Development at Westmoreland back in the early 1990’s set the scene for Sandy Lane, Kingsland, Apes Hill, Bushy Park, Black Bess and God only knows what else to follow. I think we have wasted the past 15 or more years of our existence and have jeopardised any future we might have.

    That there have been shenanigans where various yard fowls, politicos and front men have benefited is not really questioned. We all know that but perhaps not the specifics.

    We need a light to be shone on these and an account to be given if only to discourage what are really treasonable acts from being repeated.

    But we need to understand that the acts are treasonable, …….. and that is a big jump.

  13. West Side Davie

    Hey Doctor

    A nomination is a nomination. We doan know who gonna win. Lot of time still until the end of the year.

    It look bad for Thompy alright. If you could prove he got something for the consession it would be a shur for shur thing.

  14. Royalrumble

    Barbadians have not yet seen the worse of David Thompson.

    The BFP asked the critical question. “What possible reason could there have been for the then Barbadian Minister of Finance, David Thompson, to grant these non-inconsequential tax concessions to a corporation just before an election”?

    Will David Thompson speak to the issue relative to the building at Aquatic Gap known as Dewsbury House?

  15. Anonymous-

    Will David Thompson speak to the issue relative to the building at Aquatic Gap known as Dewsbury House?

    I hope he does! It’ll be interesting to hear what the womanish fraud will say.

  16. Libertarian

    Nice to see misogyny is still alive and well.

  17. Libertarian
    November 21st, 2006 at 2:08 pm
    Nice to see misogyny is still alive and well

    It maybe, but not here, not in this post. Unless you think David Thompson is a woman and should be loved as such.

    ….this is not an endorsement of “Anonymouse-” characterization of Thompy. 😀

  18. Anonymouse-
    November 21st, 2006 at 1:35 pm
    I hope he does! It’ll be interesting to hear what the WOMANISH fraud will say.

    That was not nice.

    I guess this picture doesn’t help either. 😀

  19. ross

    So who now owns in 2006 the properties or parts of them that Thompy gave concessions for in 1994? Oh Oh! Cat jump out the bag!

  20. Libertarian

    The use of “womanish” as a derogatory term indicates a certain view point of women and feminine traits which is indicative of misogyny.

  21. Un-Omionous

    Womanly traits, (limp wristed gestures, sashaying, walking with swaying hips, high pitched voice etc,) should not be present in men. If you are a gay man, cool, I get it. I don’t see how observing a males effeminate traits is misogynistic. Maybe from the point of view of an overly sensitive lesbian feminist OR a flaming homosexual male. I love women, but I DONT love girly men. Got it Libertarian?

  22. Libertarian

    LOL … I get you. I used to think a lot like that too.

    I suppose if I told someone to stop being so “jewy”, if they were not a Jew, meaning stingy in the UK, or told someone to stop acting like a “n****r” or a “h****y” that would not be racist?

    But it perfectly fine to use the term “woman” as an insult. Why is woman used an insult?

    Because men see women as being inferior. Women are seen as being submissive to men. Men frequently talk about how they are going to show there woman who is boss, and then are laughed at by their friends when they can’t. I agree that is in nothing attractive about a limp wristed man, but say that he is a limp wristed man and not a “womanish” man. I haven’t met many women with limp wrists.

  23. Libertarian

    What other womanly traits should men not have? Caring? that’s a womanly trait if ever there was one. Love for one’s child? that’s womanly as well.

    So what exactly determines which “womanly” traits men should not have?

  24. Libertarian
    November 21st, 2006 at 3:48 pm
    The use of “womanish” as a derogatory term indicates a certain view point of women and feminine traits which is indicative of misogyny.

    Would it be fair to say that you are playing God as in “all knowing and all seeing” when you attribute YOUR interpretation of Anonymouse- use of the word “womanish” to him. I would think that you should first seek to determine if your opinion is the same as that of the author, before applying judgement. No? 😀

    I believe that Anonymouse- ment any or all of the following applications :

    having characteristics associated with women and considered undesirable in men.

    Having qualities more appropriate to women than to men.

    Resembling, imitative of, or suggestive of a woman.

    ….which one did you use to conclude as you did?

  25. Libertarian
    November 21st, 2006 at 4:42 pm
    But it perfectly fine to use the term “woman” as an insult. Why is woman used an insult?

    Lib you are being dishonest. the word used was “womanish” which has a distinct difference in meaning from “woman”. Just admit that you stretch inappropiately with your interpretation and conclusion. schuuppsee.

  26. John

    ……. but David Thompson and David Commissiong still stand head and shoulders over Owen Arthur where the manly responsibility of building a family with a woman is concerned!!

    There simply isn’t any comparison, ….. despite appearances, ….. which can be very deceptive!!!!.

  27. John

    …. and if you can build a family, you should be able to build a Nation ….. which after all is a collection of families.

