Stunning News Coverage By The Nation News…

Will The Nation News be nominated for this year’s Pulitzer Prize? Speculation builds that a small newspaper from a developing island nation just might be in line for journalism’s most prestigious award…

Just Kidding.


BFP reader “Wondering” commented..

“I am surprised that BFP would devote time to such utter rubbish,”

BFP Answers…

The point is not that the Barbados Free Press would devote time to such rubbish – the point is that the Nation News would devote time to such rubbish. Our post is a sarcastic comment upon the state of professional journalism by “Barbados’ Leading Newspaper” – as The Nation News declares on its banner.

Was our point a bit obtuse, or does Wondering need his coffee this morning?


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10 responses to “Stunning News Coverage By The Nation News…

  1. Anonymous-

    This reporter consistently writes the most stupid stories that you wonder how they can ever classify as ‘newsworthy’.

    And the story that you’re referring to in the Nation is nonsense as well.

  2. BFP

    Nice to see you are still with us, Anonymous.

    How’s the weather in London?

  3. Wondering

    I am surprised that BFP would devote time to such utter rubbish,

  4. Crusty

    Do you think a refutation of James Harewood’s
    ideas would be given equal time and space in the
    paper? I suspect not.

    In this example there is some question of how
    one would go about choosing the gender sequence
    of your children. Apparently there are techniques
    using mildly acidic or mildly alkaline douches
    prior to intercourse that can increase the
    probability of determining the sex of a child

    But genetic evidence suggests it is the ratio of
    male to female gendered sperm cells offered by
    the father that sets the initial probability which
    might be altered by the douche.

    Life appears not quite as simple as Mr. Harewood
    wants us to think.

  5. Jason

    bfp, the meaning of your post is clear enough to me.

  6. reality check

    this article really ties in beautifully with the Double Talk message

    do you really expect the Nation (one of the many daughters of Daddy ) which is equally addicted to the gravy train with half of its size and content dedicated to government spin and distortion ( Government Information Serices GIS — paid for by the citizens of Barbados ) to act any different?

    Daddy will cut her off of her fix if she becomes a naughty independent girl and shows some real hard hitting honest jounalism.

    It all comes down to complete transparency and a government with the guts and will to implement Integrity legislation.

    Meanwhile the citizens of Barbados will pay with a lower standard of living while the select obedient few will continue to benefit from the addiction game.

  7. West Side Davie

    Wondering needs his coffee fur sure. The intent of your story is perfectly clear to me. The sarcasim can’t be missed.

    Good article BFP. Nation News will never wake up though.

  8. Wondering

    I read it at 5.30 am so obviously needed , with brandy it in.and still do need my coffee. Two wrongs do not make a right

  9. Out Dey in Bim

    Have you all noticed that the Advocate newspaper has stopped putting the Sunday edition on line?

    I believe that is the edition that sells the most and they perhaps think that removing it on line will reduce the shrinkage they are experiencing in readership.

    I believe that their problem is that they went too hard with the partisan BLP thing and in allowing people like Denzil Agard to write some caustic editorials against any critic of the blp.

    They have turned people off and now they are trying to recoup with the Heat week – end paper,but that is just a milder form of the investigator scandal sheet.

    I think they need new bajan ownership.I would not like to see them go to foreign ownership like the Nation newspaper.

  10. Delisle

    Having to deal with some of the big boys at the ******(Advocate), I am not impressed that they see the same Barbados as I do. Cranky as **** and heads in the sky. ****** and snotty if ya ask me.
    **********Edited by Robert.
    EAsy on the language people!