  28. John I agree with comments. but it was still funny to me, and Lib’s attempt to cast a wide fishnet so close to shore hit rocks.

    ….you last comments doesn’t help David so far— “should be able to” isn’t very convincing to Bajans.

  29. John

    Pity we have had such frauds since 1966!!

    Think what we might have become!!

  30. honeybee

    I would like to congratulate Dr. Duguid for doing something which not one other member of the BLP was man or woman enough to do over the past 12 years which is to admit that Barbados has corrupt politicians. I seem to remember the PM suggesting that there was not a problem with corruption under his guard and if there was it would be dealt with.

    Dr. Duguid you are a great man and, in my view, you have done a service to our country by bringing out the hidden truth. I never considered you a coward or a mouse.

    Keep up the good work.

  31. Honey Bee i do admit that Owen was attempting to make mock sport at us Bajans with that comment. Uh mean i have been facetiously saying since 1993 that Barbados has the most honest polticians, since not one of them since independence has had to answer to anyone for any wrong doing. If what BFP now believes about Thompy as a result of the recently made memos it stands to reason that Owen wasn’t only protecting members on his side, but all politicians since independence. I would have to think that this includes Lammie “St.Leonards” Criag. 😀 again seperated only by the colour of their shirts.

  32. Un-Ominous


    ‘Caring’ and ‘love for one’s child’ are HUMAN traits, not exclusive to gender! Calling a man a woman is insulting because it EMASCULATES him. That was the purpose of Anonymouse’s barb. Feminine men creep manly men out. Simple. Even if the ‘femmie’ is more of a man in terms of being a solid father and provider and teacher, as John alluded to. I maintain that calling a man a ‘woman’ as an insult does not mean the insulter is misogynistic. Mean, perhaps, boorish, maybe, funny, in this case, yes. But the point is, men who exhibit womanly traits will be ridiculed in mainstream society. If you were a woman with a moustache and beard, booming voice and peed standing up, HELLO FREAKSHOW! Same for wasp-waisted she-she men. Does it mean I hate my wife, mummy, gran and sis? Hell NO. Your comparison to racism is rubbish, because the racial traits you talk of are not real, they are based on BIGOTRY and prejudice, not positive universal human traits (like caring, compassion and a nice botsy) Feminine characteristics are to be cherished in WOMEN. Not so much in the guy checking out your stuff at the urinal.

  33. Adrian

    November 21st, 2006 at 10:37 pm

    If you were a woman with a moustache and beard, booming voice and peed standing up, HELLO

    ha ha ha ha I know you wouldn’t but i will, you could have kept your piece short and spiffy by removing the above and inserting “M.I.A.” ha ha ha ha lawrd come for your world.

  34. Un-Ominous

    You can make your assumptions about my comments and I will tell you that my intention was not to slur anyone in particular. You may reject that because many here have a political agenda and it may be hard for you all to see why I could comment without myself having one. Nice spin. I have had a very close family member die of aids. I never understood his confused affiliations sex-wise but I accepted his particular brand of human confusion and existence in spite of the weirdness. However, for Libertine to say that calling a man womanish is misogynism, I don’t buy it. Her own statements can be construed as misandrism. Men have the right to define themselves, and that includes separating themselves from those who deviate from the genetic plan. Man like woman. Woman like man. Good. If your appetite is different, well, you are in a moral and philosophical place that most ‘straight’ people don’t go. Does that reality ‘bite’ for homosexuals? I bet it does. Oh ras! where the tangent gone?

  35. John


    Wasn’t trying to help either David just stating what I believe.

    BTW if there are two Davids involved in this “battle”, Owen must be a Goliath ….. of sorts!!

  36. Libertarian

    Well there is a debate to be had as to how we determine what are seen as “male” characteristics and what are “female” characteristics.

    I believe these to be social constructs. I would say that social construct of the female identity is based on bigotry and prejudice designed to promote the dominant social order which is patriarchy.

  37. missinghome

    Libertarian say “I believe these to be social constructs. I would say that social construct of the female identity is based on bigotry and prejudice designed to promote the dominant social order which is patriarchy.”

    Some people look at man and woman and see only the differences while others see only the similarities.

    Same with race and culture.

    We all be God’s children, but it don’t mean we are all the same. Anybody who can’t see the difference between the core being of a woman and a man be foolish.

    This person say everything a person is at the core is the result of social constructs and conditioning.

    Foolish person this Libertarian. Blind, blind, blind and wilfully so. Blind to meet a social construct which is what this idea is that man and woman is the same.

  38. Velzo

    BFP: I like how the BLP propaganda machine has gotten to you. What do you mean “just before the election?” Were you around in the 1990’s?

    Elections were constitutionally due in 1996 not 1994!

    Here are some points I hope you will make to correct your assertions:

    1. It was in June 1994 that the government was brought down by a no-confidence motion – how would Thompy know in April 1994 that the no confidence would succeed in June and an election would be held in September?

    2. Are you aware of a memorandum of understanding signed by Tom Adams and Eric Williams in 1977 or 1978 that gave T&T/Barbados insurance companies certain privileges and reciprocal treatment in respect of investments? As a result of that Barbados Mutual established in T&T and Clico’s investments in Barbados were facilitated.

    3. Are you aware of the Attorneys for Clico at the time? Did the team include BLP member of parliament Sir Harold St. John Q.C.? Was his argument to the government that Clico was investing Barbadian money in Barbados and it was better to offer concessions for it to stay here than to be repatriated to Trinidad. Eminently reasonable?

    Ask the BLP blog site to answer these questions. And think about them for yourself.

  39. Velzo

    By the way, it now clicks. Adrian is one of those “down lows” and I pity him.

  40. Velzo

    This award is really for one of your contributors.

    RR/Sylvan Greenidge, fed at the CLICO, David Thompson and now Owen Arthur trough. Now that’s reall piggy style.

    He should start a school.

  41. Velzo: what is a “Down Low”? and if you pity me any more than you already do, you run the risk of nervous break-down, to much emotional activity can stress you out. 😀

    …Your points are very good. It certainly takes the edge off the documents that Duguid produce.

  42. Anonymous-

    Adrian, I do believe he’s calling you a closeted homosexual. While in the closet, could you tell David ‘all the best’ in the next election?

  43. ha ha ha h Anonymouse- you think so? well if i pun de down low and in de closet that would explain why i can’t tell defference between Thompy and Mia. 😀 anyway i don’t have to wish David anything, St. John is a sure bet for the DLP. I would hope for Lammie sake the DLP don’t win because they might send him to an early grave. Wuh de BLP do tuh Brandford Taitt might raise calls in DLP circles to open up a commission of enquiry on The St. Leonards refurbishment. 😀 I can’t think of a better candidate to drag thru the mud.

  44. Pat


    Thanks for the pertinent information re those concessions. I thought it strange that it was pointed out that these were granted before an election. Having had a long career in government, I know these things take time to negotiate, etc. So, to my mind, the time of issuance of the letter confirming the concessions did not matter. But then, I am not in Barbados and things may work like ‘quick silver’ down there.

    Well, as I mentioned earlier, if Duguid wants to lead the BLP, he should get his facts straight, and make all information public and not withhold pertinent details that would clarify the issues.

    By the way, I understand Adrian is a married man with a family. Poor fellow dont even know what “on the down low” means. But, then again, he is not in Bim, but in the US northeast, no?

  45. Yes I am in the NorthEast Pat, and to be honest I fain not knowing wuh um mean. Yuh can’t ba a bajan and not know wuh um mean or could mean. Other islanders does remind we Bajans how much we like tuh talk bout “bulling” and tings relative or related, plus in 1993 comedian Mac Fingall concluded after careful geneological study that we come the “BullLonga” tribe is West Africa therefore we gine be talking bout bulling much longa. 😀

  46. william duguid

    Dear Velzo,

    Please do not mix up the documents. Sandy Lane concessions given on 4th July 1994 almost one month after the no confidence motion on 7th June 1994 and election called 2 days later and two months before the actual election.
    link here for proof

    The second was usual feathering of the bed by Thompy but he knew even then because the mass exodus and support for Sandiford had started long before it became public knowledge and only came to a head months later with the no confidence motion.

    Sorry Vel you can not spin this one away. The facts are there for all to see and there is more to come.
    By the way what about this great revelation.?
    Still waitng for it. I however would not dare call you a mouse political or otherwise.


  47. Velzo


    Why don’t you respond to the fact that Tom Adams signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Eric Williams regarding insurance company assets and their reciprocal treatment? Hence the concessions to Clico by Barbados and concessions to Barbados Mutual by Trinidad. Do you understand these things, Willie?

    Why don’t you respond to the fact that the late Sir Harold St. John was Clico’s Attorney at Law in respect of the request for the concessions?

    Finally, Willie my boy, the least convincing of your points was the one about “on the eve of an election.” Do you know what the word “eve” means? April 1994 for an election in 1996?

    Stick to your building contracts for now, Willie.

  48. Velzo

    Sorry, Willie, what was your great revelation that would sink Thompy’s credibility for all time? You should be the last to cast a stone.

  49. DMC

    I think that Mr. Thompson has to answer nothing. Mr. Arthur has to tell us about the $85 million that he is now valued

  50. Anon

    stinkin set of blp thieves.

  51. Anonymous-

    Mr. Arthur has to tell us about the $85 million that he is now valued.

    Please expound, citing your sources carefully.

  52. John

    ……… and whether the $ is the Guyanesse $, the Bajan $ or the yankee $.